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Festivalsuite: Choose a Pricing Option

Discover the groundbreaking productivity tools that are changing the way festivals operate and connect in the media revolution. All pricing options include access to all these services. The only difference is how you decide to pay. The next pages will help you make your package selections, with side-by-side feature comparisons. Liaisons are always happy to answer any questions or advise your selection.

Pay for Performance

Money Down Package

No Entry Fee Festivals
Flat Rate

Basic Listing
Premium Online Submission
Basic Comments Only
Premium Crates & Cartons
Basic Catalog
Premium Schedule
Deluxe Ticketing
Basic Free Trial
Price $0 $1,500 $2,000
Commission Paid on Each Entry Fee 18% 10% 0%

  • — Entrance interview required.
  • — The System deducts simple commissions from entry fees when filmmakers pay online...
    • * You pay a straight commission (10% - 18%) on all entries received.
    • * You offer a discounted entry fee to Withoutabox submitters (minimum 5.00) on all entries.
    • * Withoutabox submitters may keep the discount or pay it to Withoutabox in order to use the system for free.
  • — For New Customers...
    • * Requires $500 setup fee, paid in advance.
    • * Requires purchase of Multi-Blast Package or higher level marketing.
  • — For Returning Customers...
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