10th Annual

San Jose International Short Film Festival



Deadlines & Entry Fees

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar

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Earlybird Deadline
April 1, 2014
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 25.00 *
Regular Deadline
July 9, 2014
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 40.00 35.00

Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 30.00.

Category Details

July 15, 2014

Submission & Exhibition Format Requirements

Text Files
  PDF (.pdf)

Prizes & Awards

This category is a competition.

Screenplay Competition Winner
Winning Screenplay will be produced by Emerging Artist Productions for the SJSFF and shall premiere at the 2014 Festival with the winning screenwriter credited on the film, in the festival program and on IMDB.

Category Rules

All screenplays submitted must be under 10 pages (not including title page) with standard formatting delivered as a PDF (in
English, in 12 point Courier font with numbered pages). Each script submitted must be original work of the author and may
not be based, in whole or in part, on any other fictional or non-fictional materials, published or unpublished, produced or unproduced for which the writer does not own all rights. Adapted screenplays from other source materials are not allowed. Please
note: screenplays can be any length with a 10 page maximum, shorter screenplays are strongly encouraged.

All submissions will be read by the Festival's Creative Director.

Submissions should be considered as representative of live-action, narrative storytelling, limited to less than 10 locations with limited VFX or extensive costume requirements. All genres should be considered in crafting your screenplay and your entry must not have been previously optioned, transferred to an other party, produced or currently in production.

Any additional prizes or awards TBD. If screenplay submitted has more than one writer attributed, than any prize offering will be
divided among members at the writing team’s own discretion. Once submitted and received, no rewritten/corrected pages will
be accepted, however the wining screenplay might be sent notes upon acceptance and the writer will have the option to make
changes as needed to expedite production.

By accepting the rules governing this competition it is understood that the ownership of the creative materials crafted
(screenplay) will be retained by the screenwriter and said screenwriter will agree to grant the SJSFF and Emerging Artist
Productions and their assigned representatives, full rights to produce a film based on the material. Furthermore the screenwriter has declared that the material created and submitted is solely the ownership of the listed author, that the full copyright is held, free and clear of any interests and represents the truthful and accurate accounting. Winning screenwriter will be sent a waiver that must be signed prior to prize announcement for consideration.

We strongly suggest you register your screenplay with the Writer’s Guild (www.wga.org) and/or the U.S. Copyright Office
(www.copyright.gov). Entering this competition represents full acceptance of the terms and conditions specified above.