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26-May-2015 2:39am PDT  


Outfest Screenwriting Lab

14 Annual:

  Round 1


Deadlines & Entry Fees

Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 15.00.

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar
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Online Services Offered
Entry Form
Fee Payment
Submission Copy
December 22, 2014
Earlybird Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 25.00 20.00

January 10, 2015
Regular Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 30.00 25.00

January 31, 2015
Late Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 35.00 30.00

February 9, 2015
WAB Extended Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 50.00 45.00

Approximately 30-Mar-2015

Text Files
  PDF (.pdf)

Prizes & Awards
This category is a competition.

Outfest Screenwriting Lab Fellowship
The top 25 submissions from Round 1 will move on to Round 2, 2nd round finalists may be called in for an interview (depending on location, either in person or Skype), and the top 5 finalists from Round 2 will attend the Outfest Screenwriting Lab as Lab Fellows.
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Category Rules
1. Screenplays submitted for consideration should display significant content or thematic material regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender persons and/or issues. A submitted screenplay may not be based on pre-existing literary works unless these are the original work of the author(s) of the screenplay. The submitted material must not have been purchased or optioned for purchase by any production company, motion picture studio or film financing entity.
2. The Screenwriting Lab is designed for early career writers who have not received screenplay credit on a feature film; however, more established writers may be considered. Individuals are eligible to enter regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
3. The Lab is not open to individuals in the following categories, nor to their immediate family members: employees of Outfest, members of its Board of Directors and the Lab Selection Committee.
4. In Round 1, 25 submissions are chosen to go on to Round 2. If your script is selected for the second round of the selection process you will receive an email with a request to submit a PDF of the complete script by March 30th, 2015. Please be prepared by this date to send the full script. If you are selected for the second round you may also be called for an interview in person or via Skype.
5. Each applicant may enter only one screenplay each year. Screenplays submitted in previous years may only be re-submitted once and they must have been revised since the previous entry.
6. Format Requirements:
a. Screenplays should be written in screenplay format standard to the United States motion picture industry.
b. Screenplays should be suited to feature film production in their conception. Television pilots and series episodes will be disqualified, as well as scripts formatted as “movies of the week” (with act breaks for commercials, etc.).
c. Screenplays that make it to Round 2 should be typed or printed on white, three-hole paper and bound with two or three metal fasteners (brads). Card-stock covers are required to protect the script. The spine of the script must not be covered (i.e. the page edges should remain visible). Pages must be numbered.
d. No additional materials should be attached to the script (e.g. letters of recommendation, story synopsis, alternate pages, character list, mention of awards or production, etc.).
7. All entrants will be notified of results by April 30, 2015.
8. Submitting to the Lab constitutes permission to use the entrant’s name and likeness for publicity and promotions.
9. Although not necessary at time of entry, Outfest encourages writers to register their material with either the Writers Guild of America or The U.S. Copyright Office. U.S. Copyright information: (202) 707-3000. Writers Guild East: (212) 767-7800. Writers Guild West: (323) 951-4000.
10. Any disputes or questions regarding the application or effect of these rules shall be resolved by the Board of Directors of Outfest, whose judgment shall be binding and final on all parties.