27th Annual

"IFS L.A. FILM FEST" - Independent Filmmakers Showcase© 2019 (Los Angeles / Santa Monica / Beverly Hills)



Deadlines & Entry Fees

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar

Online Services Offered
Entry Form
Fee Payment
Submission Copy
Earlybird Deadline
August 24, 2015
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 45.00 35.00
Short Screenplay 40.00 30.00
IFS Blast - Special Discount Deadline
September 21, 2015
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 50.00 40.00
Regular Deadline
October 9, 2015
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 55.00 45.00
Short Screenplay 50.00 40.00
Late Deadline
January 23, 2016
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 60.00 50.00
Short Screenplay 55.00 45.00
WAB Extended Deadline
March 15, 2016
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 80.00 60.00
Short Screenplay 75.00 55.00

Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 30.00.

Category Details

Approximately April 10, 2016

Submission & Exhibition Format Requirements

Text Files
  PDF (.pdf)
  Microsoft Word (.doc)
  Microsoft Word (.docx)
  Final Draft (.fdr)
  Final Draft (.fdx)
  Final Draft Secure (.fds)
  Rich Text (.rtf)
  Plain Text (.txt)
  Movie Magic Screenwriter (.scw)

Prizes & Awards

This category is a competition.

1st Place
Cash Award Value: 5,000 U.S. Dollar

2nd Place

3rd Place


Category Rules

IFS Unpublished Screenplay Competition (including categories for Short Screenplay and Teleplay).



Cover pages should include only the following:
Author Name
Copyright Information (if applicable)
IFS issued tracking number.
All scripts must be submitted in English.
Text for the entire screenplay must be formatted in 12 Point Font using Arial, Courier, or American Typewriter font.

General margin rule, 1.5 left, 1 right and 1 top and bottom.

Entry fees must be paid in U.S. dollars before scripts will be read.

Entries must be emailed by the applicable Entry Deadline. Screenplays submitted by mail should be clearly marked with the Submission Tracking Number.

Screenplays and Teleplays submitted must not have been previously optioned, purchased or produced to be eligible for our contest.

Screenplays and Teleplays submitted after the LATE deadline are ineligible for our screenplay coverage / analysis option.

Entries will not be returned.



1st Place Best Screenplay
2nd Place Best Screenplay
3rd Place Best Screenplay
Best Teleplay

$5000 cash prize for first place screenplay.

All winners receive a place on the screenwriters Q and A panel at the IFS Screenplay Contest Awards ceremony and our laurel leaf certificate that will be presented to the winners at our Screenwriters Award Ceremony.

Winners will be mentioned in our awards announcement to trade publications, media, agents, production companies, and producers.


The Independent Filmmakers Showcase recognizes that of all the aspects of filmmaking, writing can be the most isolated from recognition and feedback. We have decided this season to offer our judges feedback and for those who are submitting screenplays before the LATE DEADLINE the opportunity to have their work reviewed with film industry style screenplay coverage.

IFS screenplay readers and judges are comprised of current and former film industry or journalism professionals who all have had experience in writing or reviewing script coverage.
The feedback portion is a concise reviews of the work by three judges with notes about what they feel is the best and worse parts of the work submitted.

The Coverage Portion is a one to three page typed review of your work with in-depth analysis of the work, including different constructive suggestions and way to approach the work to make it more sellable, and offers suggestions as to the next step the author should take if the end goal is selling the work submitted or future work in the same style. The review is from the point of view of an Industry Professional looking at work that is sellable and marketable to production entities.
All analysis is the opinion of the reader, and exists for the purpose of constructive criticism to help the growth of the submitting author and the coverage review should be taken as such. Coverage reader reviews are final. All judges’ comments are final.

Due to the amount of time put in by those with professional qualifications the fees for this service are higher then we generally offer. We cannot offer this service for any screenplay received after the Late Deadline. The fees are in addition to the normal Submission Deadline Fees.

Please visit www.ifsfilm.com for more details.