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22-May-2015 9:07am PDT  


Destiny City Film Festival and Screenplay Competition

2 Annual: August 29, 2015 to August 30, 2015

  Short Documentary

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Deadlines & Entry Fees

Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 15.00.

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar
...but you can display them in these other currencies:

Online Services Offered
Entry Form
Fee Payment
Press Kit
Submission Copy
March 20, 2015
Earlybird Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 20.00 15.00

April 20, 2015
Regular Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 30.00 25.00

May 20, 2015
Late Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 35.00 30.00

June 12, 2015
WAB Extended Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 45.00 40.00

Approximately 03-Jul-2015

Shorts: From 1 minutes to 45 minutes

Projects completed after 01-Jan-2014

Projects may originate from anywhere in the world

No premiere requirement

Projects may have distribution


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Media Files
  .MOV (QuickTime)

Subtitled Dubbed Dialog List

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Media Files
  .MPG (MPEG or MPEG2)
  .MOV (Quicktime)
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Subtitled Dubbed Dialog List

Presskit Requirements
A press kit is requested but not required, including:

Prizes & Awards
This category is a competition.

Best Short Documentary
The winner of the Best Short Documentary award will be determined by DCFF staff and our jury panel.
This prize is shared with other categories.

Storyteller's Award
The film that does the best job of telling a complete, compelling, entertaining and engaging story will be named the winner of the Storyteller's Award, as determined by DCFF staff and jury.
This prize is shared with other categories.

Category Rules
To be considered for 2015, the Destiny City Film Festival requires:
1. A completed entry via
2. Two (2) DVD/Blu-Ray discs (region 1 or 0), NTSC format ONLY, or secure online screener of your film.
3. The required and appropriate entry fee.
4. English language or English subtitles.
4. The film to have been completed no earlier than January 2014.


- Entries should be submitted on NTSC DVD or via secure online screener only. The Destiny City Film Festival requires two (2) submission copies of each film. All filmmakers will be notified when our offices receive your submission(s).
- Please make a note in your submission if you have any connections to the Pacific Northwest. Filmmakers who reside in King, Thurston, Kitsap or Pierce County will receive two (2) festival ticket vouchers just for submitting.
- Please label each disc and box with film title and Withoutabox tracking number. Each entry must be accompanied with its own entry form and submission fee.
- Preview screeners or exhibition DVDs will not be returned unless a request is made to return it and a pre-paid/SASE is provided by the filmmaker.
- Please do not submit works in progress. Instructional films, industrials, propaganda or promotional videos are not appropriate for submission.
- Your film must be postmarked no later than the deadline under which you’ve registered. If the submission is not postmarked properly, or if a payment is received after a postmark deadline, we will not view your film until the difference is paid to the Destiny City Film Festival. It is the responsibility of the filmmaker or submission contact to ensure that all requirements are met. The festival retains the right to disqualify an entry with no refunded fee if submission guidelines are not met.
- While every precaution will be taken to safeguard all materials submitted, DCFF cannot accept or assume responsibility in the event of loss or damage en route or otherwise.
- Submission to DCFF equals acceptance of all terms and conditions of the entry process.


The strongest films based on screener’s feedback will be placed in competition for festival awards at the sole discretion of the Destiny City Film Festival. Awards will be given for: Best Narrative Feature, Best Feature Documentary, Best Narrative Short, Best Short Documentary and the Storyteller’s Award. All winners will be announced at the Closing Night Celebration on Sunday, August 30th at the Blue Mouse Theater.


- All submitters will be notified of our official selections on or about July 3rd, 2015.
- Should your film be selected, we want you to attend the festival! Please let us know if travel or lodging are expenses you can’t shoulder. While we can’t promise anything, we can guarantee that we will do whatever we can to help make these arrangements for you. Each accepted film will receive one (1) VIP pass (good for admission to all films and events for you plus one guest), ground transportation to/from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, access to festival hangouts and hospitality areas, and festival swag.
- DCFF requests that all exhibition formats be received by August 7th. Blu-ray and digital files are the preferred formats.
- Films may be shown once or multiple times during the festival at various locations around Tacoma.
- Portions of your submitted material may be copied and used to promote your film. Upon acceptance, filmmakers grant DCFF the right to use clips and press materials for promotional purposes unless the filmmaker requests otherwise.
- You are responsible for shipping the exhibition copy of your film to the festival. DCFF will ship exhibition copies outbound with domestic ground shipping only. Non-ground or international shipping must be paid by you.