6th Annual

Cinematic Arts Film Festival (Shorts and Micro Cinema) Los Angeles


Short Screenplay


Deadlines & Entry Fees

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar

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Earlybird Deadline
March 1, 2017
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 15.00 *
Regular Deadline
June 1, 2017
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 25.00 *
Late Deadline
September 15, 2017
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 25.00 *
WAB Extended Deadline
September 30, 2017
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 25.00 *

Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 30.00.

Category Details

Approximately October 7, 2017

Submission & Exhibition Format Requirements

Text Files
  PDF (.pdf)
  Microsoft Word (.doc)

Prizes & Awards

This category is a competition.

1st Place
Best Short Screenplay

2nd Place
Best Short Screenplay

3rd Place
Best Short Screenplay

Category Rules


- Please send a DIGITAL PDF copy for easier distribution with our jury and professional script-readers. Hard Copies will not be accepted.
- Contact info must be included on title page.
- Short screenplay length is fewer than 30 pages.
- IFFCA does not assume any liability for damage to scripts or publicity materials.
- All screenplays must be submitted in English version, but noted with original language or country it was intended for.


Terms and Conditions:

As sole owner of the submitted work, I attest that the following is true and correct:

1. I warrant that I am the author of the submitted work, and that I have full and exclusive right to submit the work to IFFCA Screenplay Competition based on the terms and conditions stated herein. I further understand that collaborative efforts must include each author's authorization based on this agreement, and that if more than one author selects to abide by the agreement, the reference "I" throughout the agreement applies to each designee, jointly and severally.

2. I warrant that the submitted work is not presently under option and/or has not been purchased by a third party.

3. I release IFFCA of and from any and all liability for loss of, or damage to, the copy of said work submitted hereunder.

4. I hereby indemnify IFFCA, their officers, employees, representatives, readers, judges, sponsors, and affiliates from and defend them against any and all claims, demands, costs, damages, judgments, expense loses, or liabilities arising out of or in connection with any and all claims, whether or not groundless, that may be in connection with the submission of this work.

By accepting your Entry, including your submission of the Idea, we in no way grant you any additional rights therein or otherwise expand the scope of your rights under applicable copyright laws. You are solely responsible for protecting your rights in the Idea, including without limitation, for filing or registering the Idea with the Writers Guild of America and/or the United States Copyright Office. You acknowledge and agree that IFFCA and/or any participating independent judges may independently access or develop creative concepts and/or works which resemble the Idea or incorporate similar concepts, themes, formats, plot lines, and characters to those in the Idea and that you are not entitled to any compensation and have no rights of any kind in connection therewith.

6. This agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California as applied to contracts made and to be performed entirely within California, without giving effect to the state’s conflicts of law statute. Any controversy, dispute or claim arising out of or related to the agreement or your participation shall be settled by an arbitrator, within in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, subject to the rules and regulations of the American Arbitration Association then in effect, except that such arbitration shall be handled by a single arbitrator selected in accordance with such rules and regulations. The arbitrator shall be well acquainted with the entertainment business in the County of Los Angeles, and the arbitrator's decision shall be final and binding. Each party to any arbitration shall bear its own costs, including attorney's fees. Failure to appear at any arbitration hearing entitles the arbitrator to proceed ex parte.