4th Annual

Austin Music Video Festival

December 04, 2018 to December 08, 2018


Funny or High


Deadlines & Entry Fees

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar

Online Services Offered
Entry Form
Fee Payment
Press Kit
Submission Copy
Earlybird Deadline
May 31, 2018
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 25.00 *
Student Fee 15.00 *
Regular Deadline
August 9, 2018
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 30.00 *
Student Fee 20.00 *
Late Deadline
September 9, 2018
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 40.00 35.00
Student Fee 25.00 *
WAB Extended Deadline
September 17, 2018
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 55.00 50.00
Student Fee 30.00 *

Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 30.00.

Category Details

Approximately November 1, 2018

A runtime of any length is permitted

No requirement for completed by date

Projects may originate from anywhere in the world

No premiere requirement

Projects may have distribution

Submission & Exhibition Format Requirements

  Secure Online Screener

Subtitled Dubbed Dialog List

Media Files
  Other - Digital
  .MOV (Quicktime)
Virtual Reality (VR)
  Oculus Rift
  360° Video (Gear VR / Google Cardboard)
  Samsung Gear VR with Controller

Subtitled Dubbed Dialog List

Press Kit Requirements

A press kit is requested but not required, including:
> Biography/Filmography - Director

Prizes & Awards

This category is a competition.

Funny or High
Funny or High Award (Funniest Video) Laugh, cry, or urinate yourself. You know funny when you find it and these knee-slappers are the best of the bunch. As with all music videos, you’ve got to match the tone of the song, and some of these punchlines are slow and steady but payoff in the final delivery. Note, some of these may work best under the influence, so watch accordingly.

Category Rules

IMPORTANT Rules & Terms

01. The awards are open for music video production companies, agencies, directors, producers, record companies, artists and other professionals working with music video production age 13 or older.

a. Music Videos can be ANY LENGTH / from ANY YEAR.
b. Student Submissions must be accompanied by a current student ID (2017 or 2018).
c. Acceptance may only guarantee screening OR award nomination.

The Promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of participants and check their identity in accordance with our privacy policy.

02. Participants can attend with one or several music videos and every music video can be nominated for more than one award.

03. Each category is open for music videos that have been submitted to the Austin Music Video Awards from December 4-8, 2018.

04. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for network, computer hardware or software failures of any kind, which may restrict or delay the sending of your music video or registration. Incomplete registration that doesn't meet the requirements of these conditions will be disqualified.

05. All music videos submitted will first be reviewed and nominated by AMVF. These nominations will be collated and the videos with the highest score will go to the second round. In the second round, a selected group of judges will judge who receives the award. They can also reallocate a video into a different category.

06. The winning entry in each category will show the necessary artistic quality, creative contributions and technical skills in line with the category’s requirements.

07. All the Winners will be announced and receive their trophy at the awards ceremony that will take place at the Austin Music Video Festival. Winners who can’t show up may send a representative to receive the award. A list of winners will be published on the website and stay there as long as the Austin Music Video Festival.

08. All entrants warrant and undertake that they have obtained all relevant rights and written permission from clients, artists and individuals featured in the entry.

09. All participants warrant that their movie does not violate federal law.

10. By submitting the music video permits participants that the Austin Music Video Festival can use the video as well as pictures and names attached to the film for advertising and public relations purposes in connection with marketing the Austin Music Video Festival.

11. The Promoter may use the information participants provide to contact participants regarding their products and services.

12. Promoter’s Anthony Erickson, Samantha Gallion and Jeremy Roye reserve the right to modify these terms.

13. Not all submissions are guaranteed acceptance. AMVFest retains the right to accept or decline any submission.

14. There are NO REFUNDS. Thanks for your understanding.

15. By submitting the material, the applicant hereby agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the festival & its employees from any liability, claims, and damages in connection with the submission and from any fees and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees, that any of them may incur in connection therewith.

I/We understand that failure to adhere to the competition rules and regulations will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.

I/We agree to hold the Austin Music Video Festival harmless from and defend them against all claims, demands, losses, damages, judgments, liabilities, and expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising out of or in connection with any and all claims of third parties, whether or not groundless, based on any music video, advertisement, film or media submitted to the Festival.