36th Annual

Miami Film Festival


Wolfson CinemaSlam Competition WIP - Screenplays


Deadlines & Entry Fees

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar

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Regular Deadline
January 25, 2019
Regular Discounted
Student Fee 10.00 *

Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 30.00.

Category Details

February 15, 2019

Submission & Exhibition Format Requirements

Text Files
  PDF (.pdf)

Prizes & Awards

This festival has not yet specified whether this category is a competition.
No prizes/awards entered for this category.

Category Rules


• Projects may be in script stage, pre-production, production or post-production
• Projects may be in the narrative, documentary, experimental, animated, or VR genres
• Projects will make any use of archival material from Lynn and Louis Wolfson II Florida Moving Archives in a way that is essential to the student’s content
• There is no minimum or maximum required percentage of the planned production running time devoted to archival material
• Projects will not be finished before March 10, 2019
• The completed film MUST be submitted to the 2020 Wolfson CinemaSlam Competition (submission fee will be waived)
• Submissions are OPEN until Friday, January 18, 2019
• Students must pay a submission fee of $10 to enter the competition
• Projects in script stage, pre-production and production, can submit the following material for consideration:
o One-page Treatment (in PDF format and in English language)
o Director and Producer Note of Intention (Max. one page in PDF format and in English language)
o Script (Max. 70 pages in PDF format and in English language)
o Video excerpt or scene (Max. 5 minutes as a private, shareable link), which will be requested directly to the submitters.

Up to 15 awards of $1,000 cash will be awarded. The cash will be given directly to the winner schools for disbursements as Scholarships upon the successful completion of the film. Please note: Should the jury find less than 15 projects for consideration, the $15,000 cash awards funds will be evenly split among the jury’s selection of finalists.
• To locate the footage you can search the online catalog of the Wolfson Archives by entering specific keywords and phrases here: http://www.mdc.edu/archives/wolfson-archives/wolfson_archives_search.aspx.
• Results tagged as DIGITIZED will have a time-coded screener available to view when clicking on VIEW DETAILS.
• Wolfson Archives can also provide you links to these digitized screeners as downloadable files. To request them please send an email to info@wolfsonarchives.org with the ACCESSION NUMBER OF ITEM in the body of the message. The Subject line of the email should be as follows: CINEMASLAM + Name of the Project + Name of School.
• Items that are not already digitized will need to be assessed for availability.
• Please note: The turnaround time for any downloadable screeners depends on the preparation time needed, especially for items that are on film and have not yet been prepped or digitized. It can be as quick as within a day or two, or up to two weeks for 16mm films.
• These screeners can be incorporated into any rough edits to help you narrow down the footage you actually need for the final version of your film.
• To submit your final request for footage you should request only what will be in the final version of your film, because that is the only master footage Wolfson Archives will send you.
• To request the Master Footage List, use the same Subject line structure as above and include the following information for each shot from each item:
o ACCESSION NUMBER OF ITEM (same as the screener file name)
• The turnaround time for master footage is at least two days.
• A license agreement will be issued for each production that requests master footage. The agreement needs to be signed by the Producer of the film the master footage is released.
• The master footage can be sent via Dropbox or you can bring your own hard drive and we will upload the material for you.
• Films to be submitted for the WOLFSON CINEMASLAM COMPETITION receive the master footage at no cost.