33rd Annual

Sundance Film Festival

January 19, 2017 to January 29, 2017


International Short Films


Deadlines & Entry Fees

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar
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Early Submission (RECEIVED BY) Deadline
August 8, 2016
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 40.00 35.00
Official Submission (RECEIVED BY) Deadline
August 26, 2016
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 60.00 55.00
Late Submission (RECEIVED BY) Deadline
September 23, 2016
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 80.00 75.00

Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 30.00.

Category Details

Approximately December 9, 2016

Shorts: maximum 50 minutes

Projects completed after December 1, 2014

Projects may originate from anywhere in the world

No premiere requirement

Projects may have distribution

Submission & Exhibition Format Requirements

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REGION 1    

Subtitled Dubbed Dialog List

Film Gauge

Subtitled Dubbed Dialog List

Press Kit Requirements

Do not submit a press kit.

Prizes & Awards

This category is a competition.

Short Film Grand Jury Prize
This prize is shared with other categories.

Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction

Short Film Jury Award: Non-fiction
This prize is shared with other categories.

Short Film Jury Award: Animation
This prize is shared with other categories.

Short Film Special Jury Awards
The Short Film Jury, at its own discretion, may present up to two Special Jury Awards to any of the films included in the Short Film Competition program.
This prize is shared with other categories.

Category Rules

To submit to this category, your project must be a narrative fiction or documentary film of international origin with a running time of less than 50 minutes, including credits. In order to qualify as an International Short Film, at least half of the submitted project's financing must originate from outside of the United States. Short Films have no premiere requirements or prior screening restrictions to retain eligibility. International Short Films may have been screened at any number of festivals or other public theatrical exhibitions anywhere in the world, broadcast or streamed on television or the Internet, and/or released via any home video or other public distribution platform.

PLEASE NOTE: All deadlines associated with the Sundance Film Festival are the dates by which films must be delivered to the Festival. They are NOT postmark deadlines. We must receive your digital upload, Vimeo link, or physical disc by the deadline date for which your film has been registered! For example, if you pay $60 to register your Short Film for the Official Submission deadline and we receive it after August 26th, you will be prompted to make an additional payment of $20 in order to bring your account up to date. We will not view your film until this payment has been made. All submissions are handled identically, regardless of which deadline you choose. We encourage you to submit your film as early as possible to take advantage of lower submission fees. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing of digital video uploads. If you are submitting a physical disc, we suggest that you mail it to us well in advance of the deadline for which you have registered.

All films must be submitted via one of three accepted formats: Digital upload via the Withoutabox Secure Online Screener System, Vimeo link entered directly on the submission application, or mailed to us on a single disc (Blu-ray or DVD). We do not accept links via e-mail! If you choose to provide a Vimeo link on your submission application, please ensure that you select “Anywhere” under the “Where can this video be embedded” section of your video’s privacy settings.

Physical discs may be submitted to us in three formats: Blu-ray disc, DVD, or dual-layer DVD. Please refrain from submitting multiple films on a single disc. If you do so, we will only view the first film on the disc. You do not need to include menus, trailers, production stills, or any other video clips on your disc. Our preference is to receive a Blu-ray or DVD that starts playing your film as soon as it is inserted. We would prefer that discs be sent in a simple paper sleeve in order to cut down on waste. It is of the utmost importance that you ensure that your film plays all the way through regardless of which submission format you select! Digital uploads should be viewed in their entirety before they are attached to your submission application. Please ensure that physical discs play all the way through in a standard Blu-ray or DVD player before mailing them to us! Discs must be authored as a standard Blu-ray or DVD; do not simply burn a video file to a disc as data.

For DVDs, it is highly preferred that you send us an NTSC, region 1 or region free (region 0) DVD when submitting to us, but we will accept other formats as well (such as PAL/region 2). If you are sending a DVD that has a region code other than 0 or 1, and/or a format other than NTSC, please mark this CLEARLY on the face of the disc and on the DVD sleeve or case. If you choose to submit your film on Blu-ray, we ask that you ONLY submit a disc formatted for region A! Due to region coding issues with the format, most of our Blu-ray players will not play discs that are formatted to regions B or C. Please write or print your project’s title and tracking number directly on the face of the disc.

After you have completed the online application, all we need from you is a single copy of your film. In an effort to cut down on waste, we ask that you do not send printed press or promotional materials to us-- we will not keep anything in your package except for your disc. Quite often, films sent to us in standard size retail DVD or Blu-ray cases will become dislodged during shipping, resulting in scratched, unplayable discs, so we recommend mailing your film in a paper sleeve or slim plastic case. Please refrain from taping your disc to any surface, as tape residue may also render your disc unplayable. Our preferred method of packaging is a medium (approximately 6” x 9”), bubble padded envelope. It is not necessary to wrap your disc in bubble wrap and mail it to us in an oversized box. Doing so will only make it more difficult for us to process your film once it is received. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that physical discs are received by us. We suggest using mailing services that utilize package tracking. If you choose to upload your film or provide a Vimeo link via the Withoutabox Secure Online Screener system, please do not send in a physical disc!

In an effort to understand more about the community of artists who submit their work to the Festival, we have included a number of demographics questions to our application, most specifically relating to directors. The answers to these questions will not be available to our selection committee and will not influence the selection process in any way. Results will not be sold to unaffiliated third parties. Please ensure that the person filling out the application is readily able to answer demographics questions relating to the director(s) of the project.