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30-Mar-2015 10:30am PDT  



8 Annual:

  Feature Film - Drama/Family

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Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 15.00.

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar
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Entry Form
Fee Payment
Submission Copy
December 7, 2014
Earlybird Deadline
Regular Discounted
Screenplay Submission + Script Analysis 210.00 205.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's Highlights 110.00 105.00
Screenplay Submission - Entry Only 39.00 34.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's Scorecard & Brief Notes 69.00 64.00

January 15, 2015
Regular Deadline
Regular Discounted
Screenplay Submission + Script Analysis 220.00 215.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's Highlights 120.00 115.00
Screenplay Submission - Entry Only 49.00 44.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's scorecard & Brief Notes 79.00 74.00

February 15, 2015
Late Deadline
Regular Discounted
Screenplay Submission + Script Analysis 230.00 225.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's Highlights 130.00 125.00
Screenplay Submission - Entry Only 59.00 54.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's scorecard & Brief Notes 89.00 84.00

April 15, 2015
Final Deadline
Regular Discounted
Screenplay Submission + Script Analysis 240.00 235.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's Highlights 140.00 135.00
Screenplay Submission - Entry Only 69.00 64.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's scorecard & Brief Notes 99.00 94.00

June 1, 2015
WAB Extended Deadline
Regular Discounted
Screenplay Submission + Script Analysis 245.00 240.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's Highlights 145.00 140.00
Screenplay Submission - Entry Only 75.00 69.00
Screenplay Submission + Judge's scorecard & Brief Notes 104.00 99.00

Approximately 31-Aug-2015

Text Files
  Paper (Printed Hard Copy)
  PDF (.pdf)
  Microsoft Word (.doc)
  Final Draft (.fdr)

This category is a competition.

Category Winners
4 Category Winners $250 cash, plus free entry into the Richmond Interntional Film Festival, annual Media Industry Xchange Membership, Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Software, InkTip Script Listing and InkTip Magazine, Two Stage 32 Pitch Sessions, CreatorsVault registration, Final Draft 8, SellAScript promotional package (Includes Total Script Express, One Year free listing in Script Marketplace, Placement in one issue of the Hollywood Bugle, Six month access to Writers Rolodex); Michael Hauge’s book.
Sponsor:Various Prize Sponsors
Cash Award Value: 1,000 U.S. Dollar
Value of Goods/Services: 8,500 U.S. Dollar
This prize is shared with other categories.

4 Category 1st Runners Up
4 Category 1st Runners Up $100 cash, plus Media Industry Xchange Membership, Free script entry into the Richmond International Film Festival, InkTip Script Listing and InkTip Magazine, Two Stage 32 Pitch Sessions, Script Delivery Promotional Package (Includes Full Script Delivery & 8 Month Access to Contact Database); Final Draft 8, CreatorsVault registration
Sponsor:Various Prize Sponsors
Cash Award Value: 400 U.S. Dollar
Value of Goods/Services: 4,000 U.S. Dollar
This prize is shared with other categories.

Creative Concept/Redemptive Theme Award
In honor of veteran analyst and CWA Judge, James Peters, this award goes to the most original and compelling concept that also conveys a redemptive theme of some kind. Winner receives: Annual Enhanced MIX membership to The Media Industry Xchange, Free Entry into the Richmond International Film Festival, Private Development Coaching session with Dr. Jack Boozer, Professor of Film Studies, Adaptation & Screenwriting, CreatorsVault registration
Sponsor:Creative World Awards
Value of Goods/Services: 800 U.S. Dollar
This prize is shared with other categories.


This contest is open to any screenwriter worldwide who meets the enclosed criteria. Entry into the competition is void where prohibited by law.

Competition is open to all writers 18 years or older. We will accept collaborative work, but by no more than two authors. Each writer, however, must fill out and sign the online entry application and release form individually. If selected as a winner, the prize money will be split equally between them.

Submissions must be the original work of the applicant(s) and may not be based, in whole or in part, on any other fiction or nonfiction material, published or unpublished, produced or un-produced that is not already in public domain.

Each script entered is allotted one genre category in the price of the submission. Please do not enclose letters, resumes or photos with your submission. They will not be forwarded to our partners or the judges.

Entrants are offered the Judge's Scorecard and a brief summary of Judge's notes for $30. Note: If you wish to do so, you may choose to opt out of the Judge's notes by selecting entry only at the time of check out.

Writers are free to enter their submitted material to other contests; however, they must not have already received a screenwriting prize that includes a “first look” clause, an option, or any other quid pro quo involving the writer's submitted entry to Creative World Awards LLC. If a submitted screenplay becomes optioned or purchased between the time of submission and the end of the Creative World Awards judging period, the applicant must notify us and that screenplay will no longer be eligible for an award.

Scripts must be typed in English, be headed by the title page, which includes title of work and WGA registration date/number if applicable; font must be 12-point Courier, Courier New or Courier Final Draft (no exceptions).

Scripts should attempt to adhere to standard industry lengths. No entry will be disqualified but these lengths are considered the norm throughout the industry.

Feature length scripts: approximately 90-120 pages
Original TV Sitcom Pilot: 50 pages or less
Original TV Drama Pilot: 70 pages or less
Existing ½ hour Sitcom: 50 pages or less
Existing 1 hour Drama: 70 pages or less
Short Film Scripts: Less than 40 pages

The writer's name should not appear on the title page, and not on any other page of the script. No other information outside of title of work and WGA registration (if applicable) should appear on the title page. CWA reserves the right to return the script if the above procedures are not followed. If the script is based on a true story, it should be noted on the title page.

Submissions must be transmitted electronically on or before the deadline, and the entry fee paid in order to qualify for the respective submission rate. Online entries may be submitted up until midnight Pacific Time on the final deadline date. Any entries transmitted or payments postmarked after the final deadline will be disqualified. Creative World Awards, LLC reserves the right to extend the entry deadline.

Submission fees can be submitted by mail. If paying by mail, we accept money orders only. It must be mailed via the United States Post Office (USPS) or another delivery method that does not require a signature. If sending by mail, the address is:

Creative World Awards
4712 Admiralty Way, #268
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

We encourage all entrants to Go Green and submit the full application requirements online. You may choose to submit payments only via mail as long as we receive them by the respective deadline.

Online script submissions must consist of a standard script format (Final Draft or Movie Magic). *Please note, PDF files are the recommended format file to send, and each of the above writing software programs allows you to convert your script easily to a PDF file. Open your script file is opened, simply click on the ‘File/Save or Explort as PDF’ option. If you do not have one of the above software programs, you may submit in a Word .doc as a last option, but it must contain the industry standard format.

Once a script has been submitted, no revised drafts or corrected pages will be accepted to the original unless you pay a separate resubmission fee of $45. At that point, you must notify us via email to discard the original entry, and we will treat your revised draft as a new eligible submission. Email CWA for instructions on how to resubmit at

The competition is not responsible for submissions that are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

All entrants understand and agree that there are a diverse amount of story contexts and ideas, and in no way is Creative World Awards LLC responsible not now or in the future of borrowing or stealing from an idea, copy written concept, or storyline from a script entry.

All winners will be responsible for their own U.S. income tax withholding. Creative World Awards LLC is not responsible for withholding any taxes or payments to any government agency, at any level, be it state, local or federal.

Contest applicants must accept without reservation the decisions rendered by the jurors.

Entry fees are payable by Credit Card (online) or US Money Order (by mail). Entry fees are nonrefundable.

Employees and the relatives of Creative World Awards LLC are not eligible, nor are competition judges and their immediate families.

Each applicant will receive an e-mail notifying them of the competition results. All writers must keep their personal contact information on file with us updated and current. Creative World Awards has no responsibility for correspondence that is misdirected as a result of writer(s) failure to provide us with current contact information. We also encourage entrants to add CWA to your email address list to ensure email correspondence is not sent to spam or bulk mail.

Following the close of the season, the Grand Prize Winner will be given a choice to either receive $1,000 additional cash prize money to the existing $3,000 or they may elect to take advantage of the opportunity for CWA to make a short film adaptation of their script. In the latter case, the Grand Prize Winner receives $3,000 only for their cash prize, and the opportunity for their script to be made into a short film with the short's production covered by CWA. However, any collaboration from the writer on the short is at that point considered payment in full with no other monies awarded to them other than the $3,000. The short script will be ten pages or less, and the Co-founders will work closely with the GPW as needed to help them craft the script. If the writer elects for the production route rather than taking the additional $1,000, CWA in conjunction with The Moving Image Xchange will produce the script in the winter. The short film will then get a guaranteed premiere at the Richmond International Film Festival in late Feb, and following the festival be used as a tool to help promote the Grand Prize Winner’s feature script. Once the short film premieres at the festival, the writer will also receive imdb credit as the writer on the film. The Grand Prize Winner agrees that if they elect to forgo the additional $1,000 cash, no other monies will be awarded to them for contributing to the writing on the short film other than the $3,000. The Moving Image Xchange LLC and CWA will have full ownership of the produced short film, however, the writer will still retain full ownership of their feature script. The short production will have no impact on the ownership of the writer’s feature length script. The Grand Prize Winner also understands that should they elect to forgo the additional $1,000 in order to do the short version of the script that they are responsible for working with the CWA Co-Founders in a timely manner to create the content of the short script, with CWA and The Moving Image Xchange having final say on the script's content to ensure production value and limitations are met. CWA may elect not to produce the script if the writer does not meet the deadlines in a timely fashion. CWA Co-Founders will work with the writer to develop the short script in the months of September and October, with a tentative shoot date set for November or December each year. The film will then premiere at the Richmond International Film Festival in early March. Producing the short script is at the sole discretion of CWA and The Moving Image Xchange, LLC. Should CWA and The Moving Image Xchange elect not to produce a short version of the Grand Prize Winner’s feature script, the Grand Prize Winner will receive the initial $3,000 and the additional $1,000. If the Grand Prize Winner consists of more than one writer, it is up to the writers to split the money between them.

Please read and understand the above Rules and Regulations. Failure to adhere to the Creative World Awards contest guidelines will result in disqualification and forfeiture of an entry fee and/or eligible prize.