16th Annual

Boston International Film Festival


Screenplay To Production


Deadlines & Entry Fees

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar

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Earlybird Deadline
August 10, 2018
Regular Discounted
Feature Screenplay (over 46 pages) 65.00 60.00
Shorts Film Screenplay (under 46 pages) 50.00 45.00
Regular Deadline
September 7, 2018
Regular Discounted
Short Film Screenplay (under 46 pages) 55.00 50.00
Feature Screenplay (over 46 pages) 75.00 70.00
Standard Deadline
October 5, 2018
Regular Discounted
Feature Film Screenplay 95.00 90.00
Short Film Screenplay 70.00 65.00
Late Deadline
December 7, 2018
Regular Discounted
Short Film Screenplay (under 46 pages) 55.00 50.00
Feature Screenplay (over 46 pages) 75.00 70.00
WAB Extended Deadline
December 28, 2018
Regular Discounted
Feature Film Screenplay 85.00 80.00
Short Film Screenplay 60.00 55.00

Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 30.00.

Category Details

Approximately April 10, 2019

Submission & Exhibition Format Requirements

Text Files
  Paper (Printed Hard Copy)
  PDF (.pdf)
  Microsoft Word (.doc)
  Final Draft (.fdr)
  Rich Text (.rtf)
  Plain Text (.txt)
  Movie Magic Screenwriter (.scw)

Prizes & Awards

This category is a competition.

Production of your screenplay!
BIFF SPC seeks feature-length narrative, short narrative and documentary film screenplays currently seeking funding for production and with a U.S.-based screenwriter (s). Screenplays that do not have any director or producer attached are welcome. However, if screenwriter is a director or Producer it is also eligible to participate as co- director or co-Producer. BIFF SPC staff will later on determine if the screenwriter can be the sole director for the project. BIFF SPC staff will assign a Producer for all accepted project to ensure smooth production achievement within the available budget and timing. The foremost constituent of the first BIFF SPC is a series of productions projects to get into pre-production and production between Summer and Fall of 2008 and edited by the end of fall beginning of the winter season in 2008. Budget range for each project will be under $500.000.00. However, applicants who can secure a percentage of the budget are welcome to apply. Therefore, if their projects are selected the budget may go over the estimated set up range.
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Category Rules


Project Overview

The BIFF SPC project is designed to help screenwriters produce their own film in partnership with the program. For years many talented screenwriters never have the opportunity to see their stories, vision
or ideas transformed into a movie. This program is design to give that opportunity to those under-represented screenwriters.

All projects will be produced on High Definition format only which is the most advanced video technology today. If you want to know more about this technology you may want to do some research or consult with a professional in the industry about High Definition Format.

The BIFF SPC staff will assign one Producer and one Director to lead each selected project. However, screenwriters will also have to act as Co-Producer or assign their own Co-Producer for their selected
project. Screenwriters can also be the sole director for the project after evaluation from the BIFF SPC staff of their directing capabilities. This may require the submission of a demo reel from previous

BIFF SPC aims to produce all together two short films; one narrative and one documentary, plus two feature length films: one narrative and one documentary as well. All Projects should be produced between July 7, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

Distances between shooting location during production should not be more than 200 miles.

All projects will be produced on a onsecutive 20 days shooting schedule only, with one day off after 6 days of shooting, which can be spread over three weeks. Therefore, studio time in a one month period will be available for editing.

Primary Project Participants
The primary participants BIFF SPC will provide for each project is:

Producers (2)
Production Manager
Production Designer
Director of Photography

Secondary Project Participants
The secondary project participants’ recruitment are based on internship from art and film students across New England and volunteers to fill more than 20 open necessary positions in each production
project. To date BIFF SPC has over one hundred available interns and volunteers for the program.

BIFF SPC has three (3) phases of Production support.

1- Pre-Production Support
Selected screenwriters/Producers will have to sign Co-Production Agreement in partnership with BIFF SPC before going into production. Producers will have to complete a number of important agreements in order to fully secure all rights to the motion picture.

Depiction Releases must be used to purchase the right to portray someone in any production in this program (especially for documentaries) unless if the content of the production are forms of expression protected by the First Amendment.

Copyright releases must be secure carefully for Film Clips, Still Photos, Artworks, and Music to ensure that all necessary rights are being acquired from the owner or the seller of these products to be incorporated in the project.

Product Placement from manufacturers must be arranged with in-house departments from companies who are willing to supply samples of their products in a film for promotion. However, due to the limited amount of time for Pre-Production, working through product placement agents to obtain Product Release is strongly recommended for time consuming since these agents may represent products from
several manufacturers.

Crew recruitment for any project will be conducted by producers. Work-for-hire agreements must be in writing and signed by all parties making a creative contribution to the picture before work commences. Internship and voluntary agreements must also be in writing and signed by all parties before work

Casting for any project will involve the producers, director and a possible Casting Director (to be determined later). Union and Non-Union actors can be hired. However, due to anticipated budget size, all projects will produce under the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Limited Exhibition Agreement. SAG has
developed this particular contract to accommodate lower-budget movies. Depiction Releases should be obtained from all actors appearing in the picture.

Locations agreements should be sought from landowners or land possessors for private property and from the appropriate government entity for public property. All shooting locations must be secured prior to production. Releases must be secured for every single location.

Insurance coverage for all production must be secured for shooting only which should cover for cast, crew, equipment and location. Insurance should be by term to expire after all shooting is completed.

Production Schedule for shooting must have 20 working days. The Producers should plan carefully with all cast and crew for availability. Addresses of locations and timing for shooting must be included
in the schedule and well coordinated.

2- Production Support
BIFF SPC staff will approved the budget, cash flow scheduled and all major creative decisions. The Producers will maintain tight fiscal and creative control over the production. Producers shall have the
right to view the dailies during the production of the picture, the rough cut and all subsequent cuts of the picture. Moreover, BIFF SPC staff will have takeover rights which permit it to take over production of the motion picture under certain conditions.

Artistic Operation
On the set the director must be the most dominant artist. All collaborators cast and crew must perform according to the director’s unifying sensibility. The director should be free to explore his pictorial skills,
to express his vision and achieve his own style of expression.

Technical Operation
All equipments must be in good working condition, operated by hired professional crew members only and supervised by producers during production.

3- Post-Production Support
The Producers in collaboration with the director will build a scheduled for studio time editing. All footages should be viewed, and soundtracks should be available then transferred with time code registration to a non-linear storage (amount of space available to be determine later) for pre-editing.
The editing shall begin and last one to two months. After rough cut editing is completed the soundtrack mix and special sound effects should be next. Then, color correction to be executed and finally mastering to be done.

Media kits will be created after each project has been completed with the following promotional items; Cast and Crew Bios, Project Synopsis, Still Photos, Posters, Postcards and Trailers. All completed
Projects should be Premiere at the 2018 Boston International Film Festival.

This project overview is subject to change at any time for update and adjustment.
Good Luck with your project.