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03-May-2015 10:59pm PDT  



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Discounted fees apply to projects with pre-purchased Discount Packs, on entry fees greater than 15.00.

All fees will be charged in U.S. Dollar
...but you can display them in these other currencies:

Online Services Offered
Entry Form
Fee Payment
Submission Copy
June 30, 2014
Earliest Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 25.00 20.00

July 31, 2014
Super Earlybird Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 30.00 25.00

August 31, 2014
Pre-Earlybird Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 35.00 30.00

September 25, 2014
Earlybird Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 40.00 35.00

December 31, 2014
Regular Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 45.00 40.00

January 31, 2015
Late Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 55.00 50.00

February 28, 2015
Latest Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 60.00 55.00

March 30, 2015
WAB Extended Deadline
Regular Discounted
Standard Fee 70.00 55.00

Approximately 14-Apr-2015

Text Files
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  Microsoft Word (.doc)
  Final Draft (.fdr)
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This category is a competition.

VIFF! GOLDEN BULBS are unique trophy awards taken directly from the World Famous Welcome to Las Vegas Sign!
Sponsor:Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
Value of Goods/Services: 500 U.S. Dollar
This prize is shared with other categories.

1. Entrants must submit a SECURE ONLINE SCREENER or DVD or Bluray in NTSC region 0 or 1 viewing copy for consideration. Private Vimeo links also accepted, just email so we can forward to our judges.
2. Entries must be postmarked according to the deadline. If you pay entry fee for an earlier deadline before your film arrives, it will not be considered and passed to judging panel until remaining balance is paid in full. Please include a check for the remaining balance to ensure proper consideration for films arriving past their payed and scheduled deadline. Preferred deliver is Online Screener. For Mail Deliveries, we prefer USPS, but please DO NOT request a SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION. Fedex, UPS and other international and private mail companies are fine too, but again - DO NOT request a SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION - in case one of our staff members are unavailable, the film may be returned to sender.
3. Entry will not be processed without an accompanying Online Screener, DVD or Bluray, however you will incur submission charges through WAB.
4. Please include WAB tracking number on DVD and all paperwork when submitting.
5. For publications purposes, if your film/video is selected for screening, entrants must be prepared to supply at least three electronic images (publicity stills) either in jpeg or PDF format, 300 dpi.
6. Upon acceptance a web sized video preview (trailer) is highly encouraged.
7. Exceptions to the festival regulations must be authorized by one of the Festival Directors.
8. We are looking forward to viewing your film or reading your script.