21st Annual

SCAD Savannah Film Festival

October 27, 2018 to November 03, 2018

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216 E. Broughton St.
Savannah GA 31401
Phone: 912-525-5051

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From side splitting comedies to heart wrenching dramas, the feature films selected represent diversity in storytelling, excellence in acting and directing, and exemplary cinematography and editing.
Pro Shorts
Short films selected for the PRO SHORT category are individually paired with a competition feature or doc and run the gamut of subject matter and style. Shorts are selected on their individual merits in storytelling and execution. Shorts entered into this category should NOT have been completed for a film school program. There is a separate Student category for films completed under the guidance of a university or film school. Shorts in this category are also considered for the Global Shorts Forum, which showcases more than 50 films from around the globe, both narrative and documentary, that speak to the issues affecting us as a global community.
Moving beyond simple subject matter, Documentaries selected should present compelling stories that illuminate and educate audiences in an unique and timely manner. Doc shorts may be considered for the Global Shorts Forum as well.
Animation has the ability to delight and disturb in equal measures. Animation selected represents the diversity of the craft from simple hand drawn to stop-motion and digital rendering, showcasing unique storytelling at its finest. Animators are encouraged to submit their films before March 31st, free of charge!
Student Shorts
Student live action narrative, documentary, and animated shorts are those films completed for degree requirements of a university or film school program. Student shorts represent solid storytelling and emerging visions from a broad range of categories, and also includes student animation.
Historical Shorts
Is your film set in the past or the future? Historical Shorts showcases films set in a time period other than present day. The SCAD Savannah Film Festival recognizes the extra effort and research that goes into presenting films in a historical context. Films submitted in this category will also be considered for the professional short category, or student short category (if it is a student work) as well as the Global Shorts Forum, and selected filmmakers will be notified which category they have been chosen for. Films set in a particular period of time are strongly encouraged to submit in this category.
Is your film shorter than 6 minutes? SuperShorts! showcases films that tell a complete story in under 6 minutes. The SCAD Savannah Film Festival recognizes the extra effort and discipline that goes into presenting fully fleshed out stories in a very short amount of time. Films submitted in this category will also be considered for the professional short category, or student short category (if it is a student work) or Global Shorts Forum, and selected filmmakers will be notified which category they have been chosen for. Narrative short films under 6 minutes in length are strongly encouraged to submit in this category.
After Dark: Supernatural Stories
Savannah is considered one of the most haunted cities in the country, and loves its ghost stories, so the festival created the After Dark series for those who love a good scare. Do you have a film that focuses on the supernatural realm, tells a great ghost story, or uncovers truths about long-standing legends of the haunted variety? Open to Features, Docs and Doc Shorts, and Narrative Shorts, both professional and student, if your film centers around the supernatural, this is the category for you!


The SCAD Savannah Film Festival was founded and is hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design to bring film industry talent and expertise to the students of SCAD and the greater Savannah community, in a relaxed environment that promotes education and a spirit of collaboration.

The festival enters its 21st year with expanded global shorts programming, additional slots for narrative and documentary features, and expanded international programming, in its continued pursuit of showcasing excellence in film making, while offering a diverse and enriching experience for the more than 50,000 attendees.

The SCAD Savannah Film Festival supports the spirit of independent film making by offering emerging talents a reprieve from the huge number of submission fees they face in their quest for exposure. The festival waives submission fees for student films until March 15th, yearly. Animated shorts are also afforded a window of waived submission fees until April 1st. Waivers for other categories are granted by invitation only.


One of the few film festivals founded by an arts college, the SCAD Savannah Film Festival showcases the very best in independent filmmaking, from feature-length films to two-minute shorts, running the gamut of cinematic creativity. Feature length films with compelling stories and shorts with a innovative approaches keep audiences engaged and hungry for more.

The beautifully restored Trustees Theater, built in 1946 in the heart of historic downtown Savannah, and part of the SCAD campus since 1998, is the premier venue for the festival, with a seating capacity of more than 1,100. Around the corner is the Lucas Theatre for the Arts, built in 1926, and serving as the companion festival theater, also seating close to 1,200. Both theaters feature Sony 4K digital projection, Spectral 240 silver screens for pristine 2D/3D imagery, as well as 35mm projection, and RealD 3D capabilities at the Trustees Theater, projected by one of the top teams in film festival projection around the globe.

In addition to the competition films, the festival also screens award-winning studio releases and documentaries ahead of their theatrical run. The festival honors leaders in the film industry, from directors and producers to actors, screenwriters, entertainment journalists and editors, before the evening gala screenings. Previous festival honorees include Sir Patrick Stewart, Holly Hunter, Salma Hayak Pinaut, Richard Gere, Jeremy Irons, Robert Pattinson, Matt Bomer, Gena Rowlands, Olivia Wilde, John Goodman, Matt Dillon, Stan Lee, Diane Lane, Lily Tomlin, John Boyega, Miles Teller, Sir Ian McKellen, Isabella Rossellini, Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster, Arthur Penn, Michael Douglas, Milos Foreman, John Sayles, Roger Ebert, Kathleen Turner, Norm Jewison, Sidney Lumet, and Peter O'Toole just to name a few.

Savannah becomes a film lover's paradise during this week long event, with plenty of opportunities to take in the sights of one of the world's most beautiful cities. The festival offers a series of morning workshops, informal coffee talks, with daytime and evening showings of narrative, animated and feature films. Master classes workshops are presented by industry insiders who give pointers on everything from special effects to selling a film. Filmmakers selected for competition are treated to unparalleled hospitality, from flights and accommodations, to panel discussion participation and engaging networking opportunities


Caitlin DePue-Wallace (Artistic Manager); Caitlin DePue-Wallace (Artistic Manager); Carolyn MacLean (Programming Coordinator); Christina Routhier (Artistic Director); Dustin Weldon (Operations Manager); Josh Lotz (Director of Operations); Katie Hughes (Programming Coordinator); Matthew Terry (Box Office Manager); Rachelle Murphy (Programming Manager)


We love premieres! Please inform the festival of premiere status when applying. While the festival always considers films that have screened at other film festivals, or are in the process of being picked up for distribution, the festival refrains from programming films for competition that have already been released theatrically or have DVD sales or online streaming prior to the completion of the 2018 SCAD Savannah Film Festival.

Works in Progress ARE NOT CONSIDERED. Please submit films in their final, complete state. All screeners are considered FINAL, FINISHED projects and will be judged accordingly.

All entries must be submitted as an online screener.

All entries must either be in the English language or be subtitled in the English language.

All film submissions must be uploaded by the particular discount deadline, ie. for student and animated films entering their film on WAB before March 31st to qualify for the waiver, online screeners MUST be uploaded ON or BEFORE the deadline, or the entry will be disqualified and required to submit with the proper submission fees.

Waivers are granted via invitation ONLY. UNSOLICITED WAIVER REQUESTS WILL NOT BE HONORED. PLEASE DO NOT ASK. (SCAD Students, Alum and festival alum see below)

SCAD Students and SCAD Alum, and festival alum must request waiver codes via filmfest@scad.edu prior to submitting their film through WAB. DO NOT submit payment then request a waiver. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED.

Failure to pay proper submission fees with your entry may result in disqualification. You will be notified of failure to pay via email and will be disqualified if payment has not been submitted within 5 business days.

NO dvd submissions will be accepted for submission,

NO REFUNDS will be granted to any submission for any reason.

Please package any accepted film exhibition copies accordingly. You will be notified if the screener arrives damaged or fails to play. The SCAD Savannah Film Festival/SCAD do not assume liability for damage to exhibition copies during shipping due to mishandling or poor packaging.

Film presentations are scheduled at the discretion of the Savannah Film Festival and are subject to change.

Regardless of original format, all competition films screen on DCP. Blu-ray are considered on a case by case basis.

Films chosen for competition are judged by a select panel of jurors who are active industry professionals from various filmmaking fields during the first half of the festival. Awards are left to the sole discretion of the judges, and a committee selected by the director of the Savannah Film Festival will make any necessary rulings. Awards are announced at the awards luncheon on the last day of the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, and all competition films are strongly encouraged to have a film representative in attendance at that time.

ALL FILMMAKERS will be notified on or around September 14th, 2018. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL or CALL the festival PRIOR to this date to "check the status of your film". Everyone will be notified in a timely fashion. Thank you!


By submitting any work to the SCAD Savannah Film Festival/SCAD, you hereby grant all necessary rights to pre-screen, exhibit and promote said work at the 2018 SCAD Savannah Film Festival. You assert that said exhibition does not violate or infringe upon any rights, including copyright, trademark, musical, contractual or any other intellectual property rights of any other person or entity. You agree that you are authorized to submit said work(s) for consideration, and, if selected for competition, will adhere to the requirements for attendance and print exhibition as laid out by the festival by the appropriate deadlines. The SCAD Savannah Film Festival agrees to cover the cost of return shipping only. All other accommodations will be set forth in the festival acceptance packet.

Additionally, you indemnify SCAD and the SCAD Savannah Film Festival from any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, and attorney's fee arising out of or in connection with third parties in regards to the screening of said film. Any physical award will be presented to the attending film festival representative at the award ceremony, or shipped to the provided return address for Print Traffic. Cash awards are paid to the producing company in full and will not be split between parties. Proper tax forms must be submitted to the festival to process payment and recipients are responsible for any income tax associated with the receipt of the award. Award recipients release SCAD and the SCAD Savannah Film Festival from any dispute regarding award distribution following payment to the producer.

I, the undersigned, have read and understand the rules, regulations and guidelines of the SCAD Savannah Film Festival. To the best of my knowledge, all information is correct as indicated in my online entry form. I agree to and consent to the terms of participation as laid out by the SCAD Savannah Film Festival.