28th Annual

28th Arizona International Film Festival

April 10, 2019 to April 21, 2019

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PO Box 431
Tucson AZ 85702
Phone: 520-401-4328

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Features must be over 60 minutes in length and content can be narrative, experimental or animated
Short Feature
Short features can be narrative, experimental or animated and range in running time between 30 and 60 minutes
Documentary Feature
Any documentary work over 30 minutes in length.
Documentary Short
A documentary short cannot be longer than 30 minutes.
Dramatic Short
Dramatic short cannot be longer than 30 minutes in length.
Comedy Short
Comedy shorts cannot exceed 30 minutes in length
Animated Short
Animation shorts cannot exceed 30 minutes in length
Experimental Short
Films that experiment with the language and structure of cinema and do not exceed 30 minutes in length
IndieYouth filmmakers must be under 18 in age to qualify for this category. Works submitted cannot be longer than 15 mins.


Remaining true to the independent spirit, the Arizona International Film Festival is a venue for independent filmmakers in search of an independent audience. The Festival is designed to showcase innovative independent works from around the world and to bring together independent filmmakers to share experiences and exchange visions of their cultures with Arizona audiences.


The Arizona International Film Festival, the longest running and film festival in Arizona, celebrates its 28th anniversary in April 2018 and will run from April 10 to April 21 at The Screening Room and other exhibition venues throughout Tucson.

The Festival theme of "Bridging Cultures" provides a way for independent cinema to share images and voices from diverse cultures with Arizona communities. Since 1990, the Arizona International Film Festival has screened over 2800 films from 95 countries to 160,000 Arizonans of all ages.

Remaining true to the independent spirit, the Arizona International Film Festival is a venue for independent filmmakers in search of an independent audience. The Festival prides itself on being a Festival for the community as it exhibits programs that complement community organizations that support filmmaking, the arts, education, social work, the environment and health.

The 2019 Festival will feature:

WORLD CLASS DOCUMENTARIES about the environment, politics, social issues, human rights, medical issues and world cultures.



CINE SIN FRONTERAS examines the issues of border, immigration and communities.

INDIEYOUTH offers new young perspectives on the world we live in.

MOVIES AT MIDNITE include edgy films for the late-night crowd.

MEET THE FILMMAKERS in Q&A sessions after screenings.

PANELS on the filmmaking process and topics relevant to our community.

FESTIVAL-IN-THE-SCHOOLS introduces the art and passion of indie film to students in the classroom.


Giulio Scalinger (Festival Registrar); Giulio Scalinger (Festival Registrar); Mia Schnaible (Marketing and Sponsor Director)


April 10 - April 21

The Arizona International Film Festival celebrates and rewards excellence and innovation in independent film. We are now accepting new works from around the world to be part of the independent landscape of the “reel frontier.”

The Arizona International Film Festival is open to independent works of all lengths in narrative, documentary, animation, and experimental categories.

- Films and videos entered in the festival must have been completed
between January 2018 and January 2019
- Works entered must be an Arizona premiere.
- Arizona entries may have had one public Arizona screening.
- Entries must be in English or have English subtitles
- For festival screenings, finalists must supply a Blu-Ray disc (NTSC or PAL format) and/or a DVD disc (NTSC or PAL format) and DCP and/or USB hard drives.

Entries must be submitted in one of the following categories:
Feature (Narrative, Animated, Experimental) (over 60 minutes)
Short Feature (Narrative, Animated, Experimental) (30 – 60 minutes)
Documentary Feature (over 30 minutes)
Documentary Short (up to 30 minutes)
Dramatic Short (up to 30 minutes)
Comedy Short (up to 30 minutes)
Animated Short (up to 30 minutes)
Experimental Short (up to 30 minutes)
IndieYouth (filmmaker must be 18 or younger) (up to 15 minutes)

If the pre-screening committee judges that it is in the best interest of the filmmaker to change the category of an entry, the committee reserves the right to do so. Awards will be made to the BEST in each category. The BEST OF ARIZONA also will be awarded to an Arizona entry.

All submitted entries are reviewed by a Selection Committee and evaluated according to content, form and technical aspects. The Selection Committee and the Festival Director will determine the entries to be screened during the festival. Entrants will be notified by email as to the status of the entry.

Filmmakers, curators, educators and critics will select festival award recipients from the finalists screened during the festival. Judges reserve the right not to select a winner in any given category. All decisions by the judges are final.

Submit entry with Withoutabox.com and send DVD screener (NTSC or PAL format) and publicity materials to:
PO Box 431
Tucson, AZ 85702, USA
or send on-line video link (Vimeo preferred) to reelfrontier@gmail.com

DVDs, stills, press kits and posters submitted with your entry will not be returned.

$60/$50* for works submitted in feature categories
$35/$30* for works submitted in short categories
$25/$20* for works under 5 minutes
$10 for IndieYouth works

All entries and publicity materials must be received by the Festival deadline of
January 29, 2019. * Early bird submitted by January 9, 2019

An entry fee must be paid for each submission. Fee covers administrative and handling costs and is non-refundable. If you have not paid your entry fee through Withoutabox, make a money order payable to Arizona International Film Festival and mail to PO Box 431, Tucson, AZ 85702 (or include with your DVD screener).

Entrants can submit publicity materials (press kits, posters and publicity photos) with your entry as this facilitates the publicizing of your film if accepted. Press materials can be submitted in an electronic format (photos should be 300dpi).

Clearly identify the title of the work on the shipping container. Finalists are responsible for arrangements and cost of shipping the exhibition print or tape to the festival by March 25, 2019.

The festival will cover the cost of return shipping within the United States if instructed to do so. The festival will NOT pay for the cost of express shipping to other sites or international shipping. Please include payment to cover express or international shipping costs if required. Work screened at the festival will be shipped within 20 days of the close of the film festival unless other arrangements have been made.

Every care will be taken to safeguard entries while they are in the possession of the festival. However, if loss or damage occurs, the festival cannot accept or assume responsibility.

Entry into festival constitutes agreement with all festival rules and guidelines and implies permission to exhibit work during the festival. Submission of an entry gives the festival permission to screen accepted work on local television and internet, unless otherwise indicated.

For further information:
E-Mail: reelfrontier@gmail.com
Web Site: www.filmfestivalarizona.com


28th Arizona International Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless 28th Arizona International Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.