14th Annual

Very Short International Film Festival / Festival international des Très Courts

April 26, 2013 to May 05, 2013

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34 rue Piat
Paris France 75020
Phone: +33 1 43 49 62 46

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Very Short Films
Any film under 4 minutes long.


The Very Short International Film Festival takes place once a year in early May, in Paris, but also in about 80 spots all around the planet, such as Brasilia, Singapore, Cluj Napoca, Ramallah, Genève, Amsterdam, Belgrade, Bruxelles, Casablanca, and many other. In ten years, the festival has turned out to be the reference in the realm of very short film. As a matter of fact, our task is to point out the best and shortest films among the current audiovisuel trends. 3 minutes is our key formula.
You shot a 3 minutes max movie (without title and credits) ? Then do not wait any longer and submit your film !


The flagship of the festival is the "International" Competition, gathering the very best films, all genres mixed up.

"Women's Words" Competition gathers feminine points of view, and movies by or about women.

The festival also puts forward off programs :

"Animation" selection, focusing on 2D, 3D, stop motion etc.

"Put it in Music" selection, enhancing music clips.

"Family" selection, for kids from 5 on, and their parents.

"They dared" selection, stirring all the unwanted, gore, politically uncorrect topics and even more.


Marc Bati (Director)


"3 minutes maximum movies" : that is the only but paramount limit. Title and credits are not included.

Aside from time matters, all genres are welcome to the Very Short International Film Festival. Various selections allow us to collect versatile genres, from animation to music, and topics.


article 1 - dates and places

The Twelfth Edition of the “Festival International des Très Courts” takes place from April 26 to May 5, 2013 in Paris, as well as in all projection places associated to the event. Should any unforeseen problem occur, the Festival retains the right to cancel the event or to modify the dates and places of the event.

article 2 - conditions for registration

The films registered to enter the short listing must not exceed three minutes. They must have a title and credits (not included in the 3 minutes of the film).
Directors need to submit their film via the WAB screener or send out a copy of their film on DVD before February 10th, 2013 to

Festival International des Très Courts
34, rue Piat
75020 Paris

article 3 - selection

The Festival Selection Committee will view the films sent in by the candidates and will short list the “Très Courts” which will participate to the International Competition or the Women’s Words selection.
The short list will be on line on www.trescourt.com March 21th, 2013. The films registered but not selected for those competitions may however be screened off-competition under the “Around the Très Courts” label.
The directors of short listed films will be advised and, if the quality of the viewing copy is not enought good, they will have to send in a new copy in better quality within ten days.
In case of a copy of very poor quality, a previously short listed film may need to be disqualified.
Only Beta or DV copies of short listed films will be returned to the directors after the Festival.

article 4 - rights

Participants give to the “Festival International des Très Courts” the full and unconditional right to broadcast selected films in all the places where the Festival takes place as well as at the jury and press screenings. They also give the full and unconditional right to reproduce images or excerpts of less than one minute for broadcasting purposes in the press, on TV and on the Internet.

article 5 - Très Court Film market

The registered films may appear in a Très Courts catalogue aimed at professionals and may be requested for screening by accredited persons. Directors’ and producers’ contact information will be made available to any professional interested.

article 6 - jury and prizes

A jury invited by the “Festival International des Très Courts” will award the following prizes: “Grand Prix”, Animation Award, and Originality Award. The Public Award will be announced May 16th, 2013 on the Festival’s website after public ballots count in every cities. The Women’s Word jury will award the following prizes: Women’s Rights, Director Award and Originality Award, in Montpellier, France.