8th Annual

Reel Teal Film Festival UNCW

February 21, 2014 to February 21, 2014

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601 S. College Road
Flicker Film Society P.O. Box 5922
Wilmington NC 28403-3201
Phone: (540)-487-4676

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Short Film
15 minutes or less


Our objective is greatness; our means is freedom of expression through the destruction of barriers, in hopes of playing host to quality films the world over. Our belief is If the work can challenge the mind and heart, it deserves a place to shine- we hope to be that stage.


Reel Teal Film Festival is a solely student-organized film festival presented by members of the Flicker Film Society at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. If the Oscars and Sundance had a baby, that baby would be Reel Teal. With emphasis on the award show atmosphere, this festival programs innovative films from film makers, students, and enthusiasts, to promote a community that fosters competition and cinematic diversity. Complete with a teal carpet, photographers, and Q&A with filmmakers, Reel Teal encompasses all your film festival and award show needs.

Every year we bring the best local productions alongside the best international selections to offer a low-key night of short films. Because of Wilmington's many productions we create an environment that is equally satisfying to the big production filmmaker as it is to the everyman college student. We also host the best after-party this side of the hemisphere.

As we go into our 8th year, we have provided the event with a new focused theme: time travel. Our attendees are encouraged to dress up like their favorite time travelers and we will have theme inspired food, decorations, and acts. You may also feel free to submit time travel-inspired films, but it is not a requirement.


Beau Mumford (Co-Director); Caleb Stewart (Co-Director)


Information Concerning Reel Teal Film Festival

Section 1: Format Requirements

If using a media file format- burn to a data CD. Do not send hard-drives, Flash Drives, SD cards, etc. If you do they will not be returned.

Along with whatever format you choose to submit for exhibition, an additional copy formatted in H.264 Quicktime and burned on a data CD must also be sent. This is required to streamline the judging process. It is also kept on hand in case of extreme technical difficulties during exhibition that causes your preferred selected format to be unusable- our projectionists are top notch and our equipment is up-to-date, so this circumstance is largely hypothetical. Only under these conditions will the Quicktime version will be played (unless you just want us to).

All discs sent must be clearly labeled with the Film Title, Entrants Name, and the running time and enclosed in some protective barrier.

Entrants whose submission(s) is damaged will immediately be disqualified without refund. Please be careful with packaging.

Section 2: Content Requirements

All Submitted films must be under 15 minutes from title to start of credits.

There is no required MPAA rating or specific content restriction; however, Reel Teal Film Festival encourages and promotes Filmmakers who do not use superfluous violence, nudity, language or other cultural taboos as substitution for real, thought-provoking, content.

All Films that use a language other than English for more than ⅓ of total running time are required to either have A. English subtitles during the parts the foreign language is used, or B. an English dub over the foreign language.

It is not Reel Teal Film Festival’s responsibility to screen for potential copyright infringements, or deny acceptance based on the possibility of such an infringement. If the Filmmaker responsible for the infringement is caught due to the materials exhibition during the Festival, or an infringement is noticed by a festival attendee, no legal recourse can be taken against Reel Teal for whatever reason.

Section 3: All Other

Reel Teal Film Festival will send out emails to the Filmmakers whose Films were selected by April 7th. If you have not received an email by that date (sent to whichever address the entrant chooses in the entry form), check your spam filter. If you have not received any notification by April 8th, then your film was not selected. This does not mean that your film was bad- it just means it wasn’t the right one for us.

For those who do receive an email, please reply so we know our email was sent successfully.

At the end of the festival is a special Filmmaker Q/A section where audience members will engage with Filmmakers with various questions. If your film is selected please send a representative up during this portion to answer on behalf of the film- this could be you, a DP, producer, writer etc. If you, or a representative, cannot attend the festival, it will not be held against you.

A $15 entry fee ($10 WAB who have purchased an upgraded project) is required for each individual film submitted (not how many formats you send your film in, which we do not restrict). Each additional film submitted, however, will require a unique entry form and fee but may be mailed alongside additional submissions (I.E two films, four discs, one box= $40)

This entry fee changes per early, regular, or late deadline, increasing with time.

Absolutely no refunds will be allowed for any reason.

The $150 Grand Prix Prize and $50 Audience Choice Prize will be awarded during the festival in the form of either cash or check.

Have fun and be nice to people


Applicants must own all rights, or have permission to use all of the material in their films. In addition, by submitting a film the applicant grants the Lumina Theater free Public Performance Rights for this film on April 19, 2013.