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21-Apr-2014 12:11am PDT  


West Field Screenwriting Awards

4 Annual

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507 Totem Lodge rd
Averill Park NY 12018
Phone: 518-712-9378

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON • Information may be outdated. Add this event to your Watch List and set a Remind-Me if you want to be notified when the next Call For Entries is posted.

Feature Screenplay
Screenplay written for any feature length film.
Short Screenplay
Screenplay under 40 pages.
Screenplay for a Western. Any length screenplay that fits the WESTERN genre or references the fundamental themes of a western.
Screenplay for a Comedy. Any length screenplay that the author considers a comedy.
Screenplay for a War Film. Original screenplays of any length with the themes and stipulations of the war genre, Including screenplays regarding the after effects.
The Upstate and North Country New York Awards
Screenplay of any length written by an Upstate/ North Country New Yorker. This category is strictly for residents of Upstate New York and the North Country. For residents of New York who live IN and NORTH OF Sullivan, Ulster and Dutchess Counties.
Television Pilot
A script written for Television.

The West Field Screenwriting Awards are for writer's and their work. Based solely on the merit of the script and not necessarily the experience of the writer. Awarding excellence in the field of screenwriting, the WFSA is judged by screenwriters for screenwriters, as there is no better or truthful recognition than that of your peers. The West Field Screenwriting Awards are a unique experience for any writer, whether its your first script, your hundredth or even your life's work. WFSA is here to recognize those works that are elevated above the rest based solely on its content and creative merits.

The WFSA were created to benefit screenwriters at any level in their careers, judged solely on the content between the title page and the last.

Judged by a panel of professional award winning screenwriters, cinema scholars and movie lovers the WFSA takes an all angles approach to discovering great scripts.

Each category is a competition where screenplays are judges based on their creative merit, technical competency, audience appeal and category specific and genre based details.

This is a screenplay competition and will be judged solely on the quality of storytelling and creative merit of the work.
Only accepting of screenplays which are original works.


In no way is West Field Screenplay Awards held responsible or accountable for the loss, damage or theft of any work submitted. The submitter and/or owner of the property will in no way hold West Field Screenplay Awards accountable for these or any other damages. The submitter understands that West Field Screenplay Awards is a competition and any fees or other work involved does not guarantee an award or recognition of any kind. If a screenplay, script or other submitted work violates any copyrights or other ownership agreements Jim Powers and West Field Screenplay Awards are not responsible in any way. You recognize that Jim Powers and West Field Films, LLC is also a film producer who may have other works similar in theme or nature at the time of your submission. Any similarities between works submitted and works produced by West Field Films,LLC and Jim Powers are strictly coincidental.