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2 Annual January 01, 2013 to January 01, 2014

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4111 E. Madison Street
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Seattle WA 98112
Phone: 206-829-9112
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Short Films
Short Film submissions of any genre are considered for IndieFlix Distribution.
Feature Films
Feature Film submissions are considered for IndieFlix Distribution and 3rd party sub-licensing.

IndieFlix, is the next generation in film distribution that offers an online subscriber based streaming platform and third party distribution services. At IndieFlix, has a team of industry professionals that strive to feature independent filmmaker’s content that may otherwise disappear into obscurity.

IndieFlix collaborates with filmmakers, to find the best solutions in distribution available on the internet. The goal is to offer exposure while creating opportunities for independent films to generate revenue on paying platforms. The IndieFlix library is available on, Roku, Microsoft Xbox in Spring of 2013 and in select United States Libraries.

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL is a subscription based website where viewers can watch a diverse selection of curated independent films. We are a non-traditional non-exclusive collaborative distribution company for independent filmmakers and are 100% non-exclusive. We take zero rights away from our filmmakers, and charge no fees for any of our services.
Through our marketplace, IndieFlix filmmakers have the opportunity to deliver their films globally, through digital VOD. We are working tirelessly to make our library accessible to new audiences on multiple devices and through third party platforms.

IndieFlix focuses on short and feature content in all genres. We are willing to take a look at many different types of content. If you do not have a digital screener, please bypass Withoutabox and send an online screener with your information to:
We are liscensed aggregator’s who sub-license selected content to third party platforms like Gravitas, Hulu and iTunes. All short content under twenty five minutes have the possibility of being shown in a Preshow at six United States Cinebarre Movie Theaters.

If you are interested in more information about IndieFlix, please visit

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