2nd Annual

Kidz Filmz Festival

February 08, 2013 to February 10, 2013

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711 Boston Blvd
Sea Girt NJ 08750
Phone: 732-272-4023
Fax: 732-612-1222

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Children's Animation
non live action films appropriate for children
Children's Shorts
Live action films less than 60 minutes in length apropriate for children
Children's Feautures
Children's Documentaries
Films about real life in any length thta are appropriate for children
Childrens Music Videos
a film made to showcase a piece of music that is also appropriate for children


Garden State Film Festival & Algonquin Arts Theater present Kidz Filmz to provide educational enhancement ,an outlet for creativity and enrichment through the presentation of films that are the very finest in entertainment by children and for children.


Kidz Filmz is the natural extension of the mission of The Garden State Film Festival www.gsff.org. Partnering with another liek minded non profit Algonquin Arts Theatere www.algonquinarts.org is not only the perfect locaton for such a venuture geogrpahically but also philosophically.

The single screen theatre is located in the seaside resort town of Manasquan NJ and this festival will be a perfect compliment to its programming geared toward children.
The Garden State Film Festival birngs it's sterling reputation among filmmakers worldwide insuring the best in presenting a first rate festival.

About Kidz Filmz: Kidz Filmz is A celebration of independent films from around the globe presented annually at Algonquin Arts Theatre in Manasquan, NJ USA in a festival-type environment which includes hands on workshops, educational programming and a place where kids can present original work and enjoy the best the medium of film has to offer.


Diane Raver


1. Entry Fees are non refundable.

2.Films produced on video or film for release on television, internet or theatrical are eligible for competition.

3. All films must be in English, subtitled in English, or dubbed in English.

4. All films must be submitted DVD (NTSC) for judging. NO PAL ACCEPTED!
All tapes will be returned ONLY if a self-stamped addressed envelope is provided with the submission.

5. All jury decisions are final and will be announced at our Awards Presentation and will be posted on our website shortly there-after.

6. We reserve the right to adjust screening schedules of films at our discretion without any notice.

7. We will be held harmless for delays due to equipment failure, shipping delays, and or condition the prints delivered which may prevent screening.

8. We do not pay screening fees at this time.

9. By entering through this system filmmakers aknowledge their ownership and usage rights of all elements of their film and indemnify Kidz Filmz from any legal actions pertaining to unlawful usage of said elements.