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26-Feb-2015 3:00pm PDT  


Roswell International Sci Fi Film Festival and Screenwriting Contest

5 Annual July 02, 2015 to July 04, 2015

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PO Box 3262
Roswell NM 88202
Phone: 5755209228

UNCONFIRMED LISTING • Call for Entries is current, but not yet approved for Online Submission at Withoutabox. You may submit by traditional means, or check back soon in case things change.

SCIFI/FANTASY Script Contest
The SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY Screenplay contest and Shoot-Out is the only filmmaking festival dedicated to bringing artist's visions from "script to screen" in one week. The festival captures the essence of filmmaking, highlighting cutting-edge digital media, which is revolutionizing the film industry. Screenplay submissions must be 12 pages or fewer.
RISF SyFy Short Film Festival
The Roswell SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY Short Film Festival is the only festival dedicated to bringing independent SCI-FI/FANTASY filmmakers together in one place.
Roswell SyFy Feature Film Festival
The Roswell SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY Feature Film Festival is the only festival dedicated to bringing independent SCI-FI/FANTASY filmmakers together in one place.

The SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY Shoot-Out and Film Festival is the only filmmaking festival dedicated to bringing artist's visions from "script to screen". The festival captures the essence of filmmaking, highlighting cutting-edge digital media, which is revolutionizing the film industry. It provides a venue for independent SCI-FI/FANTASY filmmakers to get their films made as well as screen some of the best independent short and feature-length genre films being produced today.

On July 8th, 1947 the wreckage of an unidentified object was recovered in Roswell, NM. The mysterious nature of the object and the ensuing attempts by various government agencies to minimize the incident led many to believe the craft had incredible significance, from possibly being a top secret military weapon to it even being a captured extraterrestrial ship.

Whatever the truth, the mystery surrounding the incident has captured the imaginations of generations and inspired legions of storytellers to find their own take on the incident. From films and TV shows to books, comic books, and collectibles of all kinds, the crash at Roswell remains one of the great sources of inspiration for imaginations of all kinds.
RISF celebrates the spirit of the Roswell by not only welcoming the best in Sci-Fi and fantasy films, but also giving five short screenplays the opportunity to be turned into films in a one-week, marathon production session, with all five films premiering the following week at the festival.
Roswell accepts finished films in the feature (running time over 60 minutes) and short (running time under 60 minutes) for entrance into its film competition. Films should be Sci-Fi, fantasy, thriller, or supernatural in nature. RISF accepts narrative, documentary, and animation in short or feature lengths.

Short screenplays for the Shoot Out are to be no longer than 12 pages.

Filming will begin in late June in Roswell, NM. Participants will have one week’s time to capture and edit all of the footage for the film.

Alan Trever (School Administrator)

1. Short film screenplay submissions must be 12 pages or fewer.
2. Short film screenplay submissions must follow industry-standard format.
3. Number each page.
4. Incomplete entries will not be eligble.
5. Rewrites may be required for short film screenplays selected for SciFi/Fantasy Shoot-out. Failure to do so could result in disqualification.
6. All screenplays must contain elements of science fiction or fantasy.


By entering your film or screenplay for consideration for the 2014 Roswell International Film Festival, you authorize that your work is cleared for festival exhibition and accept full legal responsibility for the intellectual property therein. Entry into the festival constitutes permission to exhibit your work at the 2014 Roswell International SyFy Film Festival. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless the Roswell International SyFy Film Festival,, Roswell USA, Roswell Film Office and any other agents, owners and employees of said entities from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered. SHOOTOUT COMPETITION RULES
 1. No footage may be captured prior to the official start time. 2. No footage may be captured after the official close time, with the exception of pre-approved night shoots, which may continue to capture footage. 3. All footage must be captured in and around Roswell, New Mexico.
 4. Shoot days may be NO LONGER than 12 hours (excluding meal break) 
5. Short films are SINGLE camera shoots. Multiple cameras are not allowed on short films. 
6. Professional set etiquette must be maintained on set at all times. 
7. Industry standard safety rules and OSHA regulations must be maintained at all times.
 8. Required paperwork (including SAG) must be processed on time.
 9. Sets are CLOSED. Family, friends and assorted acquaintances are not allowed on set. Why? For the safety and security of cast and crew.


 Directors: For shorts, the writer has the option to Direct. RISF will provide a Director Mentor or a Director for each production based on the participant's choice. Directors may NOT act in any other capacity on their short film. 
 Producers: Experienced producers are assigned to each production by RISF Producers and are responsible for pulling the production together. A RISF Production Manager will be assigned to help producers with all aspects of the production. 

Casting: The RISFS Casting Director will issue the casting call to all local agents and will schedule and hold auditions. Directors and Producers are expected to attend. A private website is normally set up with auditions posted on the site for later review and for review by out-of-town Directors. RISF provides experienced actors to assist, coach and read with the auditioning actors.

 Directors may suggest one actor from outside New Mexico. The final actor selection is subject to approval by the RISF. Any actors brought to the RISF from outside New Mexico is done at the Director’s own expense. RISF does not provide lodging or per diems for actors.

 SAG and non-SAG actors are welcome, but must be setup under individual productions. RISF is not a SAG signatory. SAG actors are paid a nominal rate under the contract. Non-SAG actors are volunteers.

 Disputes: If a dispute arises, whether creative, safety or other, the Director and Producer will work together to resolve the dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved or additional input is desired, the Producer should contact their Production Manager for help. In the case where the dispute cannot be resolved between Director and Producer with the help of the Production Manager, the decision of the Line Producer will be final.

 DPs/Cameras: Each movie is assigned a Director of Photography and a single High Definition digital camera. Multiple cameras may NOT be used for short films. 
Shotgun Start: The ceremonial start of the festival is Friday night, June 21, 2013 at sundown at TBA location. All Writers/Directors, Producers, musicians, cast and crew are asked to be present at this exciting competition kick-off. Shooting and production dates will be specified upon contact with the festival winners. Production and post production will take place in the weeks prior to the festival opening. Judges will be sequestered until they have selected all the winners.

 Shooting Extensions: Except in dire circumstances, extensions to shooting time are not allowed. 

Shoot Hours: The shooting day (or night) will consist of no more than 12 hours (excluding meal break) and no less than a 10-hour turnaround (that is – there must be at least 10 hours between the end of shoot on one day and the beginning of shoot on the next day). 

Safety and Set Etiquette: Normal standards of professional behavior and set etiquette apply on the sets of RISF productions. Alcohol, drug use and illegal activity are prohibited. All normal safety regulations and OSHA standards must be adhered to. Stunts must be pre-approved by the RISF Line Producer.

 Non-compliance: The Roswell International Science Fiction Shoot-Out management reserves the right to stop a shoot if the filmmakers do not adhere to the stated rules OR if RISF determines that the filmmakers are using unsafe techniques. Non-compliance can result in disqualification of the short film.


 General: Pre-production may begin as soon as a signed contract is received from all winners and producers have been assigned to each production. The Producer is responsible for assembling the crew for pre-production meetings. If the Writer/Director is coming in from out of town or out of state, the Producer should make contact by phone or email at the earliest possible opportunity to begin discussing the needs for the shoot.

 Shot List and Storyboards: A shot list is required and due to the Production Manager prior to production. Shot lists must be submitted electronically. Templates for shot lists are provided in the Producer’s kit. The completed shot list is submitted electronically. Storyboards are encouraged but optional.

 Shooting Schedules: The (preliminary) and final shooting schedules must be completed prior to production. Dates will be specified upon contact with the winners. Templates for shooting schedules are provided on-line. The completed schedule should be submitted electronically.

 Changes to Shooting Schedule: The Producer must notify the Production Office about changes in shooting schedule (including hours, locations, number of crew and cast) as soon as possible. The changes can be phoned in to the Production Office.


 Budget: Each movie is allocated $500 for expenditures for items above and beyond what is already supplied by RISF. These items can include location fees, additional equipment, props, wardrobe and expendables. All expenditures MUST be approved BEFORE purchase. A Purchase Approval Form template is supplied in the Producer’s kit. RISF cannot guarantee reimbursement of unapproved expenditures and will not reimburse expenditures over the budgeted limit. All purchases become the property of the RISF.

 Basic Equipment Package: RISF will supply each filmmaker with a grip and electric package, a sound package and a single High Definition digital camera. The basic equipment package provided is listed in the Equipment Package file in the Producer's kit. 

Equipment Pick-up and Return: Each crew will be given a designated time to pick-up their truck and equipment. The Producer is responsible (or may designate a representative) for inventorying the equipment at pick-up and at return. The Producer must ensure that appropriate crew is present and available to load equipment.

 Additional Equipment: Additional equipment can be rented from RISF if available. If additional equipment is desired, the Producer must submit a request to the Line Producer for approval PRIOR to renting the equipment. A Purchase Approval Request Form template is supplied in the Producer’s Kit. The additional equipment comes out of the $500 production budget. 


Craft Services: RISF will supply craft services for each production. The Producer will send a Production Assistant to a designated location to pick-up the daily craft services at designated times. 

On Set Meal: Each Producer will receive up to $200 per day for a daily meal for cast and crew for up to four days for short film productions. Producers may make whatever arrangements they wish for catering or restaurant carryout meals. 


 The Production Office will remain open from 7am until 9pm daily during the days of the shoot to help you solve problems as they arise. The Production Manager and Production Coordinator will be on call (by phone) throughout the night for any crews shooting through the night.

 SAG paperwork must be completed daily and returned to the production office by 7:30 PM MDT for day shoots and 7:30 AM MDT following a night shoot.


RISFS may bring members of the media or invited guests to the sets to observe. As much advance notice as possible will be given to the producers. There will also be designated still photographers and videographers permitted on sets to document the festival. All media and photographers will be clearly identified. The media cannot interfere or interrupt the shoot in progress. 

For competition purposes, completed short films must be twelve (12) minutes or less, plus up to one minute for final credits (total running time thirteen (13) minutes or less). If a completed short film, minus credits, runs longer than twelve (12) minutes, it will not be considered for competition. 
A list of Roswell International Science Fiction Shoot-Out production credits will be given to each editing team for inclusion in final credits. Short films without credits will be destroyed.

 Additional post-production rules and schedules will be presented to filmmakers.


 Gala Tickets: Every (primary) actor and crew member will be given one complimentary ticket for the Gala evening. For economic reasons, it is not possible to supply complimentary tickets for family and friends of cast and crew. Specific dates and deadlines will be explained to participants upon their confirmation as winners in the Shoot-Out.