4th Annual

Snake Alley Festival of Film

August 06, 2015 to August 08, 2015

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1301 S. 3rd St
Burlington IA 52601
Phone: 319 759-9103

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Dramatic shorts
Looking for dramatic films with strong characters, well acted, that tell a story.
Comedy shorts
Looking for all types of comedy, slapstick to odd or quirky as long as it is funny.
Documentary shorts
Looking for documentaries with an eye on social issues.
Horror shorts
Looking for horror films that are scary and have a strong story arc.
Action shorts
Looking for action shorts with a strong story arc.
Animation shorts
Looking for animation of all types, including stop motion.
Student shorts
Looking for shorts, any genre that tells a story.
Music videos
Looking for music videos.
Iowa made shorts
Any genre
Sci-fi / Fantasy shorts
Looking for sci-fi and fantasy films with strong characters, well acted, that tell a story.
Short screenplay
Looking for short screenplays with strong characters and a emphasis on story.
Dramedy Shorts
Looking for dramedies with strong characters, well acted, that tell a story.
Foreign Shorts
Looking for shorts from around the world with an emphasis on story.


Dedicated to showcasing the best shorts from around the world, with an emphasis on story.


The Snake Alley Festival of Film is dedicated to showcasing the best short films from around the world. Films will screen at the beautifully restored Capitol Theater in the heart of downtown Burlington, Iowa. The theater boasts state of the art equipment and can comfortably seat more than 400 people.

A town with a rich history dramatically situated on the bluffs of the Mississippi River, Burlington is a growing center for commerce and culture. Known for fine dining, vibrant nightlife and blues-like atmosphere, it is a perfect host city for a film festival.

The festival derives its name from Snake Alley, a street constructed in 1884 and designed to connect an upscale residential neighborhood to the business district of downtown Burlington. Named by Ripley’s Believe It or Not as “The Crookedest Street in the World,” it remains the city’s #1 tourist attraction and draws visitors from around the world.


Tadd Good (Festival Director)


Snake Alley Festival of Film is dedicated to showcasing the best short from around the world. With a strong emphasis on story. All parties and events are open to festival pass holders. Marketing material must be provided a week in advance. Additional screeners may be needed for press packets. Foreign and domestic films will compete in the best of the fest category, may the best film win.


By submitting an entry, Entrant recognizes and accepts their work will be screened without compensation, both during the selection process and once in theater, if selected.

Entrant agrees not to hold Snake Alley Festival Of Film liable for any damages that may occur to his work, either in-transit, or while in possession of Snake Alley Festival Of Film staff.

If Entrant wishes for his work to be returned to him, Entrant must provide a SASE to the Snake Alley Festival Of Film accompanied by a written request. The absence of a SASE will indicate the Entrant does not want their work returned.

Submitting authorizes the Snake Alley Festival Of Film to use short clips and/or stills of the submitted film in promotional materials for the Snake Alley Festival Of Film, during the year the film was submitted.

All work submitted to the SNA Film Festival will be digitized and made available on a secure site for the festival judges to review.

Entrant agrees to the Official Rules, and further agrees to indemnify and hold the Snake Alley Festival Of Film Parties and their respective affiliates, officers, directors, agents, co-branders or other partners, and any of their employees (collectively, the "Project Indemnitees"), harmless from any and all claims, damages, expenses, costs (including reasonable attorneys' fees) and liabilities (including settlements), brought or asserted by any third party against any of the Project Indemnitees due to or arising out of the Entrant's Entry materials in this Project, or the Entrant's conduct during and in connection with this Project, including but not limited to trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property rights, right of publicity, right of privacy or defamation.

Entrant agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Snake Alley Festival Of Film and Associated Parties from any and all claims that any advertising, presentation, web content or any other material subsequently produced, presented, and/or prepared by or on behalf of the Snake Alley Festival Of Film or the Associated Parties infringes on the rights of Entrant's work as contained in any Entry.