6th Annual

Script Pipeline Great Idea Contests

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Movie Idea
Script Pipeline’s Great Movie Idea Contest gives you the chance to pitch ANY concept you think is film-worthy. All genres and subject matter welcome, so finally time to revisit the romantic comedy your uncle pitched 10 years ago. It might be the next big movie.

And absolutely no writing experience necessary. Just get innovative—really, far-beyond-outside-of-the-box innovative. Because we pick three amazing ideas and set up the winner with exclusive industry meetings to discuss their premise.

Script Pipeline has always been about access, linking talented screenwriters with the proper channels in the hopes of selling their work. Now, all you need is a single, truly memorable concept.
TV Show Idea
We’re in the middle of a new golden age of television, where writers and creatives have greater opportunities to see their ideas produced, and the bar has been raised incredibly high. The demand for unique projects is higher now more than ever.

The Great TV Show Idea Contest connects the winner with top television executives searching for series concepts--any genre or TV format, cable or network, accepted. Extraordinary premises are a rarity, so all entrants are encouraged to take marketability, current trends, and the ingredients of long-running series into consideration. Come up with the next Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, or Game of Thrones, and you’re on the right track.


The Script Pipeline Great Movie Idea and Great TV Idea Contests are looking for the best film and TV series ideas in the world. No need to be a writer, professional or otherwise. Simply think big, marketable, and original.


Pitching to the industry is how films and TV shows get made.

The Great Idea Contests connect you with studio-level producers looking for new concepts to develop, such as industry veterans Lakeshore Entertainment and Benderspink. The old adage, "there are no rules in Hollywood" applies here: any subject matter or genre accepted.

Script Pipeline has always been about access, linking talented screenwriters with the proper channels in the hopes of selling their work. Now, all you need is a single, awesome concept. All winners receive extensive development assistance prior to industry circulation.

This is the 6th Great Movie Idea Competition, and the 4th Great TV Show Idea Competition. One (1) grand prize winner and three (3) runners-up are announced in EACH contest.


Chadwick Clough (Contest Director); Matt Misetich (Festival Registrar)


- It is advised that you register your concept with the WGA prior to submitting, however it is not required. Script Pipeline will NOT share your idea with anyone unless you are chosen as a winner AND give us explicit permission to do so.

- Adaptations from your own published or produced work (e.g. a graphic novel) are accepted, as well as anything in the public domain, or if an idea is "inspired" by true events you do not retain the rights to.

- Writing teams may submit

- International writers are welcome

- You do NOT need the completed script if you win. Only the pitch.

- Previous Script Pipeline writers (Workshop, contest winners, etc.) are welcome to submit. If you entered the contest before, you may enter the same or a different idea as well.


- Concept must be for a feature-length film in the Movie Idea Competition, or a scripted, reality/game show, or mini-series idea in the TV Show Idea division.

- Goes without saying, but the concept must be WHOLLY ORIGINAL and not based on an existing franchise. Public domain adaptations, however, are 100% acceptable.