8th Annual

Caribbeantales Film Showcase

September 03, 2013 to September 14, 2013

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38 Concord Ave.
Toronto ON M6H2P1
Phone: 4165981410

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Documentaries submitted to the CaribbeanTales Film Showcase should be Caribbean-themed. Either made in the Caribbean or made by someone of Caribbean descent. We are especially interested in Caribbean-Canadian Content (content made in Canada by people of Caribbean background)
Feature Films
Short films: from the Caribbean, by Caribbean Filmmakers and or from another country of Caribbean Descent


With a growing international awareness of the Caribbean’s burgeoning media industry, the CaribbeanTales Film Festival Group aims to entertain and educate through screenings, industry panels, filmmakers’ discussions, and presentations on both historical and contemporary filmmaking throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the diaspora.

Not just another film festival, CaribbeanTales 2011 is a unique series of
events that, taken all together, provide audiences and participants with a highly enjoyable, interactive experience of all facets of Caribbean Film


The CaribbeanTales Film Festival Group is Canada’s largest and most significant showcase of the best of Caribbean cinema, at home and abroad, classical and creole, digital and celluloid.

The Festival was founded in 2006 by award-winning filmmaker, producer and writer Frances-Anne Solomon.


The creative industries of film and television will once again receive a boost when CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution brings together formidable local, regional and international partners to showcase,
market, celebrate and debate Caribbean film and television at CARIBBEANTALES 2012 @ Island Inn, Barbados. With Barbados as its hub, the festival throws a spotlight on the regional film industry that demonstrates its international commercial potential to stakeholders and audiences. At the same time, CaribbeanTales 2012 provides destination visitors and the local cinema going public with an entertaining and stimulating week of film-related activities.


GALA: Our Opening Night Reception and Screening takes place at Frank Collymore Hall
before a packed audience of 500 patrons, and features a Keynote Address by a distinguished Caribbean celebrity. Our 2010 Keynote was delivered by Bajan author George Lamming.

FILM FESTIVAL: Showcasing the best new Caribbean film from the region and the world.

EDUCATIONAL SCREENINGS. Targeted at secondary school students, with Talk Back Sessions with local filmmakers, this series engages young people in discussion about the issues raised and techniques used in the films screened.

SYMPOSIUM: A 1-day Symposium hosted by renowned economist and businessman Dr. Terrence Farrell, with contributions by regional leaders and industry experts. “We need to engage our policy-makers in designing and implementing a regional strategy for our industry. Our Symposium is intended to move that process forward.” (Dr. Farrell)

FILM INCUBATOR: The CTWD Incubator Series was created to help film/television professionals develop world-class content by honing their skills in the continuum from script development to distribution. Thus, they are assisted in making their products market-ready. The exclusive five (5) day program is comprised of specialized sessions led by international consultants.

PUBLIC WORKSHOPS: Every evening during the Festival, there will be open workshops for emerging filmmakers and members of the public. These will include Script Readings,Craft and technical workshops, Case Studies, and Masterclasses.

PITCH MARKETPLACE: Following the successful international launch of CTWD during the Toronto International Film Festival, CaribbeanTales will hold its second Film Marketplace, hosted jointly with the Shridath Ramphal Center at UWI. Selected producers will have an opportunity to pitch their projects to international film and television buyers.

AWARD CEREMONY AND CLOSING NIGHT : This catered event will take place on the lawn of the George Washington House


CaribbeanTales @ Island Inn Barbados
New York Showcase
Toronto Showcase | Incubator

Best of CaribbeanTales Film Festival, Symposium, Marketplace (Barbados)
CaribbeanTales Youth Film Festival
CaribbeanTales @ New York University

CaribbeanTales Youth Film Festival: February 2009
Youth Film Festival Targets Educators & High-school Students During Black History Month!

February 2009, CaribbeanTales will showcase a unique series of films and documentaries, from and about the African diaspora. Each screening will represent a broad range of experiences that both celebrates and educates on the richness and diversity of African history, deepening audiences' understanding of Canada's vibrant multicultural communities.

CaribbeanTales 3rd Annual Film Festival 2008
FOKUS JAMAICA: July 10th to July 13th, 2008

CaribbeanTales, in association with Jamaica Trade and Invest, and the Consulate General of Jamaica (Toronto), presents... FOKUS JAMAICA – a celebration of film and television from Jamaica.
Visit the Fokus Jamaica site for more info.

CaribbeanTales 2nd Annual Film Festival 2007
July 13th to July 15th, 2007

Under the patronage of the Toronto Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the Trinidad & Tobago Film Company Limited, our second annual festival highlighted some of the biggest Trinidadian talents to hit North America such as international music video director Julien "Lil X" Lutz, and legendary British-Trinidadian director Horace Ove, as well as international artists like Inge Blackman and Claire Prieto.
Visit the CaribbeanTales 2nd Annual Film Festival site for more info.

CaribbeanTales 1st Annual Film Festival 2006

CaribbeanTales and Leda Serene Films in association with the IRIE Music Festival, the National Film Board of Canada, and the CBC presented the Literature Alive Film Festival — 18 original documentary profiles of great Caribbean-Canadian authors.


Courtney Panchan (Festival Registrar); Courtney Panchan (Festival Registrar)


Caribbean-Based content will only be accepted.