8th Annual

Festival Internacional de Cine, Alamos Magico

March 15, 2018 to March 18, 2018

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Callejon Ignacio Soto
Alamos Sonora 87731
Phone: 505-429-6425

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Feature Length
The Feature Length category reaches out to filmmakers who have created feature length films with a positive and/or educational message from all parts or Mexico, Latin America, and the U.S.-Mexico Border Regions. Submissions must be longer than 60 minutes and less than 120 minutes.
The category of Short Narrative Films extends to fiction or non-fiction narration films. FICAM accepts films with positive, educational, and inspirational themes. All submissions must be films in the genre of Education, social justice, eco-balance, etc). Submissions must be no longer than 59 minutes.
The Documentary category reaches out to filmmakers who have created feature length documentaries. All submissions must be films in the genre of Education, social justice, Inspiration, eco-balance, etc). Submissions must be longer than 60 minutes and less than 120 minutes and filmed in Mexico, Latin America, or the Mexico-U.S. Border region.


El Festival Internacional de Cine, Alamos Magico (FICAM) is a not for profit film festival whose primary objective is to share positive and educational stories with the world giving emphasis to inspiring documentaries from Sonora, Mexico and the border regions. Further, we encourage and celebrate the inspirational work of independent filmmakers from all parts of Latin America. Through the power of motional picture, FICAM endeavors to empower participants of the festival to better understand our world and the hope that can be brought about through the art of cinema.

El Festival Internacional de Cine, Álamos Mágico es un festival de cine sin fines de lucro, cuyo objetivo principal es compartir experiencias positivas y educativas al mundo, haciendo hincapié en los documentales inspirados en Sonora y las regiones fronterizas.
Además, animamos y celebramos la obra inspirada de cineastas independientes procedentes de Mexico y América Latina.

A través del poder de la cinematografía, FICAM se esfuerza en capacitar a los participantes del festival para que puedan apreciar y valorar nuestro mundo y la esperanza que puede llevarse a través del arte cinematográfico.


El Festival Internacional de Cine, Alamos Magico started in 2011 with the intention of providing a platform for independent film in Alamos, Sonora which is a Pueblo Magico and gives a special backdrop for the film festival. The festival provides youth filmmaker workshops and strives to create a hopeful and creative space for attendees. FICAM also gives special attention to regional films giving voice to the natural world, indigenous communities, and rich history of Sonora. A colorful part of the FICAM is the classic Mexican films projected in the Alamos plaza nightly during the festival. FICAM is also striving to create cultural bridges between Sonora and the border states in the U.S.

El Festival Internacional de Cine, Álamos Mágico se inició en el 2011 con la intención de ofrecer un espacio para el cine independiente en Álamos, Sonora, uno de los pueblos magicos de los que cuenta nuestra Republica, ofreciendo asi un foro especial para el festival de cine. El festival ofrece talleres para la juventud y procura crear un ambiente de esperanza y creatividad para los asistentes.
Este Festival brinda especial atención a las películas regionales con el fin de dar voz a la naturaleza, a las comunidades indígenas, y la rica historia de Sonora.


John Sheedy (Director); John Sheedy (Director); John Sheedy (Festival Registrar); John Sheedy (Festival Registrar)


FICAM is open to the following genres: Feature and Short Narrative, Feature and Short Documentary, Animation and Student Narrative, Documentary Films and regional Sonoran Films; and offers plaques and original artwork prizes for each category.

* FICAM is open to the following of any genres: Features, Shorts, Documentaries, Animation, Regional Sonoran Films, and Student Narrative and Documentary Films. No limit to the number of entries.

* Please submit entries on DVD (US Region 0) (no PAL or SECAM formats) to be considered for selection.

* Please check your submissions if they will properly play on a Standard North American (US Region 0 or 1) stand alone player, or they may not be considered.

* Submissions may not be returned unless you submit a pre-stamped/pre-addressed return envelope with your submission.

* If applicable upload all Press Kits and other Promotional Material into the WAB site.

* Submission dates are between November 25th, 2016 through February 14, 2016.

* Formats for Exhibition: Exhibition Quality DVD

* FICAM will NOT accept original prints, copies only. If you submit original prints, we are not liable for loss or damage, and we cannot view your film for entry nor exhibit your film in the festival.

* Spanish films must have English subtitles throughout and English Films must have Spanish subtitles throughout.

* The date, location and time of screenings of films are at the discretion of FICAM.

* Film selection announcements will be made around March 1st, 2016.


I hereby certify that I hold all necessary rights for the submission of this work, and that I own or have cleared all the rights for the film, including music. I understand that the signing of this form constitutes my acceptance of the event's terms and conditions of entry, and that failure on my part to fully complete and sign this form will disqualify my entry from consideration for this festival