7th Annual

Monarch Film Festival

December 07, 2018 to December 08, 2018

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PO Box 51803
Pacific Grove CA 93950
Phone: 8318867171

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Feature Narrative
Narratives are at least 40 minutes in length and is open to all genre's of film making.

All submissions are Automatically eligible for "Best Feature Narrative" and "Judges Choice".
Short Narrative
Narratives are anything under 40 minutes long.

All submissions are Automatically eligible for "Best Short Narrative" and "Judges Choice".
Student films are open to all genre's of film.

All Student submissions are automatically eligible for "Best Student Film" as well as "Judges Choice" awards.
This category is for documentaries of virtually any topic.

All submission in this category will be eligible for "Best Documentary" award and automatically be entered for the "Judges Choice" award.
Local's Corner
The Local's Corner features locally produced films that might not otherwise have the opportunity to be publicly screened in Pacific Grove.

Filmmakers with films that were produced, directed or written by a resident of Monterey county are invited to submit to this category. Any films submitted in this category that are not eligible will not be considered.

The same film cannot be entered in both competitions. A separate set of jurists will choose a selection of films to be screened as "local" films. If the filmmaker decides to submit the "local" film to the Monarch Film Festival General Competition, it will be judged by the Monarch Film Festival Programming Committee along with all other entries from around the world and will not be considered for the Local's Corner Competition.


As Pacific Grove's only festival dedicated solely to Cinema art, The Monarch Film Festival's mission is to be a catalyst for greater appreciation of Cinema as art, build the local filmmaking community and work with Hollywood and independent film makers alike to showcase Northern California as a dynamic place to shoot and screen movies.


Welcome to the Monarch Film Festival in beautiful Pacific Grove, California. Neighbors to Monterey and Carmel, this picturesque town has been labelled "America's Last Hometown". This festival endorses film makers of all disciplines to come together and share in the art that is film.


Cristiana DiPietro (Producer); Matthew Kalamane (director)


There are five main categories of entry for this festival, Narrative Feature (over 40 minutes total running time), Short Narrative (under 40 minutes total running time), Student (any running time), Documentary (any running time) and Local's Corner (any running time) .

Please make certain that you have specified which genre your film falls under, in your Online Project Form. A genre helps our judges to identify the film's content. All styles of film will be accepted for review. Please note that all entries, in addition to their own genre's prizes, are automatically eligible for the "Judges Choice Award".

All projects must have not played previously at the Monarch Film Festival. Film's having premiered in other cities are always welcome.

The Festival holds no responsibility for lost tapes or films. Preview tapes are non returnable. Exhibition films or tapes will be returned only with proper return postage or arrangements made at filmmaker's expense.

Unless otherwise arranged, deadline of final exhibition media for accepted films is November fifteenth. The exhibition copy must be the same film as was submitted for consideration.


By submitting your film you understand and agree that the festival may use clips from your film for any marketing activities to promote the festival, not to exceed 3 minutes. Use of film content may include but is not limited to playback over Access non-profit community TV channels, printed marketing pieces, commercial advertisements and Internet distribution.

By submission of your film, you understand and agree that the Festival holds no responsibility for lost tapes or films.

You understand that should your film be accepted, you will be notified by and asked to provide the final screening copy. Unless otherwise arranged, you understand that final screening copies on acceptable formats will be due in the office no later than October fifth. The screening copy of the film has to be subtitled in English should the primary language of the film be any other language.