3rd Annual

The Mosaic Film Experience

November 07, 2014 to November 08, 2014

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P.O. Box 888246
Grand Rapids MI 49588
Phone: 616-403-6756

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College Student Competition
Stories that celebrate thought provoking views of the world around you that are produced while you are a college student.

Former college students who have been out of school for more than two years should enter in the Non Student Category.
High School Student Competition
High school filmmakers who create stories that celebrate your views of the world around you.
Non-Student Entry
Professional and non professional filmmakers who are not students that create film stories that celebrate thought provoking views of the world around you.
Young Filmmakers (Middle school and younger)
You must be in middle school or younger to apply for this category.

You Have A Story, Share It!!
We all have similar stories, but bring a different lens to them. It is our goal to offer one time prizes to students who are passionate about sharing their story through the medium of film and video. .


We all have stories to tell.

In November 2014, area students will join with national and international filmmakers in an experience focusing on the rich mosaic of our cultures. The Mosaic Film Experience will present over 100 hours of winning film from international, national and student entries.

Often the stories we want to hear are not found in Hollywood they are the sort that are told by communities. "They are documentaries, shorts the story-telling that reveals a community and opens a door" explains founder Skot Welch.

The experience will run November 7&8 at Wealthy St. Theater in Grand Rapids, MI.

More than just a film event; an experience.


In 2012, the Mosaic film experience was created to promote intelligent, passionate, creative discovery among high school and college students through short film.

Through courses in filmmaking and screenwriting, young people explore experiences from their own lives and share their stories and messages with a wider world.

The Mosaic Film Experience is a juried film festival that encompasses a weekend of activities for youth and adult audiences, including hands-on learning for students and film enthusiasts, screenings of great feature and documentary films, post-film talkbacks and entertainment experiences.

Mosaic discovers and develops tomorrow’s artists and audiences within local communities.The Mosaic Film Experience sparks conversation and new ways of thinking; it seeks to generate a lasting community dialogue using shared art, shared experiences and newfound skills. It is a platform for learning about our differences by showing us how similar we are.

“Mosaic is an event which tells the stories that are seldom told, by a tribe that rarely gets a chance to tell them: our young people. They are authentic, they are brilliant, and they are ours.”
Skot Welch, Founder


Gretchen Vinnedge (Filmmaker); maggie annerino (Producer)



All candidates must submit a 20 minute film or under. Candidates have a maximum of two film submissions.

Application Process
We ask that all candidates carefully read the guidelines to properly prepare their works to meet the requirements for submission through Withoutabox.com.

All submissions must be completed by August 31st, 2014 11:59 pm (eastern standard time). Winners will be announced at the The Mosaic Film Experience Prize Reception on November 8th at 6pm. We would like winners to be available by attending or by Skype. Winners will also be provided with more information, upon acceptance.

Contact Information
If there are additional prize questions, please feel free to email us at info@mosaicfilmexperience.com please include in the subject line titled Prize Question.


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