3rd Annual

Chain NYC Film Festival

August 03, 2015 to August 16, 2015

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21-28 45 Rd
Long Island City NY 11101
Phone: 646-580-6003

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Narrative Feature
Fiction in any genre, over 40 minutes long.
Documentary Feature
Non-fiction feature in any genre, over 40 minutes long
Narrative Short
Fiction in any genre, under 40 minutes long.
Documentary Short
Documentary in any genre, under 40 minutes long.
Narrative Super Short
Narrative Super Short; fiction in any genre. 5 minutes or under.
Documentary Super Short
Documentary; non-fiction in any genre. 5 minutes or under.
Web Series
Submit any episode or the pilot of your Web Series. We will be playing both episode arcs and single episodes in competition.


Personal stories. Original ideas. New work. The mission of the Chain NYC Film Festival is to encourage the development of quality independent cinema in our burgeoning digital age. The Chain NYC Film Festival serves as a showcase to the NYC film community.

Although awards are given out in a number of categories our mission is to celebrate film and the process that brings out inspired creations. Our goal is to create a dialogue between the filmmakers and their audience.


The 3rd Annual Chain NYC Film Festival will take place at the Chain Theatre in Long Island City, Queens. The Chain Theatre is easily accessible by subway or car in one of the most up and coming communities in the five boroughs. Located 10 minutes from midtown Manhattan by Subway you can take the 7, E, G, or M and arrive at our doorstep. Come and celebrate the summer in New York in a community full of great restaurants, exciting events, and great people.

Variations Theatre Group is the Resident Company of the Chain Theatre and serve as the organizers of the festival. After much success with developing new work in for the stage in their annual Harvest Festivals, Unchained Theatre Festival, and Minor Variations Playwrighting Lab; VTG is thrilled to be encouraging the development of art in the film medium.


Christina Perry (Director of Outreach); Christina Perry (Director of Outreach); Christina Perry (Director of Outreach); Variations Theatre Group (Festival Registrar); Variations Theatre Group (Festival Registrar); Variations Theatre Group (Festival Registrar)


General Rules

The selection committee would prefer that all entries/screeners be submitted as a Secure Online Screener, with second preference being DVD NTSC or Blu Ray NTSC REGION 1 or REGION 0.

Your entry should be labeled with the following information: Title, Director and Running time, contact phone and email.

There is no limit to the amount of entries you may submit.

Select the category that seems most appropriate. If you wish to enter multiple categories, you must select your primary category and then send an email to the festival requesting consideration for additional categories. There will be no additional fee for this if the festival grants permission.

Fill out the entry form carefully.

A short synopsis of 2 to 4 lines is required for shorts categories.

A short synopsis in addition to a longer synopsis of approximately 125 words is required for the Documentary and Feature categories. You are required to submit this with the entry form. The synopsis will be used for the jury committee, the program book and web site, if accepted. Each submission should also include at least one still production photo or slide, a press kit and bio and photo of the director.

Please provide Without A Box the most information possible by filling out all areas of your profile before submitting. Should you be accepted we use that information for our web site and need as detailed information you can give.

Notification of acceptance will be emailed on approximately July 5th, 2015. You will be notified for each submission.

If you are entering as a student, a photocopy of a current student ID, as well as an endorsement must accompany your entry from your instructor.

Check or money order is accepted for entries. Credit cards can only be used when submitting through Without A Box.

Complete care is given to every entry. The festival, however, cannot be responsible for damage to, or loss of, material submitted. Additionally, the festival is held harmless from damage to or loss of print en route to the festival.


Works in progress, and industrial/instructional works are not eligible.

All entries sent by mail should include the following: TWO (2) clean copies in DVD or BLU RAY format NTSC, entry form, entry fee for each submission, synopsis, resume and photo.


All films submitted must be available for festival presentation in DVD or Blu Ray DVD NTSC. We will not be screening any films streamed from the internet. If you cannot provide the festival a DVD or Blu Ray NTSC screener in a timely fashion you will be disqualified. This is non negotiable.

Screening copies MUST BE NTSC or REGION 1 or REGION 0. We will not screen any other format.

The submitter has final say on which cut of a film will be shown. The Chain NYC Film Festival will not be held responsible for infighting amongst your production team on different cuts of a film. The screener given to us upon acceptance is the one that will be shown. The Chain NYC Film Festival can opt to avoid any confrontations with regards to these matters by disqualifying your film.

Please be aware that if you have not submitted a photo or synopsis it will not be included in the program book or web site. Any corrections received to the original submission material must be received in writing by July 1st, 2015. Changes will not be made after this date.

The Chain NYC Film Festival reserves the right to use clips from accepted entries, up to 3 minutes in length for publicity purposes. The festival reserves the right to show the submission for promotion and fund raising events up to three years past the date of the festival. Submitter can opt out of this clause by sending the festival a written request to opt out of this clause.

The number of screenings, days is at the sole discretion of the festival.

The policy of the festival is that any promotional material and screener copies will not be returned. If you have specific needs, we will try and help resolve them but you are not guaranteed to receive these materials back.

Accepted films and videos will be notified by approximately July 5th, 2015


I acknowledge that, if accepted to participate, I will agree to comply with the 2015 Chain Theatre NYC Film Festival Policies & Procedures as included with this application, and agree to be bound by and comply with all those documents. I understand that the Chain Theatre NYC Film Festival Committee is responsible for making final decisions with regard to the festival operations and I agree to abide by their decisions. I agree to provide the festival a print of my film(s) and I release the festival committee and any festival representative from any responsibility for the theft, damage or loss of the print en route to the festival or otherwise during the course of the festival’s possession of the film.