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18-Apr-2014 1:09am PDT  


Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

19 Annual October 09, 2014 to October 19, 2014

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1122 E Pike Street, # 1313
Seattle WA 98122
Phone: 206-323-4274
Fax: 206-323-4275

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Narrative Feature
Narrative films that are 40 minutes or longer.
Documentary Feature
Documentary films that run 40 minutes or longer.
Short film
Any genre of film that runs less than 40 minutes.

Three Dollar Bill Cinema strengthens, connects, and reflects diverse communities through queer film and media.

We produce the annual Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival to provide access to films by, for, and about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and their families, and a forum for LGBT filmmakers to share and discuss their work with audiences.

The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival has been a part of the Greater Seattle LGBT community and beyond since 1996 and has become the largest festival of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. The festival has garnered national recognition for showcasing extraordinary and award-winning work. Regionally, the festival is also an important venue in the local Seattle film scene, and inspires members of our community to express their creativity through film and video. We annually award juried and audience awards to films selected for the festival.
Anthony Hesseltine (Festival Registrar) ; Carmel Curtis (Festival Registrar) ; Jen Coig (Festival Registrar) ; Keith Bacon (Festival Registrar) ; Lexy Bove (Festival Registrar) ; Richard Snyder (Festival Registrar)

The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival is the largest LGBT arts event in the Pacific Northwest with over 10,000 attendees. Features and short films selected for our annual festival are eligible for audience awards and juried cash prizes, and will receive plenty of attention from Seattle’s famously film-loving community.

All accepted films are eligible for awards.
The competition jury will select films from four categories to receive cash awards: Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Film, Best Short Film, and Most Innovative Short Film. Audience awards voted on by festival attendees will be given for Favorite Narrative Feature, Favorite Documentary Feature, Favorite Gay Short Film, Favorite Lesbian Short Film, Favorite Transgender Film, and Favorite Local Film.

Early bird – Entry submitted by March 3, 2014 (No fee)
Regular - Entry submitted by June 14, 2014 ($10 fee)
Final – Entry submitted by June 30, 2014 ($20 fee)

1- Complete the online entry form through Without A Box.
2- DVD screeners must have Film Title, Running Time, Contact Info and Withoutabox Tracking ID# printed on it.
3- Confirmation will automatically be sent when your completed entry is received.
4- If your work is accepted, you will be notified by September 13, 2014. Receipt of your exhibition tape or print is required by October 4, 2014. We will send back your exhibition tape or print (if not being forwarded to another destination) by November 1, 2014.
5- Shipment of exhibition materials to the festival must be paid by the applicant. Return shipment of exhibition materials will be paid by the festival. Any additional fees associated with shipping must be paid by the recipient. Three Dollar Bill Cinema accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of entries during shipment to or from the festival.
6- Once a film is submitted, it may not be withdrawn.
7- Due to the large number of entries, we cannot return preview screeners. Accepted titles will be kept in our archive.

Three Dollar Bill Cinema enriches, strengthens, and connects diverse communities by supporting queer film and by producing the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and other events.


I permit Three Dollar Bill Cinema to retain a DVD copy of this work for a non-circulating Festival archive. I give Three Dollar Bill Cinema permission to use up to 3 minutes of footage or photographic stills from the work for broadcast, web publication or other promotional purposes. Three Dollar Bill Cinema must be notified in writing of any press or photo restrictions. I give Three Dollar Bill Cinema permission to make DVD copies of the work for press purposes. Three Dollar Bill Cinema must be notified in writing of any press restrictions. If the film has been submitted digitally, I agree to send a DVD copy as soon as the work has been accepted to Three Dollar Bill Cinema. If accepted to the Festival I agree to not have a full copy of the film available online prior to the Three Dollar Bill Cinema screening. I am legally authorized to enter this film in the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and agree that, if accepted, an acceptable exhibition format will be made available for screening during the Festival. I hold the Festival harmless from damage to or loss of the print or tape during shipping to and from the Festival. I certify that I have read, understood and complied with all the festival regulations and terms of submission.