1st Annual

Jeridoo Universal Film Festival

March 15, 2013 to March 30, 2013

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454 Tilt Point
Milton ON L9T 7Y5
Phone: 310 987 7044

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The Jeridoo Universal Film Festival (JUFF) is a virtual online film festival, which takes place every year mid March. It is held online with a state of the art secure online screening for festival visitors and distributors from all over the world. The festival opens it's "screens" online for 14 days, whereas the film purchase an online pass to view the films without the possibility of download or other piracy function. Guaranteed. State of the art technology guarantees streaming only to the purchaser's registered IP and all films are encoded and protected. The JUFF attracts major aggregators from all over the world.


Guido Baechler (Festival Registrar); Guido Baechler (Festival Registrar)


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TERMS AND CONDITIONS Anti-Piracy Precautions and Release The JUFF endeavors to take all reasonable anti-piracy precautions. While on Festival premises, copyrighted materials are securely stored and vigilantly inventoried. Access is limited to our submissions, programming, print traffic and projection staff. No duplication or loaning is permitted. By submitting your material to the Festival, you hereby release the Festival from any and all risk and liability in the event of theft or breach of copyright of your materials while on Festival premises. If you wish to discuss any security measures for Festival screenings, please advise us separately by email at security@jeridoo.com. General Release The Festival Organizing Committee reserves the right to rule on cases not foreseen by these regulations, but in accordance with international regulations. Participation in the 2013 JUFF implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations by producers and their agents. Should the meaning of these regulations be contested, the English version will be considered the authentic one. THIS FILM HAS BEEN SUBMITTED FOR CONSIDERATION WITH THE KNOWLEDGE AND CONSENT OF THE PRODUCER(S) LISTED IN THIS FORM. I ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for the accuracy of the information supplied in this application and I authorize the Festival to reproduce company contact information in its publications exactly as supplied below. The JUFF collects personal information supplied in the application solely to facilitate management and administration of its activities and responsibilities as it relates to the film being submitted. The JUFF's safeguards this personal information against loss, theft and unauthorized access or disclosure. By supplying this personal information you consent to its use. Permission for film clips not exceeding two minutes in length to be used for promotional and editorial coverage on television, radio programmes and the Internet is granted upon entry unless otherwise stated. The person who has completed this entry form has READ and AGREES TO ABIDE BY all regulations and statements provided with this form. ®JUFF Jeridoo Universal Film Festival is a registered trademark of Jeridoo Corp. EXHIBITION COPY LIABILITY The Festival will insure the integrity of the exhibition copy from the time of delivery to the Festival to the time the exhibition copy is delivered to a shipping agent for return. In case of loss of or damage to an exhibition copy, the Festival must receive notification and independent verification of such loss or damage within 30 days. The Festival's obligation is limited to compensating the producer only for the cost of replacing the damaged components thereof and only if the package was insured by recipient. SHIPPING OF PREVIEW SUBMISSIONS AND INVITED FILMS i. All shipments to the Festival must be prepaid. It cannot be declared for more than $20 and must be marked "for cultural purposes only". The Festival will not assume responsibility for, nor will it accept, shipments incurring expenses for terminal charges, duties, taxes or customs brokerage. Clearly indicate on all waybills that transportation and customs charges be billed to the sender. NOTE: Any charges for shipping incurred by JUFF will be invoiced back to the sender. ii. Packages must be clearly marked with: a. Festival address and Sender's return address b. Film title c. Format d. Runtime e. Withoutabox Tracking Number The recommended courier is Purolator, where available. Please do not consign shipment to a freight forwarder. iii. You can obtain confirmation of delivery through the courier tracking service. The festival will return exhibition copies at the cost of the recipient. Please request your exhibition copy to be returned after the festival. You will receive an invoice with the exact shipping cost, insurance and other services you might like to opt for. Shipments have to be paid prior release. Submission copies will not be returned and are being destroyed upon request of sender after the festival.