2nd Annual

Script Pipeline Student Screenwriting Competition

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1304 N. Highland Ave.
Hollywood CA 90028
Phone: 323-424-4243

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Open only to students who graduated in 2013 or are currently enrolled in a university or film program.


To give the best student screenwriters a rare opportunity at studio-level industry exposure and foster new talent in the early stages of their careers.


Recognizing the tremendous growth of aspiring filmmakers and creative professionals, Script Pipeline has created a contest with the specific intent of finding the next up-and-coming student screenwriter.

To level the playing field, the 2nd Annual Student Screenwriting Competition is open to qualified entrants who are a 2013 graduate or are currently enrolled in a university, junior college, or certified film school. Students may submit a feature-length script in ANY genre or budget range. Non-film majors and graduate students are welcome to enter as well.

For over a decade, Script Pipeline has linked screenwriters with industry execs looking for new material--over $4 million in specs sold to major studios, including Snow White and the Huntsman, written by contest-winner Evan Daugherty, and Killing Season, with Robert De Niro.


Chadwick Clough (Contest Director); Matt Misetich (Contest Director)


- It is highly advised that you register your concept with the WGA prior to submitting, however it is not required. Script Pipeline will NOT share your script with anyone unless you’re chosen as a finalist AND give us explicit permission to do so.

- The screenplay must be an original story idea, or an adaptation of a story in the public domain.


- Must be 18 or older to submit.

- All submissions are for feature length screenplays, roughly 80 pages and above.

- If selected as a finalist, you must show current proof of enrollment in a university or certified film school at the time you entered.