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29-May-2015 5:20am PDT  


Magnolia Independent Film Festival

16 Annual February 21, 2013 to February 23, 2013

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PO Box 80298
Starkville MS 39759
Phone: 662-617-0328
Fax: 662-617-0328

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Feature Film
Any film with a running time greater than 45 minutes.
Short Film
Any film with a running time less than 45 minutes.

The Magnolia Independent Film Festival exists to provide a showcase venue for independent film in Mississippi.

The Magnolia Independent Film Festival premiered in 1997 under the direction of Ron Tibbett. Ron was a filmmaker born in Chicago, Illinois who had recently moved to Mississippi. After completing his second film, Tibbett began looking for a local film festival to submit it to, but found none - so he started his own. The Magnolia Independent Film Festival would be Mississippi's first. Ron was tragically killed in a car accident in 2004 and the festival continues as his legacy. His hope was to support filmmakers and nurture the art of film. Continuing his vision, The Mag brings films and filmmakers from around the globe to the Golden Triangle Area. The festival also encourages Mississippi student filmmakers to enter in hopes of being able to help preserve the art of film-making in Mississippi.
Laura Dixon (Director)

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I acknowledge and agree that, to the best of my knowledge, all statements and claims in the document are true and that I am fully authorized to submit this film to The 2013 Magnolia Independent Film Festival. By entering The 2013 Magnolia Independent Film Festival, I understand that the entire film or clips, segments, photographs, and/or stills thereof may be used in promotion of the 2013 Magnolia Independent Film Festival if my submission is chosen for screening.