6th Annual

Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival

June 04, 2016 to June 07, 2016

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Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas NV 89103
Phone: +44 1753 651700

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Live Actions Narratives
Films of any length, genre and from anywhere in the world accepted.
scripts and screenplays of any length, genre and from anywhere in the world accepted.
Documentary films of any length, genre and from anywhere in the world accepted.
Music Videos
Music Videos accepted in length or genre from anywhere in the world.
Animated films in any length, any genre and from anywhere in the world considered.


❀ Las Vegas Lift-Off is one of the ten Lift-Off Film Festivals spread throughout the year. Each festival has separate programming priorities and we welcome all submitters to consider increasing their chances of being screened. Simply by submitting to the other Lift-Off Film Festivals you may increase your chances of being programmed!

❀ The Lift-Off Film Festival Network now offers to all of our Officially Selected Filmmakers the opportunity to gain fair VOD distribution agreements on multiple platforms. Submit to find out more.

❀ Want to see us in action? Here is a video featuring some of the highlights of our 2015 Season Awards held at the world famous Pinewood Studios - including interviews with our filmmakers and the Lift-Off Film Festival Network Co-Founders. Link: https://vimeo.com/151050496

Las Vegas Lift-Off is a film festival that forms part of a wider network of connected film festivals around world. A unique channel consisting of ten global cities and an on-demand platform. By submitting to any Lift-Off Film Festival you are giving your work the unique possibility of joining the only real alternative to global distribution.

If your work wins Las Vegas Lift-Off then you could be screened to audiences in Hong Kong, Liverpool, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney and London. Along with the possibility of earning money by forming part of Lift-Off's On-Demand Initiative at the end of the respective season.

Lift-Off's aim is to help you launch your professional life in film.

Showcasing your work, building press coverage, exposing you to global production companies, industry agencies, and worldwide producers.


Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival is the only internationally recognised, and Las Vegas based film festival where all attendees are admitted for free. Free attendance means bigger crowds and greater exposure. The city is bursting with energy and American culture, which gives the festival a truly underground artistic vibe, but with a globally connected network to fully support it's screeners and winners. Awards are 100% audience choice where the winners enjoy automatic official selections at all of the subsequent Lift-Off global film festivals.

Our motto and selection ethos...

Look beyond the gloss. Put talent before technology.

If your work is rich in substance, has exceptional subject matter, a superior execution of story structure and you want to screen your work to a truly remarkable and global audience then this is your film festival.

Extract from a recent interview between Film Festival Home and our co-founder James Bradley...

How does Lift-Off plan to bring back the art of film-making?
"The art of filmmaking doesn't need anything else added to it. It's the business, the industry on the whole which needs an institution like us. So many film schools and festivals have this "build our own reputation" agenda. I think many of them want to be the next Sundance or NYU. We couldn't give a rats ass about the glamour. We exist to launch the professional lives of the filmmakers we cross paths with, for no other reason but to eliminate the overriding pretence and closed door policy of many others..."

The festival invites new hopefuls from around the globe to screen with the winners of previous Lift-Off's, whom are all programmed together and go head-to-head, with the extended chance to win full official selection tours of all the proceeding Lift-Off global events.

Submitters automatically join the ever expanding network of emerging industry professionals that make up the Lift-Off family.

What we offer...

Promoting you as a filmmaker, and supporting your professional life.

Lift-Off is committed to launching the careers of the filmmakers we showcase. We don't exist for the false glamour, cheesy prestige, or hollow promises.

Lift-Off introduces you to global production companies, Hollywood, NYC and London based director agencies. And we get you press exposure.

Our laurels aren't enough, which is why every single Lift-Off winner and special mention is introduced to our press contacts and given as much exposure as possible to global production companies and agents.

At the submission level alone...

Every single filmmaker who submits will receive from us exclusive submitter only content that aim to coach and guide all filmmakers on the continuous marketing of their work. Please allow las-vegas@lift-off-festival.com to be accepted into your inbox!

On top of this we also engage with partnership social media marketing and weekly emails sharing posts written by our festival founders giving a wide insight into the festival workings and the market on a whole.

We can also offer simple feedback sent in from our judges at no charge, however sometimes this can be as simple as a single sentence and not very productive for you. So, with the help of our team we have come up with a solid/full-rounded feedback procedure called extended feedback.

We offer this to our filmmakers who are willing to pay for the valued time of the person assessing their work.

Based on levels of experience and involvement, we offer extended feedback at the following levels:-

Festival Founder Feedback
Industry Professional Judge Feedback
Peer Feedback

These are submission options displayed at the side of this listing. Each one is a flat fee.

Feedback will be delivered after the festival has finished it's event, or if the date is far in advance at the earliest convenience. For more information on the extended feedback options please see here: http://www.lift-off-festival.com/extended-feedback
About Las Vegas Lift-Off...

Las Vegas Lift-Off is part of the prestigious network of globally based Lift-Off Film Festivals. It is the 2nd large scale event in the Lift-Off Season.

As part of the Lift-Off International Film Festivals based in London, the cultural global exchange: Las Vegas Lift-Off Takes place in June 2015. As of late 2014 Lift-Off has added Amsterdam Lift-Off and Tokyo Lift-Off to the exchange network of awesome indie cinema.

Screenings in the one of the most famous cities in the world. Las Vegas Lift-Off will be sure to attract the filmmaking population of this exciting hub of film professionals and fanatics.

Student and professional film makers have the chance to showcase their work in an unbiased environment. We will be programming student films with professional/independent ones and then voting on them on individual merit rather than containment within category. Every single film and script that is submitted will be treated the same and entered into the same pot. Awards will be given to highest standards in drama, acting, story structure and artistic merit.

A large budget and glossy production value means nothing to us at Lift-Off -- all we care about is great delivery of an honest story.

Exclusive content only for those who submit to a Lift-Off Film Festival.

All of the content has been purposely written for those who wish to have greater success on the festival scene and possibly build their own filmmaking creativity into something marketable and sustainable.

Here's what we'll be sending you...

- I've submitted my film to festivals, now what.
- Top Five Indie Film Festivals.
- Looking to Start a Career in Film, can festival success help.
- Independent Films That Get Distribution & Why.
- Top Five Reasons Indie Filmmakers Make it In Hollywood.


Ben Pohlman (Co-Director); Ben Pohlman (Co-Director); Ben Pohlman (Co-Director); James Bradley; James Bradley; James Bradley; James Bradley (Co-Director); James Bradley (Co-Director); James Bradley (Co-Director); James Bradley (Co-Director)


Please check on submission that your email of exclusive content has arrived. We send it from las-vegas@lift-off-festival.com.

All entrants will be notified via WAB


The Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival only accepts secure online screeners. If selected you will be required to supply a data file. Selections are made during the decision deadline period and all status will be notified by Withoutabox on the notification date specified.