6th Annual

World Series of Screenwriting

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7095 Hollywood Blvd
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Action / Adventure
Family Film
Historical / Biographical
Science Fiction
Thriller / Horror
TV Drama Pilot
TV Sitcom Pilot
Stage Plays
Short Film Scripts (Under 70 Pages)
TV Spec Scripts
Treatments / Concepts (1-10 Pages)


Storytelling is your passion. Ours is amplifying your voice. The World Series of Screenwriting is dedicated to recognizing and advancing the work of the world's most talented and compelling storytellers in film and television screenwriting. We recognize and award the work of the best new voices in screenwriting from around the world.


Over $20,000 in prizes and services will be presented to this year’s winning screenwriters and finalists! Generous support from our partners and sponsors also make possible the invaluable opportunity for our top winners to meet with industry literary agents and producers.

The World Series of Screenwriting is thrilled to share your unsurpassed commitment toward getting your talent recognized and your stories heard. A competition for aspiring writers, the World Series of Screenwriting Contest offers a launching pad for your professional screenwriting career.

The World Series of Screenwriting screenplay contest is judged entirely by seasoned professionals in the film and television industry, with combined decades of experience reading, judging and developing scripts for talent agencies, studios, management companies, and production companies.

We invite you to step up to the plate and submit your work to compete alongside many of the brightest writers from around the globe.

Winners and Official Finalists of the 2015 World Series in Screenwriting Contest will be announced October 27, 2015.


This year the World Series of Screenwriting will present a total of 40 awards to the top winners, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes in all 13 official competition categories along the contest's most coveted prize, the World Series Champion, which is awarded to the best project from among all competition categories and all entries in the contest.

Also, in partnership with our sponsors, we will actively publicize and promote your winning script to the industry through leading service providers and script resource and publicity companies.


Grand Prize Winner
Gold Prize Winners
Silver Prize Winners
Bronze Prize Winners
Official Finalists

In the Prize Round of competition, the Judges will select this year’s World Series Champion. The Judges will also select the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prize Winners in each of our thirteen official competition categories.

Last but not least, we will select up to 10 Official Finalists from each competition category in recognition of standout work that was well received by the judges but did not quote merit one of the top awards.

As part of our promotional services, a press release announcing the writers and all winning scripts will be distributed to the entertainment media as well as forwarded to our list of industry contacts – including agents, managers, producers and executives.

It’s all designed to advance the careers of talented writers by providing industry visibility and recognition for talented new voices in screenwriting along with their original and compelling stories that well deserve to be told on the screen!


Nicole Keyes (Festival Registrar); Nicole Keyes (Festival Registrar)


- Effective as of the date of submission, each writer or writing team may not have earned more than $50,000 USD or the foreign equivalent for work as a screenwriter or television writer.

- Writers who reside in countries other than the United States are welcome to enter the contest; however, all scripts must be submitted in English and entry fees must be paid in U.S. dollars. Entry in the competition is void where prohibited by law.

- Writers of any age may enter provided that contest entry by minors is not prohibited by law in your local jurisdiction.

- Judges, administrators, and independent contractors who work for the World Series of Screenwriting are not eligible to enter the competition, nor are their spouses or other immediate family members.

- Scripts must be the original work of the author(s) and may not be encumbered by any third party. Scripts that have been sold, produced, or are currently under option are not eligible; nor are scripts that have previously won a prize in the World Series of Screenwriting.

- Entries must be original screenplays or teleplays or adaptations. Novels and short stories are not eligible.

- Adaptations of books, plays, or other source material written by another author are eligible for submission. We accept no liability for scripts that have been adapted from third party authors' work that may infringe intellectual property rights. It is the responsibility of the writer(s) to acquire rights to any adapted work prior to any commercial exploitation or public dissemination. Scripts adapted from your own books, plays, or other source material are eligible as well.

- Entries must be postmarked or transmitted electronically on or before midnight Pacific Time on the Early, Regular, Late, or Final entry deadlines in order to qualify for that entry rate. Any submissions postmarked or transmitted after the Final Entry Deadline will be considered for the following year's competition.

- Once a script has been entered in the competition, under no circumstances will we accept substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages. If you wish to submit a revised draft of your script, you must enter it as a new submission and pay the appropriate entry fee.

- The contest and its administrators are not responsible for submissions that are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit, and we cannot return scripts once they have been submitted. Please retain an original copy of your screenplay.

- Decisions of the judges are final and may not be disputed. The Judges will adhere to our contest instructions, and will evaluate scripts based on our standard judging procedure; however, the contest and its administrators may not be held responsible for any errors or omissions on the part of the judges.

- It is the responsibility of the submiting party to make sure that we have your accurate and current conact information.
Before you submit your script, please make sure you review the following guidelines:

- All scripts must be submitted in English. Our Judges cannot evaluate screenplays written in foreign languages.

- Scripts should be written in standard spec screenplay or teleplay format. If you are not familiar with standard screenplay format we recommend you use one of the popular software programs specifically designed to help you format your script. We recommend Movie Magic Screenwriter or Final Draft.

- Scripts should be standard length. We recommend that you adhere to the following guidelines:

Full-Length Features: 70-120 pages
Short Film Scripts: under 70 pages
TV Drama Pilots: 50-80 pages
TV Sitcom Pilots: 20-45 pages
Stage Plays: 20 - 120 pages
Treatments / Concepts / Synopses: 1-10 pages

- If you’re submitting your script by mail, please print it on plain white three-hole-punched paper and bind it with two brads. You can order industry standard brads online at The Writers Store.

- Pages must be numbered. Before you submit your script, please check to make sure there are no missing or duplicated pages.

- Include a standard title page, listing the title of your script, name of the author(s), mailing address, telephone number, and email address. This is for our administrative purposes only. Judging will be anonymous, so we will assign your script a tracking number and we will delete or black out your name and contact information before we give your script to the Judges. The Judges will identify your screenplay solely by its title and script tracking number.

Please do not include your name or contact information within the body of your script.

If you’re submitting your script by mail, it is recommended that you include card stock covers (front and back) to protect your script during handling by our staff. Standard card stock covers are available online at The Writers Store. You may print the title of your script on the front cover or you may leave it blank, but please do not print your name or contact information on the cover of your script.

- Contestants who reside outside the U.S. may use A4 size paper or other standard paper and binding used by industry professionals in your region.

- Please do not enclose synopses, casting suggestions, letters, resumes, or photos with your submission. They will not be forwarded to the Judges. However, if you’re submitting a TV Pilot you may include standard supplementary materials, such as lists of recurring characters and future episodes.

- While it is not a requirement we do recommend that you register your script before submitting it to any company or individual you do not personally know. You can register your script with the U.S. Copyright Office, with ProtectRite and/or with the WGA. These services establish the completion date of your registered material and offer the security of long-term storage in the event your original is lost or destroyed.


I have read and understood the contest rules and am authorized to submit this screenplay, stageplay or teleplay into competition to the World Series of Screenwriting.