4th Annual

Heathcote Film Festival

August 29, 2014 to August 31, 2014

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PO Box 828
Heathcote VIC 3523
Phone: 61425749573

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Short Film - Fiction (Max 15 mins)
Short Film - Documentary (Max 15 mins)
Short Film - Animation (Max 15 mins)


Our festival is about supporting the growth and proliferation of film culture in our community and surrounding region.

We celebrate film in all forms and genres and encourage the discussion of film and filmmaking. we hope to help satisfy the needs of film devotees and to introduce novices to as broad a range of film as possible in an environment rich with film knowledge and love of film.

At our festival we also endeavour to marry enjoyment of film with enjoyment of wine and food from the region.


2014 brings the fourth Heathcote Film Festival.

This year the Heathcote Film Festival is offering a special Jury Prize Award of $1500 (Australian Dollars) and an Audience Choice Award of regional wines valued at $500 (Australian Dollars), or a prize of equivalent value for overseas winners.

We are growing year by year and have the potential to become one of the iconic film festivals of our state. We are a not for profit festival and have the full support from our local community and welcome more and more visitors each year from neighbouring towns and the nearby city of Melbourne which has a population of over 4 million.

Heathcote is a prominent Victorian wine growing region that boasts over 100 vineyards. We receive sponsorship from a number of these wineries as well as the community bank and other commercial entities.

Heathcote region has a number of other annual cultural events and a much celebrated Wine and Food Festival.


All the rules are contained in the submission details above.


The Heathcote Film Festival is auspiced by Heathcote Festivals and Events
Association which is a not for profit organisation run by people who donate
not only their time but thousands of dollars of in kind support.
We keep the ticket prices to our festival to an absolute minimum to allow
access to as broad an audience as possible.
The film submission fees, which we believe are very modest, go entirely
toward awards and prizes for the filmakers. Our goal is to encourage
excellence in filmmaking and to reward it with as large a prize as
This year we are offering $AU1,500 for the Jury Prize and a Popular Choice
Award of Premium Heathcote wines or equivalent to $AU500 if winners lives
So to create a level playing field we are requesting subbisssion fees from
all applicants. Fee waivers will be granted only for exceptional circumstances.

Please note that film media and press kits will be held by Heathcote Film Festival Committee.

Films will only be screened at the Jury Selection session and published sessions.

HFF Committee