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August 15, 2013 to August 18, 2013

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12130 Cousineau
Montreal QC H4K 1P5
Phone: 514-969-7879

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Short Film Competition
Awards will be given to highest standards in:

CINEMATOGRAPHY: remarkable filming and camera techniques, best use of frames, visual effects, filters, depth, lighting, camera movement, editing, sound, music.

ACTING: credible and realistic delivery, drama, depth of characters confronted with extraordinary or extreme situations.

SCREENPLAY: strength of storyline, remarkable dialogue, dark fiction, haunting and twisted psychological drama and/or horror.

MAKEUP AND SPECIAL FX: body horror, gore, impressive use of prosthetics and makeup.

ANIMATION: dark animation (including 2D, 3D, stop-motion, after effects, final cut, CGI), experimental music, animated nudity, subliminal images, bizarre and disturbing content.

HORROR-COMEDY: dark humour, wacky horror, ludicrous scenes, homage to '50s monster movies, sharp comedic dialogue, over-the-top gore, satirical social commentary, quality and substance within a parody.

Additional awards will be given to the winners in the following categories:

MP’s “WEIRD AND WONDERFUL (WW)”: creepy tales, horrible creatures, supernatural cosmic horror, dark science-fiction, paranormal, post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy, strange visual and sound effects, outstanding soundtrack.

MP’s “EXTREME, EXPERIMENTAL, EXCEPTIONAL (EEE)”: surreal gore, raw and unadulterated camera work, dark fantasy, body horror, avant-garde, unclassifiable, a study of human passions in extreme conditions.

MP’s "AUDIENCE CHOICE": film chosen by the audience having demonstrated extraordinary performance in two or more categories according to the public.

MP’s "BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM": film chosen by the jury having been nominated in more than one category and demonstrating extraordinary performance in two or more categories.


MASCARA AND POPCORN is a film festival that delves into horror, the experimental, the weird and the wonderful. Mascara and Popcorn also showcases projects that go beyond film: theatre, music, fundraisers and live performances within the underground arena, helping entrepreneurs and artists connect and kick start opportunities for themselves. We strive to support independent film, promote all types of thought-provoking dark art and human passions to the extreme: horror, experimental, post-apocalyptic, film noir, horror-comedy, gore, dark fiction, dark fantasy, dark animation, dark science-fiction and most dramas. Any film of the imagination that steps out of the ordinary. Intense, disturbing, provocative, unclassifiable material. Low budget works with high production value. The festival features a competition and offers additional promotional opportunities within the global festival market.

Short Films (under 17 minutes)

Best Cinematography
Best Acting
Best Screenplay
Best Makeup and Special FX
Best Animation
Best Horror-Comedy
Mascara and Popcorn’s “Weird and Wonderful (WW)"
Mascara and Popcorn’s “Extreme, Experimental, Exceptional (EEE)”
Mascara and Popcorn’s "Audience Choice"
Mascara and Popcorn’s "Best Short Film for 2013"


«The bustling summer festival season is about to get a new addition: the Mascara and Popcorn festival of film, music, fashion and visual arts includes five film nights and takes place primarily at the MainLine Theatre. Inspired by a televised interview with John Waters, organizer Florence Touliatos and her partner Danika Bass set out to create a trashy B-movie celebration with low-budget cult movies that included mondo-type horror, slasher flicks, cinema of transgression, cult favourites and more.» Montreal Mirror, June 2011

«À l'occasion du Festival Mascara et Popcorn, j'étais invitée (...) à assister à la soirée la plus rockabilly de ce 9 juillet ! Au programme, gore, Elvis, fouet et projection du film/ documentaire Rockabilly 514, réalisé par Patricia Chica et Mike Wafer, retraçant la vie des passionnés de la culture 50's, dite Rockabilly. Au Théâtre Mainline l'ambiance se voulait très Grease, ou Cry Baby, pour les intimes. Pour notre plus grand plaisir, les cheveux se voulaient violets, les robes ajustées, et le décor feutré de ce premier étage surchauffé prêtait la plus grande attention à une époque lointaine revisitée par une génération d'Amérique du nord, elle, bien actuelle.» Slogan 1969, July 2011

«Montreal’s bursting summer festival season gets a new addition beginning today (July 4) with the launch of Mascara and Popcorn, a week-long festival uniting underground and independent filmmakers and artists. Inspired by renegade filmmaker John Waters – a.k.a. The Pope of Trash – festival organizers Florence Touliatos and Danika Bass have programmed music, fashion, visual arts and five film nights that take place primarily at MainLine Theatre. “We’re different than the other festivals like Fantasia,” Touliatos told Pop Tart. “Initially my idea was to put together a tribute to midnight movies, so we dug lost treasures and oddities, long lost horror movies. Then our concept grew to spotlight rockabilly culture, alternative lifestyles and communities.” One of this week’s highlights includes the 1950s retro-themed Rapture party at Mainline Theatre that will include live performances, exhibits and screening of sci-fi B movies. “We’re transforming Mainline to look like a B movie from the 50s. All this stuff may seem corny to us now, but back then people thought they were scary!” Touliatos says.» The Gazette, July 2011

«The Mascara and Popcorn Festival toes the line between guilty pleasures and bold fetishes, boasting a lineup which includes everything from B-movies and Rockabilly to cult classics and burlesque. One of the festival’s highlights was July 7, with the Rapture Party at Mainline Theatre – a 1950s-themed party that included a Rockabilly fashion show with clothing by Emilie Côté Pelletier and burlesque performances.» Rover Arts, July 2011

«The Normals (…) will perform for the first time since their last show in 1978, when they backed up L.A. synth-punks the Screamers at Hotel Nelson. What’s also making this show so historically potent is the screening (care of the Mascara and Popcorn film festival) of the documentary Mtl Punk: The First Wave, which blows the dust off of the halcyon days of Montreal’s punk rock scene of the late 70s and stars a solid cast of colourful characters who helped pave the way. Also screening is the documentary Blank City, which captures NYC’s No Wave and Cinema of Transgression scene from the late 70s to the early 80s.» Montreal Mirror, November 2011

«The Mascara and Popcorn Festival debuted its second annual showcase of local talent this last Tuesday, November 15 at Cabaret Playhouse. The festival – still in its infancy – drew a great crowd for a weeknight event and provided an opportunity to talk shop with the presenting artists from six until ten pm. The common medium displayed was acrylic on canvas, however some digital compositions were also shown for variety.» Freelance reporter Benjamin Delisle, November 2011

«The second edition of the Mascara and Popcorn Festival ran from Nov. 15 to 24 with films, music and other stuff presented at the Cabaret Playhouse and the Centre St-Ambroise. The fest included a section on the role of women directors in horror movies and also staged a number of fund-raising events for indie filmmakers. “We try to combine art, music, film and theatre but always with an independent tip, always with that countercultural flavour,” said fest founder Florence Touliatos.» The Gazette, November 2011

«At the Mascara and Popcorn Festival in Montreal Canada, festival organizer Florence Touliatos was so inspired by my movie (Belated by Valentine’s Lover) she adapted it into a play titled “Redheads for Valentine Lovers” and it will be playing in NYC this spring. Please check my website for the dates because it is so unbelievable and humbling that my movie was turned into a play and I want the world to see the play and I will definitely be there!» Filmmaker and actress Ruby LaRocca, December 2011

«The rag-tag team from Mascara and Popcorn present new performances by Redhead Burlesque Theatre that promise to be “messy and glamourous and everything in between,” and an ode to queer fashion icon Leigh Bowery. “Leigh Bowery’s larger-than-life persona, thought-provoking attitude and critical look at society taps in the same lines as Mascara and Popcorn and Blue Sunshine,” says Mascara and Popcorn founder Florence Touliatos. (...) Blue Sunshine – “Montreal’s Psychotronic Film Centre” – is an intimate film screening venue on the Main that is sadly in its final days, and the MandP sex-pots want to see it out in style! The Red Head burlesquers will be premiering a new piece, Top Her Wear! a.k.a. Pretty and Pink, “an abrasive, provocative, extravagant new performance piece by our dysfunctional answer to vaudeville".» 2BMag, April 2012

«You folks certainly remember last year’s Mascara and Popcorn week-long film festival downtown Montreal, there was an entire evening dedicated to Black Flag TV’s programming! Well guess what? We’re doing it again! Florence Touliatos, the mastermind behind the Mascara and Popcorn festival, is holding again an evening featuring some of the amazing films from Black Flag TV’s impressive library. This is your chance to come for a couple of drinks and watch exciting movies with us!» Black Flag TV, August 2012

«If you missed Fantasia, or if your taste for underground film is still not sated, Mascara and Popcorn’s programme of ballsy burlesque, homegrown horror, and indie cinema will restore your faith in the arthouse community. Now in its third year, her Mascara and Popcorn Festival unites a love of cult film with a yearning to show everything DIY, sexy, and grotesque that the multi-oriented local scene has to offer. Mascara and Popcorn is “all of the stuff I love about transgression,” Touliatos adds, who was inspired to create the festival while re-watching the canonical John Waters romp Pink Flamingos. “We have the soft-core stuff and the hard-core stuff,” she adds, referring to the varied programme of B-horror film, DIY productions, and more art-house fare. “It’s good to disturb people sometimes. That’s the philosophy behind it.» 2BMag, August 2012

«On December 1st 2012, internationally known as World AIDS Day, the Mascara and Popcorn Festival, in conjunction with Flirt Films, Forge Films and Onvii Studio Loft, will hold a fundraising event for Ceramic Tango, a short movie currently in its post-production phase, written by Charles Hall and directed by award-winning filmmaker Patricia Chica. Ceramic Tango is a 10-minute modern-day cautionary tale that incites viewers to pause and think about the fragility of life. This short is intended to be an artful, gripping piece that doesn’t pull any punches. Patricia Chica, alongside her team of collaborators, was poised to create a film that has a strong message and artistic vision: a movie that plays with cinematic and narrative language, and brings high production value within a low-budget film project.» El Blog de Pablo, November 2012


Amanda Ihnatowicz (Review / Writer); Florence Touliatos (Director); Patricia Chica (Spokesperson); Samantha Mathys (Coordinator)


• You must be 18 years of age or older to enter the MASCARA & POPCORN FILM FESTIVAL competition (or have a parent/guardian submit on your behalf).
• The MASCARA & POPCORN FILM FESTIVAL reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
• Films submitted to the MASCARA & POPCORN FILM FESTIVAL must not have major distribution in Canada, the United States of America or any country around the world.
• International entries must be paid in U.S. dollars before films will be viewed.
• Please note festival dates are subject to change.
• All judges, readers, screeners and selection committee’s decisions are final.
• MASCARA & POPCORN is not responsible for films stolen, missing, or lost in transit.
• All screening times and venues are subject to delay or change.
• By submitting to the MASCARA & POPCORN FILM FESTIVAL, all listed creators authorize the submission.
• In submitting your work to the MASCARA & POPCORN FILM FESTIVAL, you are admitting that your entry is your original work, and does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of other people.
• Any filmmaker or member of a film entourage causing a disruption or acting aggressively, disrespectfully or threateningly to any of the volunteer staff or employees of the festival may have their film pulled from exhibition and from the festival at any time without refund.
• If your film wins a MASCARA & POPCORN Award or an Audience Choice award, you are required to mention that fact in future posters and other promotional material.
• In the event of multiple authors of an award or prize-winning work, awards and prizes will be divided equally among listed creators.
• The MASCARA & POPCORN FILM FESTIVAL does not provide room, board or travel for filmmakers.
• Selected films receive two complementary passes for the event they have entered; good for the entire day their film is screened and valid for the day of the competition. Attendees must purchase any additional days and tickets.
• Film submissions are non-returnable. We reserve the right to keep all materials sent to us. Please do not send original materials.


I represent and warrant that I have full legal right and authority to submit the heretofore mentioned film/video project for consideration by the MASCARA & POPCORN FILM FESTIVAL, and that all necessary consents, licensing and approvals have been obtained with respect thereto. I agree to hold MASCARA & POPCORN and its sponsors harmless in any and all matters pertaining to the consents, licenses, and approvals of heretofore film/video project. I understand that my submission is in no way a guarantee of acceptance into MASCARA & POPCORN. No one from MASCARA & POPCORN or its sponsors has guaranteed me admission into the festival. Should my film be accepted to MASCARA & POPCORN, I grant MASCARA & POPCORN the right to use any footage from the preview screener, and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials pertaining to this entry for MASCARA & POPCORN's promotional non-commercial purposes, without limitations. If I no longer wish MASCARA & POPCORN to use my material in promotion of the event, I will notify the Festival in writing.