1st Annual

Christian Life International Film Festival

May 31, 2014 to June 01, 2014

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10 Sherman St
PO Box 194
Thamesville ON N0P 2K0
Phone: 1-519-692-3863

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In this category can be included 2D or 3D animations, cartoons, muppets and puppets, stop motion claymations and mixed actor/character animations.
Documentaries that treat any subjects that would determine the audience to get involved or to just be better, to help a cause or to create a phenomenon.
Short Film
The productions doesn't have to relate directly to religion.

We're looking for shorts that will make the audience think, feel, take action or just touch their heart with a powerful message.
Music Video


As Chatham-Kent's only festival dedicated solely to Christian films and to the Christian message, The Christian Life International Film Festival's mission is to be a builder of the local filmmaking community, work with professional producers and independent filmmakers to spread the Gospel and the Kingdom and to showcase Chatham-Kent as a dynamic place to shoot and screen movies and exhibit fine art.

The Cristian Life International Film Festival wants to be a festival that touches and teaches the audience, a festival that will drive creators to produce clean meaningful films, a festival that will drive audiences from all walks of life and will make the week-end a deep experience that, hopefully, will become a long lasting tradition.


It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to The Christian Life International Film Festival, Chatham-Kent's premiere Christian arts showcase.

With enthusiastic audiences and beautiful venues, the local churches, the Christian Life International Film Festival offers a fantastic way to premiere a film in the heart of Ontario.

We accept films that, by the style and message, can attain a Christian film status. Our goal is to blend the worlds of international, independent, local and Hollywood cinema to send a powerful message to our audience and to make the event one of the most wanted in every family's calendar.


Florin MARKSTEINER (Festival Director)


Christian Life International Film Festival

Submission Guidelines:

The following guidelines govern submissions for the Christian Life International Film Festival.
Please read these guidelines carefully and follow all directions for submission.

General guidelines for all films:

1) Categories of Entry:
There are four main categories of entry for this festival:
a. short film [2 - 10 minutes total running time]
b. animation [2 - 10 minutes total running time]
c. documentary [10 - 30 minutes total running time]
d. music video [3 - 10 minutes total running time]

Please make certain that you have specified which genre(s) your film falls under, in your Online Project Form. A genre helps our judges to identify the film's content. All styles of film will be accepted for review.

2) Eligibility Requirements:
Employees and board members are allowed to submit their productions for screening but not allowed to enter the competition. By acceptance of these rules and submission to our festival, the entrant certifies that he/she has sole legal authority to enter into this agreement.

3) Format Requirements:
Because the screening will be digital, we accept digital formats for previews and as a final cut for screening and it will not conflict with the TV standards. We accept NTSC and PAL, SD [Standard Digital] and HD [High Definition] with the popular mp4 compression set at high quality. You can attach your digital file with the submission or you can send it to us on a DVD [digital compression] and labeled with the tracking number you receive once you fill up the submission form.

4) Disclaimer:
The festival holds no responsibility for lost tapes or films. Preview tapes are non returnable. Screening films or tapes will be returned only with proper return postage or arrangements made at film maker's expense.

5) Awards:
Awards and acknowledgments:
1. Best Short Film - $500
2. Best Animation - $500
3. Best Documentary - $500
4. Best Music Video - $500
5. Popularity Award - $500
Acknowledgments [for all the categories]:
1. Best Local Production [Chatham-Kent]
2. Best Canadian Production
3. Best International Production
4. Best Indie Production [from all categories]
5. Most Powerful Message


I understand that I am not allowed to submit productions that include fault language, gory scenes and nudity. The productions that include these elements will be instantly disqualified.
I understand and agree that if my film is accepted to the Christian Life International Film Festival, the Festival may use my film, all or in part, for any marketing activities to promote the festival. Uses of my film's content and press kit may include but are not limited to playback over TV channels, printed marketing pieces, commercial advertisements and Internet distribution.
I understand and agree that the festival holds no responsibility for lost mediums [DVDs, tapes] or films.
I understand that should my film be accepted, I will be notified and asked to provide the final screening copy by 15th of September 2013.