1st Annual

New Mexico Fright Fest

October 24, 2013 to October 26, 2013

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1447 Richmond Dr Ne
Albuquerque NM 87106
Phone: 5053042100

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Feature Thriller / Suspense
Feature Creature Feature
Creature feature is home to all of the Monsters, aliens, swamp creatures and all things Non-human that go bump in the night.
Feature Slasher
Does your film feature a deranged psychopath on a mission to kill? If you said yes, your film probably belongs under this category.
Feature Wild Card / Founder's Choice
If you are not sure where your film belongs and it is a feature length film, please submit it here.
Short film
This is where you submit your short horror films.


New Mexico Fright Fest is not only comprised of experts who lead the New Mexico film industry in their fields but also of everyday people who are avid horror film fans and spend hours watching and appreciating the days of hard work put in by horror film crews on every single film. The goal of our organization is to create a horror film festival which caters to the demands of horror film fans and allows them to create pleasant memories during their time with us that will keep them coming back year after year.


New Mexico Fright Fest will showcase horror films from around the globe. New Mexico has seen it's fair share of film festivals, Film competitions, film and TV productions, and film incentives. New Mexico has been home to and helped produce Oscar winning films, not to mention our trained crews which serve A-list and independent film makers with results which are not to be questioned. This October, join us as we kick off the inaugural year of Fright Fest, New Mexico's first chance to embrace, host, promote and award the best from around the world in the genre most befitting the “spirit” of the season.


Ashley Heffron; Ashley Heffron; Ashley Heffron; Carlos Montoya (Director); Carlos Montoya (Director); Carlos Montoya (Director); Carlos Montoya (Director); Carlos Montoya (Director); Carlos Montoya (Director); Carlos Montoya (Director)


Rule 1:
All works must be original and contain no material which is copy written without express written consent from the rights holder. Submissions must not have any pending disputes regarding ownership or the film will be disqualified.

Rule 2:
Entries must not contain any instances of actual harm or death to persons or animals.

Rule 3:
Nudity is allowed however, films containing hardcore or XXX pornography will not be considered.

Rule 4:
All entries must be submitted on DVD Region 1 format, Blu-Ray Region A format or MP4. (Should your film be selected then all efforts will be made to arrange to screen your film in other formats.) Two copies must be submitted with each entry to prevent technical disqualifications. All film entries must be accompanied by a copy of the entry form. Submissions WILL NOT be returned, DO NOT send originals. The New Mexico Fright Fest is not liable for any submissions lost or damaged in transit.

Rule 5:
Films selected MUST have the presentation format in our office two weeks PRIOR to the festival. Include Aspect ratio and any special notes pertaining to the presentation of your film.

Rule 6:
Films may be accepted if they are in a foreign dialogue however all films with foreign dialogue MUST be subtitled in English.

Rule 7:
New Mexico Fright Fest will not consider trailers or music videos. Submissions which are selected for screening will be notified via email or phone if listed. In the event that your film is selected, the staff may request a copy of your film in screening format, copies of any related press kits, trailers, Promotional Videos, Poster Images, behind the scenes materials and other marketing materials produced by the participant. By submitting your film you are granting New Mexico Fright fest a non-exclusive limited license to display not only your submission but also your marketing materials for the SOLE purpose of presenting and promoting the festival and it's participants. All films which become official selections are eligible for awards.

Rule 8:
Any person's volunteering their time or donations to New Mexico Fright Fest will NOT be eligible to submit their films to the competition.


Terms and Conditions

By submitting your film to New Mexico Fright Fest, you are agreeing to the New Mexico Fright Fest terms and conditions as defined below.

Privacy Statement
We are committed to protecting your privacy. Authorized employees within the festival staff, will use information provided such as phone numbers, email address and physical addresses for the sole purpose of contacting you regarding your submissions unless permissions from the submitter is obtained. No information obtained will be sold for any reason.

All submissions made will remain entirely confidential for the duration of the film festival for the year submitted unless said film becomes part of the official selections in which case the film may screened an undetermined amount of times as deemed appropriate by the festival staff. It is understood that by submitting said Material, I/we authorize the New Mexico Fright Fest to exhibit the Material during the 2013 Festival dates, if the Material is selected for exhibition by the Festival.

Upon official selection, New Mexico Fright fest finalists & winners will permit the Festival to use their name, contact information and/or likeness & publicity stills, film or video footage, title, and logline of Material, in pre & post-competition publicity & promotional efforts.
I/We attest that I/we have read and understand and complied with the Rules of Entry of the Festival, that I/we am/are the sole owner(s) of legal right and title thereto have absolute authority to submit the Material to the Festival. The Festival and it's staff, Sponsers and/or volunteers may not be held liable for any violations of copy writes contained within my/our film.

New Mexico Fright Fest and it's staff, sponsors and/or volunteers may not be held responsible in any way for materials damaged during transit. It is the sole responsibility of the film maker(s) to ensure that 2 copies of their films are sent to the festival with the appropriate packaging and/or in the proper data formats. New Mexico Fright Fest is not required to contact the film maker(s) in order to obtain properly formatted films if an invalid format is received.

Official Selections
The Festival staff may, at its own discretion, transfer the submitted Material to any form of media for Festival screenings or promotional purposes. The resulting Compilation will not be sold or distributed by the festival or it's affiliates.

Copy Write Notice:
If you would like to receive permission to post any logos or images from the New Mexico Fright Fest website on your own personal page, you must first request permission. Permission may be obtained by emailing admin@nmfrightfest.com.