3rd Annual

Capital City Black Film Festival

August 13, 2015 to August 15, 2015

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P. O. Box 685061
Austin TX 78768
Phone: 512-301-4141
Fax: 512-301-4343

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Must be 60 minutes or more in length
Must be 30 minutes in length or less.
Documentary Feature
Must be 60 minutes or more in length.
Documentary Short
Must be 30 minutes or less in length.
Music Video
Must be seven (7) minutes or less in length.


Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) exists to provide burgeoning filmmakers from across the nation an opportunity to showcase their work in one of the top cities in the United States for independent filmmakers, Austin Texas. CCBFF is dedicated to films written, directed or produced by Black filmmakers or films with Black actors in principle roles. CCBFF also educates filmmakers on the vast resources available to them in Austin, and in Texas.


We at CCBFF simply can't believe that we are well on our way to the 3rd (2015) installment of the festival. We are still floating on a film cloud from what we experienced at the 2nd (2014) festival.

Filmmakers... WE LOVE YOU!!! You ALL provided GREAT content for the attendees to view!!! THANK YOU!!!

Highlights of CCBFF 2014....

MORE FILMS.... We were able to screen more films. The audience engaged in great dialogue with the filmmakers.

COLLABORATIONS... The festival was elevated by a continued collaboration with Austin Urban Music Festival who provided effective marketing to its network; the Black Media Council at The University of Texas who conducted a film making workshop for high school students in which the students created a short which screened at the festival; the students had a blast!!! Digital Workforce Academy who provided workforce strategies that are transferable to the film industry and administrative support that was simply invaluable!!! And finally but not least Black Professional Alliance (BPA) who is the local umbrella organization for many of the national professional organizations such as NFBPA, NABA and NSBE; CCBFF is proud to be the first arts related member of the Black Professional Alliance. BPA took the lead in the closing night black tie awards ceremony and presented Professional Choice Awards to members of each organization and CCBFF presented winners of the festival.

In 2014 we increase films screenings by 50% and attendees by 100%!

2015... More screens... Which means more screenings...
More collaborations... Which means more attendees...
More events... and more FUN!!!

JOIN US in 2015!!!


Kasai Omar (Director of Marketing); Kasai Omar (Director of Marketing); Lillian White (Administrative Assistant); Winston G. Williams (Executive Director)


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By signing below you agree to the following Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) Terms and Conditions, and indicate that you have read and understand the CCBFF entry guidelines and that you are authorized to submit this film and sign this submission form.

The following will apply if my film/video is selected:

1. My film/video will be screened during the CCBFF and will be eligible to win a filmmaker award.

2. My film/video will be shipped (at filmmaker's expense) in the exhibition format specified by the date set by CCBFF.

3. My film/video may be utilized for promotional purposes of the festival, limited to private screenings and preview-only copies for press and supporters, unless otherwise arranged with the CCBFF.

4. A sample clip of my film/video (up to 30 seconds in length) may be promoted via the CCBFF web site and CCBFF Vimeo and/or YouTube channels, unless other arrangements are made with the CCBFF.

5. I will permit the CCBFF to use all names and stills involved with my film/video (at least one print-quality version provided upon request) for promotional purposes.

The following will apply for all film/video submissions:

1. The CCBFF retains the right to archive the submitted DVD screener copy of my film/video in physical and/or digital format solely for historical and research purposes, and will not publicly screen it without my permission.

3. CCBFF will conduct private screening sessions to review submissions, which may include my film/video.

4. CCBFF will not return any DVD screening copy submissions.

5. The CCBFF does not provide refunds on submission fees.