1st Annual

MudoCine Colonia St Jordi Mallorca

August 01, 2014 to August 03, 2014

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Pou den Verdera, 33
Colonia St Jordi Mallorca, Illes Balears 07638
Phone: +34717106875

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Silent Short Children Films
Films suitable for young children. Colonia St Jordi is full of thousands of young children that will be seeing these films on the streets of the town.
Silent Short Documentary Films
Teach the audience something new about a political situation, an economic discovery, a bit of science we all should know, or maybe about a travel destination, and maybe even about food or cuisine. There are so many documentaries that are made in a specific language and they often miss sharing what the film maker discovered with the entire world. This MudoCine category encourages film makers to use the medium of silent short film to create documentaries about anything you want to share with the world.
Instrumental Music Videos
Do you have a HANG instrument? Do you want to share with the world how you can change the music experience. This category is for all of those film makers around the world that are given the challenge of making music videos for instrumental songs that have no lyrics. We encourage bands around the world that play exotic instruments to use this format to demonstrate and share your art.
Silent Short Films - Drama/Comedy
This is the MudoCine silent short film category for Dramas and Comedies. If you do not know what category to submit your films please submit it into this category.
Silent Short Extreme
We have all seen short video clips of extreme sports sequences using a GoPro Hero camera. This category of Silent Short Films focuses on using these cameras in new and unique ways to capture audiences with new camera angles.

Requirements for this category is that cinemographers must use a GoPro camera and the camera must be mounted to the human body or to that of an animal or pet - either to a helmet, to your wrist, to a dog collar, to a horse saddle, or to your chest for example.

This category is focused on either extreme sports and adventure videos that bring out the dare devil in all of us or it is highlighting the use of this wearable camera technology to look at creating films from completely different perspectives... a movie shot from a camera connected to your knee or to an ostrich's back!
Silent Short Sky Films
Aerial cinemography is quickly progressing through the development of low cost aerial drone technology. This category of silent short films is focused on videographers from around the world that have used a Parrot AR Drone to capture video sequences that previously were only possible with expensive studio budgets. This category focuses on highlighting cinemographers that have taken this new tool and developed exciting new ways of engaging the audience. These short films can range from short silent landscape films to complex action chase sequences. Requirements for this category of film is that the entire film must be shot using an AR Drone. It is understood that post editing would merge sections together.
Moving Silently Segway
The Segway Scooter has for long been considered to be the ultimate human transportation system. Some companies have used them to create tour companies around the world. We want to highlight a unique adapation of the Segway called the Handsfree Transporter that enables creative directors and videographers around the world to tap into a new, innovative, and very portable new way of bringing new effects to the motion picture industry. These silent short films must be filmed entirely onboard a Segway scooter.
Silent Short Animated Films
The city of Colonia St Jordi is full of children and teenagers who are experts in animated films during the MudoCine Film Festival. This is a category where new animators may share their work and gain international recognition. Films must be generated using a computer and any animation software you want, but they must be silent.
Helping Animals | Amics del Animales
Short and silent videos showing a story of how someone helped or is helping an animal. This could be a video convincing people to adopt a special dog. I could be a silent documentary on how you or someone is helping a colony of feral cats Or maybe a video on how a product you developed is helping save sea turtles.


To bring people from many different countries and languages into an experience they can all share in the same way...in silence.


MudoCine is a new twist on an old theme. “Cine Mudo” is how you say "silent film" in Spanish. It in an art form that came before audio was able to be integrated into motion film. MudoCine moves beyond the era and showcases how this art form brought us altogether - no matter what language you spoke - Spanish, English, German/Deutsch, Frances, Chinese, Arabic, etc.

The MudoCine Silent Short Film Festival of Colonia St Jordi Mallorca Spain blends with the flavorful and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, gorgeous beachside sunsets and exotic isolated coves, and multiple live concerts on the streets of the town from an array of rising local talents. And if you want to dance til the morning the Festivals of Colonia St Jordi can let you dance til the light of day. It all unfolds amidst a truly international film and festival marketplace, uniquely designed to cultivate strong professional relationships for new artist, both yound and old, in only a few days' time. 

MudoCine - International Silent Film Festival offers awards for achievements in several categories -- all while perfectly synthesizing remarkable experiences for eyes, ears, and taste buds. In short, it's a full-service festival in one of the most gorgeous locales in the world -- and it's a whole lot of fun under the allure of the Spanish Mediterranean sun.


All films must be Silent genre. You can have music and sound effects but there cannot be any dialogue spoken. If you are using subtitles it is recommended they be in Spanish, English, or German as these are the most common local languages spoken. We only will accept Short Films and we will be showing the films in various places around the city of Colonia St Jordi Mallorca Spain.


Although due care will be exercised, MudoCine cannot assume any liability for damage to entries. All film entries must be submitted on DVD, USB Memory Sitck, or uploaded to provided DropBox location to be considered for selection by deadline of June 30, 2014. If selected to be showcased during the event, all screening materials must be received by July 14, 2014.

All photos provided must be clearly identified and it is understood that photos will not be returned and may be used for any festival promotions. You understand that you have read, and comply with all egibility and entry requirements and that you will be required to sign a Release of Liability Waiver.

Films which have been broadcast on Television, Cable or have had an international theatrical release prior to MudoCine are NOT eligible for any competition but may be screened, out of competition.

All entrants certify that they have been given full rights to use any and all music in their films. Film Producers are responsible for insurance and shipment or transmission costs of films to MudoCine. The title of the work and name of entrant must be on all mailing or email documentation, labels, USB memory sticks, DVDs, or uploaded file names.

It is understood that filmmakers accepted and who are attending the festival are responsible for travel, lodging, and all other expenses unless expressly stated in writing by MudoCine.

I have read, understood and complied with all eligibility and entry requirements.
I am legally authorized to submit this film to the MudoCine International Film Festival, and agree that if selected to participate, a copy of the film in one of the eligible Exhibition Formats listed in the current Call for Entries guidelines will be made available for public screening during the dates of the festival.
I hold MudoCine, its founders, and any related parties, including theaters showing the films harmless from damage or loss of the exhibition copy while en route to or from the festival.
I have disclosed the release schedule of this film to the best of my knowledge, including theatrical, television, and on-line versions of the film; I understand that in the case that between the submission date of the film and its potential screening at MudoCine, the film is scheduled for any kind of public exhibition in Mallorca Spain and/or its vicinity, I must notify MudoCine immediately.
I understand that I have no rights to any ticket fees charged to the public for viewing of my film if it is selected by MudoCine.
I understand that MudoCine reserves the right to use a portion of my film for a combination reel to promote the MudoCine film festival before, during, or after the event.