Palm Springs International Film Festival

27 Annual January 01, 2016 to January 11, 2016

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1700 East Tahquitz Canyon Way
Suite # 3
Palm Springs CA 92262
Phone: 760-322-2930
Fax: 760-322-4087

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

The Palm Springs Film Festival welcomes narrative feature submissions from the United States and internationally.
Documentary Feature
The festival welcomes non-fiction documentaries for programming during the festival.


"The Palm Springs International Film Festival is the premier presenter of world cinema on the North American continent".


Located in the beautiful Coachella Valley at the base of Mt. San Jacinto in southern California, the Palm Springs International Film Festival is one of the largest film festivals in the country, screening over 130 films from more than 70 countries for a sophisticated and diverse audience of 136,000+.

The Festival brings together industry reps and executives from Los Angeles, film aficionados from across the country and filmmakers from around the world. The festival also features filmmaker tributes, special presentations, nightly celebrations and special events and an annual star-studded Awards Gala that honors the best and brightest performances of the past year.

The Festival screens the largest selection of films submitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the Best Foreign Language film category. The 27th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival is scheduled will be held January 1-11, 2016. Palm Springs is destination Festival as nearly 70% of the audience travels here from out of town. As a result, it has a long reach, generating tremendous word-of-mouth for the films that screen here.


Darryl Macdonald (Executive Director); Helen Du Toit (Artistic Director); Lili Rodriguez (Program Manager); Rhea Lewis-Woodson (Managing Director); Steve Wilson (Publicist)



1. Submitted films must be 70+ minutes for narrative features and 70+ minutes for documentary features. No short films will be accepted.

2. We'd prefer online screener - however, if you need to submit by DVD, please label the submitted DVD with the film title, running time and contact email and phone number as well as your submission number.

3. The film must have been completed in 2014 or 2015. Films completed in 2013 will only be considered if they premiered in 2014; films premiering prior to 2014 will not be considered

4. The film must not have been screened previously in the Coachella Valley (includes Palm Springs)

5. The film must not have been broadcast in U.S. prior to end of 2015 Palm Springs International Film Festival or viewed on the Internet

6. Rough cuts or cuts with "temp" sound will be accepted. Please list directly on the DVD what elements of your film are missing

7. More than one entry may be submitted. Each entry must include a separate entry form and submission fee. Films submitted without proper payment will not be considered. Entry fees are non-refundable.

1. Films accepted for the festival must be feature length (70+ minutes) or Documentary Feature (minimum 70 min) and must be shown in DCP format only in their original language with English subtitles.

2. The number(s), date(s), time(s), and location(s) of the screenings of films are at the discretion of the Festival.

3. The print supplier will be responsible for the cost of shipment to the Festival. The Palm Springs International Film Festival, in turn, will return the print postage prepaid to the supplier or to the next destination as indicated by the supplier. The Festival will not be responsible for international return shipping costs for U.S.-produced films.

4. The Festival takes utmost care of your entry, and provides insurance for loss or damage to a maximum value of $500.00 USD. The Festival does not pay additional charges for originals, masters, or special prints.

5. Participation in The Palm Springs International Film Festival implies understanding and acceptance of all terms included in this application.


PLEASE NOTE ALL DEADLINES ARE "RECEIVED BY" DEADLINES, NOT POSTMARK DEADLINES! The information contained in my online application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I give the Palm springs International Film Festival the authority to use the submitted publicity materials for the purpose of promoting the film and the Festival. I understand that I am duly authorized to give permission to allow the Palm Springs International Film Festival to screen this film. I am the US Rights Holder of the film OR I am authorized by the US Rights Holder of the film to submit the film and will include written verification from the Rights Holder with the submission copy.