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31-Mar-2015 8:31am PDT  


Long Beach Indie International Film Festival (Los Angeles/Hollywood)

2 Annual September 02, 2015 to September 06, 2015

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65 Pine Avenue Suite 375
Long Beach CA 90802
Phone: (800) 967-1932
Fax: (562) 624-1122

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Narrative Feature
Narrative films with a running time of more than 40 minutes.
Narrative Short
Narrative films with a running time of less than 40 minutes.
Documentary Feature
Documentary films with a running time of more than 40 minutes.
Documentary Short
Documentary films with a running time of less than 40 minutes.
Animated Feature
Animated films with a running time of more than 40 minutes.
Animated Short
Animated films with a running time of less than 40 minutes.
Web Series (3 episode minimum) with total running time of no more than 40 minutes.
Television Pilot
Television pilots with a running time of less than 30 minutes.
Student Film
Films of 40 minutes or less directed and produced while a student in an established film school or program are eligible for the Student Film competition. Submission in the Student Film competition precludes consideration for other festival awards except for Best of Fest.
Music Video
Music videos of any genre with a running time of less than 6 minutes.

The mission of the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival is to celebrate global diversity in film, television, and digital media.

Long Beach Indie(LBI) is an international film festival, conference, and college fair taking place September 2-6, 2015 in scenic downtown Long Beach, California. Just minutes from Hollywood, the festival provides filmmakers with direct access to the studios, distributors and talent that make Los Angeles the entertainment capital of the world.

In 2014 we screened 91 films from 24 countries, drew more than 3000 attendees, and received coverage in over 300 international media outlets. Our winner for Best Animated Short Film, The Dam Keeper, was nominated for a 2015 Academy Award in the same category.

Oscar nominee Margaret Avery (The Color Purple), multiple Grammy winner David Porter, Grammy nominee Xocoyotzin Herrera, and Emmy winners Charles Ragins (The Simpsons), Mark Kirkland (The Simpsons), and P. Frank Williams (Unsung, American Gangster) were featured presenters.

We’re looking for feature-length and short films, television pilots, web series, and music videos.

In addition to creative works on all topics, we are also seeking to showcase international films dealing with music and the arts, faith and spirituality, global Hip Hop culture, advocacy and social justice, love and romance, and narrative and documentary works that highlight the racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and sexual diversity of the nation and world.

Women and diverse directors are especially encouraged.

Bringing together cutting edge thinkers and creative professionals from around the world, Long Beach Indie is THE place to be for people who want their film, television and digital media spiced with diversity, love, humor, and intellect.

(The official venues for the 5-day event are the Cinemark at the Pike Theater Complex, the Long Beach Convention Center and the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel).

Daniel Walker (Filmmaker)

Premiere Status and Film Completion Date

Long Beach Indie does not maintain a premiere requirement. We accept any film completed after January 1, 2013 and television pilots, web series, and music videos completed after January 1, 2012.

Films that have debuted online are ineligible. Television pilots, web series, and music videos that have appeared online ARE eligible.

Rough Cuts

Rough cuts of films will be considered as long as the completed version will be available by June 1, 2015. If your film is a rough cut, please label it as such and list what needs to be completed.

Review Policy

All submissions are viewed by the LBI programmers and a committee of filmgoers, artists, and industry professionals. Each project is viewed a minimum of two times, rated, and will move on to the next stage based off those ratings. LBI programmers will make final decisions and notify directors accordingly.

All decisions are final and feedback for individual films is not available.

DCP/BLU RAY Festival Screenings

All films will screen at the festival in DCP of BLU RAY.


RELEASE I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree as follows: • I have read, understood, and complied with all eligibility requirements. • All the statements in this document are true. • In consideration for the opportunity to be selected into the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival, I release and discharge Long Beach Indie, its parent company Perfect Works, its employees, agents, contractors, volunteers, licensees, successors and assigns (collectively “FIND”) from any and all claims, demands or causes of actions related to misappropriation or infringement of copyright or violation of any other right arising out of or relating to my submission hereunder. • I agree to indemnify and hold harmless FIND from any claims that arise as a result of this submission or screening of my film (should it be selected) as well as from damage to or loss of any submitted materials en route to the festival. • I have all rights necessary and am duly authorized to submit this film to the Festival. • This film is not subject to any claims or litigation and is not threatened by any claims or litigation. • I understand, as the authorized representative, any prizes will be awarded to the director(s) of the winning films.