6th Annual

Hang on to Your Shorts Film Festival

May 04, 2019 to May 05, 2019

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81A White St.
Eatontown NJ 07724
Phone: 7322995945

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Short Shorts (8 minutes or less)
Any type of short film 8 minutes and under.
Medium Shorts (9-20 minutes)
Any short films from 8 to 20 minutes in length
Long Shorts (20-45 minutes)
Any short films over 20 minutes but under 45 minutes in length.
New Jersey Short Films Section
This cateogry includes any short films about the state of New Jersey or filmed 85% in New Jersey or including New Jersey actors and or filmmakers. This is a seperate award and entry than the other categories
Documentary Shorts (20 minutes or less)
Any type of documentary short topics from 20 minutes or less.
Any animated material from 1 to 20 minutes in length
Short Script Competition
Any short script for a film that has not been created. The length of the script can not exceed 30 pages in length.


Our mission is to create a forum where filmmakers can present a showcase of their short films and create professional networking opportunities. Our goal is to bring back the art of the short film to the Jersey Shore area.


There have been festivals in the area in the past that have closed down or moved away. There are many other film festivals in the state of New Jersey but they are not close to the shore area in Central New Jersey. There have been past festivals that focuses mostly on feature films but what about that filmmaker who hasn't been able to make one yet. The artist who created a short film but is unable to show it or showcase their work. This is where we come in to the picture. We encourage the filmmakers who have short films of any length from 1 minute all the way up to 40 minute shorts to enter our festival.

We are now in year 6 of the festival. We have many venues and some big parties, especially our awards show which was originally hosted by Brian O'Halloran, who made a comeback last year. This year 6 is going to be a big year, you never now who you will see at the fest.

(We have low entry fees so it could be affordable. We need to raise money for the festival so as a festival we can not waive any entry fees, so please do not ask, thank you.)

We prefer for all film submission to be sent over through the internet instead of on DVD, we have moved away from the DVD at this time, thank you.


Brian Kopack (Co-Director); Chris Cullen (Festival Registrar); Chris Cullen (Festival Registrar); Chris Cullen (Festival Registrar); Chris Cullen (Festival Registrar); Hiram Ortiz; Richard Lello (Co-Director)


Any type of short from 1 minute to 45 minutes.
We do not really like dvds anymore sent to us. Please send a copy of your film to us digitally and make sure you have your final version ready for download for us by February. We only want one final version please do not keep sending us more and more updated versions.
We prefer the short films to be made no more than 3 years back from the new festival year. There can be some exceptions.


Make sure that you update your films for your final copies by February. Make sure you allow us to download your film to put I to our system for the fest.
If sending a check make checks payable to "Hang on to Your Shorts Film Festival"
We would prefer an online screener of the short film.