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26-Feb-2015 10:03pm PDT  



2 Annual June 18, 2015 to June 27, 2015

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Film Market
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3214 North University Avenue
Suite #614
Provo UT 84604
Phone: 801-362-0042

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Feature Films
Got yourself a feature film? Is it a genre film? Then we want to see it! Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, whatever, we want you to send it our way! (41 minutes and above. Includes documentaries/found footage.)
Short Films
So you have a short film? Is it a genre film? Is it 40 minutes or less? Then we want to see it! Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, whatever, we want you to send it our way! (40 minutes and below. Includes documentaries/found footage.)
Animated Films
Have you animated a film? Is it genre based? Then let’s rock this, and send it our way! As long as it’s based in horror, sci-fi, or fantasy, then it’s all good. (If you have an animated film, this is where you’ll submit, regardless of whether or not its a feature, short, etc. Includes documentaries/found footage.)
TV/Web Series
Got yourself a TV show or Web Series? Maybe a YouTube channel? Is it genre based? Then let’s have a look! Upload an episode that is based in sic-fi, fantasy, or horror and you’ll be good to go. (30 minutes and below. Includes documentaries/found footage.)
Music Videos
Make a band a music video? Is it genre based? If so, let’s rock this bad boy and send it our way! Remember, it needs to be in fantasy, sic-fi, or horror. We don’t care how big or small the band is, if its been distributed, whatever. We’re down to get down. (10 minutes and below)
Student Films
Are you a student who has a film? Is it genre based? If so, ignore the other categories. This is where we want you to submit, no matter what it is your sending us; feature, short, music video, etc. (If you have a student film, this is where you’ll submit, regardless of whether or not it’s a feature, short, etc. Includes documentaries/found footage.)
Let’s do something unusual. We want to see your best commercials and advertisements that are genre based. Send them our way, because at FilmQuest, this is one of the few film festival that embrace ads. Just make sure they’re based in horror, sci-fi, or fantasy, or the bizarre, and we’re solid. (5 minutes and below)
Fan Films
Make a fan film? While most festivals would turn their noses up at you, we at FilmQuest celebrate what you’ve achieved. So if you’ve made a fan film for Star Trek, Gears of War, Game of Thrones, etc. we want to see it! (Any length accepted. Includes documentaries/found footage.)
Screenplay Competition - Shorts
Do you have an unproduced screenplay? Is it genre based? Then let’s have a look! We’re looking for SHORT screenplays in this submission category, and those that are based in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror. No noir films here… unless they’re about robots who dream of electric sheep. Then we’re digging it. (40 pages and below)
Screenplay Competition - Features
Do you have an unproduced screenplay? Is it genre based? Then let’s have a look! We’re looking for FEATURE screenplays in this submission category, and those that are based in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror. No time for romantic comedies here… unless they involve alien love. Savvy? (41 pages and above)

Welcome to FilmQuest! A festival for the Fantastic founded by filmmakers, for filmmakers. It is our goal to bring you an experience unlike any other that not only rewards but advances your career as a filmmaker and an artist.


FilmQuest celebrates the glory of genre cinema, showcasing the Fantastic genres of filmmaking such as fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and the beyond! It has been designed specifically to cater to the empowerment of the filmmaker through various events, awards, swag, connections, and more.


We’ve created a festival that gives away awe-inspiring awards, fills your bag with the swag a pirate would be envious of, connects you to other filmmakers and celebrities in ways that encourages future collaboration, and offers an event to explore that will be talked about for years to come in FantasyCon.

Prizes include a $5,000 Grand Prize (Best of Fest), a $2,500 2nd Place Prize, and a $1,000 Third Place Prize. These moneys will be given to the filmmakers specifically to help you finance your next film project. On top of this, all winners will receive the exclusive FilmQuest Cthulhu trophy which is manufactured by Society Awards, the same company who makes the Golden Globes, thus helping to make what we are sure will soon become one of the most coveted awards on the festival circuit. In total, we will be giving away over $30,000 in awards and prizes. And this is just the beginning.

Our Screenplay competition has seen us partner up with Arrowstorm Entertainment, a leading producer of independent fantasy and adventure films, allowing us to offer up to three of our Screenplay Finalists the opportunity to have their film optioned for production by Arrowstorm if they so choose. For screenwriters, this is a wonderfully unique opportunity that is guaranteed to help advance careers.


Major industry professionals took part in our first Grand Jury, including Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth), and we are already planning an even more star studded group for 2015. The jury will help award our filmmakers in over 25 individual categories. Our selection committee is also made up of a group of industry professionals from various fields, such as directors, actors, producers, professors, writers, animators, casting directors, and more.


Screenings will take largely take place in the heart of Salt Lake City at the Megaplex Theatres in the Gateway - the same place where Olympians were awarded their medals during the 2002 Winter Games. These state of the art theaters feature digital projection, stadium seating, and more. All this to ensure that the films screened during FilmQuest get the proper treatment, and audiences experience your film in the best way possible.


FilmQuest itself is the film festival branch of FantasyCon, a convention that puts the fantasy experience of the patrons first. It is an interactive convention, where dragons, magic and battle literally comes to life. Just as FantasyCon is a celebration of all things Fantasy, from horror to adventure, so is FilmQuest a celebration of all things Fantastic in film.


We encourage you to explore our website ( for new information and updates as it comes, including who is on the Grand Jury, the Selection Committee, the Official Selections, venues, and more.

Finally, we ask you to join us the journey, and to help us create a rich history that all who become a part of FilmQuest will talk about for years to come, and will prove to be a touching stone for their careers.

Jonathan Martin (Festival Registrar) ; Jonathan Martin (Festival Registrar) ; Jonathan Martin (Festival Registrar) ; Jonathan Martin (Filmmaker) ; Jonathan Martin (Filmmaker)

For FULL INFORMATION on our General Rules, Eligibility Requirments, and Policies, please visit our "General Rules" section on the FilmQuest website @


TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ENTRY SUBMISSION : All film submissions must be postmarked on or by June 2, 2015. All submissions must be complete, with all of the items on the checklist order completed to be considered for the submission. All submissions received after June 2, 2015, unless postmarked, will be considered for next year's festival unless otherwise notified. Notification of acceptance into the 2015 film festival will occur no later than June 15th, 2015. If accepted, a screening print or digital copy must arrive at FilmQuest's office not later than July 1st, 2015. Entry selection is made from DVD, Blu-Ray, .Mov, etc. All screeners must be clearly labeled. These screeners will become the property of FilmQuest unless a self-address, self-stamped package is provided with original submission. All entries selected into FilmQuest grant FilmQuest the right to use any footgage from the screener, and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials sent to us pertaining to this entry for FilmQuest's promotional purposes, without limitations. Complete press kit for films will be requested only after acceptance. All prints must be picked up after the screening and signed for by the filmmaker. ELIGIBILITY : We will accept films completed after January 2011, unless otherwise noted. We will accept films that have previously screened in other festivals. Entry fees are non-refundable, and may be paid in the form of Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, check or money order paid in US dollars, only through a US affiliated bank. A $2.00 processing fee will be added to all credit card payments. SCRIPTS : Scripts must be bound and formatted correctly. Feature film script length should be at least 40 pages and not over 180. Shorts scripts at least 5 pages. Scripts will not be returned. Please include synopsis bound with script after title page. Final deadline for scripts is June 1, 2015. All scripts must be accompanied with a synopsis. We also accept digital script submissions either via Withoutabox or email. PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT : I, the undersigned, represent and warrant that I have full legal right and authority to submit the heretofore mentioned film/video project for consideration by FilmQuest, and that all necessary consents, licensing and approvals have been obtained with respect thereto. I agree to hold FilmQuest and its sponsors harmless in any and all matters pertaining to the consents, licenses, and approvals of heretofore film/video project. I understand that my submission is in no way a guarantee of acceptance into FilmQuest. No one from FilmQuest or its sponsors has guaranteed me admission into the festival. I, the undersigned, have read the terms and conditions appearing herein, and agree, without exception, to all the terms and conditions stated.