4th Annual

On Screen/In Person (2014-2015)

September 01, 2014 to April 30, 2015

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Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
201 North Charles Street
Suite 401
Baltimore MD 21201
Phone: 410-539-6656x101
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Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation (“MAAF”) launched On Screen/In Person in 2011 to tour new independent American films and their respective filmmakers to diverse communities across the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The purpose of the program is to provide exhibition opportunities for independent filmmakers; increase access to film programming of excellence to audiences across the region, especially in communities that would otherwise have little access to this work; and to provide communities with opportunities that foster greater understanding of the filmmakers’ work and enhance their viewing experience.


On Screen/In Person is open to filmmakers from across the United States. Animation, documentary, experimental and narrative works are eligible for consideration. On Screen/In Person tours take place over two three-month intervals (September-October-November; February-March-April). Each filmmaker selected for participation tours within a two-week period in one of the aforementioned months. Each engagement on a tour includes a public screening preceded or followed by a question and answer session with the filmmaker, and a community engagement activity collaboratively developed by the filmmaker and local host site. Filmmakers’ travel and accommodations are paid by MAAF, which also provides a per diem. Organizations selected by MAAF to serve as host sites for the program provide each participating filmmaker with a $400 stipend for the engagements in their respective communities.

Nonprofit organizations in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia and West Virginia are selected by MAAF to serve as host sites through an open, competitive application process. Interested organizations can find the host site guidelines at http://www.midatlanticarts.org/funding/pat_presentation/OSIP/OSIP_guidelines.html.


Kimberly Steinle-Super (Program Associate, Fellowships & Visual Arts)


MAAF will pay selected filmmakers a $400 stipend for each host site visit, cover all travel and accommodation expenses, and provide a per diem.

Filmmakers selected for participation are required to:

• Commit to a 12-14 day travel schedule during which filmmaker will visit five-to-ten host sites for one-to-two day periods;
• communicate with host sites about the development and scheduling of screenings and community engagement activities;
• coordinate with MAAF and the Foundation's travel agency to plan tour schedule;
• provide high-resolution still photos from selected film and head-shot, filmmaker biography, and link to film trailer;
• provide MAAF with two exhibition-quality DVDs of the selected film;
• remotely record one podcast interview to be used by MAAF and the host sites for publicity purposes;
• present screenings of their work at each host site;
• engage audiences in a pre or post-screening discussions;
• participate in community engagement activities developed in consultation with each host site; and
• document their experiences on the On Screen/In Person blog after each screening.

Organizations selected to serve as host sites are required to:

• Identify a representative(s) with appropriate expertise to participate in the preliminary review of a share of the submitted films;
• develop a process for preliminary film review;
• send a representative at its own cost to the final film selection meeting held in Baltimore, Maryland;
• communicate with each participating filmmaker about the development and scheduling of community engagement activities (in addition to post-screening discussion session);
• provide recommendations to the filmmakers for clean, safe, affordable lodging in the host community;
• provide a honorarium of $400 to each of six touring filmmakers through a grant from MAAF;
• provide qualified projectionist and well-maintained, functional projection equipment;
• market and promote the film series in their community in advance of the screenings through print and electronic media, as well as radio and television outlets, whenever possible;
• complete a final report for MAAF upon conclusion of the 2014-2015 tour; and
• provide MAAF with a participation fee of $5,000.

MAAF is responsible for:

• Facilitating the nationwide submission of independent films;
• selecting organizations each year to serve as host sites through a competitive application process;
• coordinating the preliminary and final selection of films with host sites;
• providing each host site with six films on projection-quality DVDs for public screenings;
• contracting with filmmakers for film screenings and community engagement activities;
• providing a grant to each host site for filmmaker honoraria;
• coordinating travel for touring filmmakers through a travel agency;
• providing logistical support to filmmakers;
• covering costs of filmmaker transportation, including airfare, train fare, car rental, public transportation, and personal automobile;
• providing a per diem to filmmakers for lodging and meals;
• providing host sites with downloadable electronic promotional materials for the film series and selected filmmakers (including logos, posters, web banners, high- resolution photos, filmmaker bios, film synopses, and podcasts), and a marketing toolkit; and
• maintaining On Screen/In Person blog, and managing entries by filmmakers.

Film selection is made by participating host sites through a multi-tiered review process.

Filmmakers will be notified of the status of their applications by email in summer 2014. Filmmakers are responsible for notifying MAAF of any change to their contact information after the submission of their respective films.

For any questions about On Screen/In Person or to update your contact information, please contact Kimberly Steinle-Super, Program Associate, Fellowships & Visual Arts at Kimberly@midatlanticarts.org or 410-539-6656 x 101.

On Screen/In Person is made possible through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts’ Regional Touring Program.


To be eligible to submit a film for consideration, filmmakers must:
• be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident currently residing in the United States or its territories;
• be available for touring in the period of September, November, December, 2014 and/or February, March, and April, 2015. [Note: Within this time frame, selected filmmakers will only be required to tour for one contiguous 12-to-14 day period in total.];
• be an established or emerging professional filmmaker who is not a matriculated student in an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degree-granting program for filmmaking; and
• be in good standing with MAAF at the time of application, with no overdue or outstanding required reports and/or grant documents.

To be eligible for consideration films must:
• not have a confirmed theatrical distribution deal at the time of submission. (If a theatrical distribution deal is reached after the work is submitted, the work will remain eligible for the On Screen/In Person tour.);
• be the original work of the applicant filmmaker and the filmmaker’s production team, if applicable;
• have been completed after January 1, 2011; and
• have a total running time in any category (animation, documentary, experimental or narrative) of between 45-120 minutes, or consist of a group of short films collectively equaling the same length.

No works-in-progress will be accepted for consideration. Entrants warrant that they have the legal right to submit the film for considerations to On Screen/In Person.

Links to online screeners will not be accepted. All DVDs must be submitted in a case (cardboard sleeves are preferred, but standard DVD and jewel cases all also acceptable) and labeled with the following information:
• Name of entrant
• Title of work
• Tracking ID number
MAAF does not assume responsibility for materials lost or damaged during shipping. DVDs submitted for review will not be returned.
A digital press kit must be submitted online by the filmmaker through the Withoutabox website (www.withoutabox.com). MAAF is granted the right to use elements of the digital press kit or excerpts of the selected films in promotional materials for On Screen/In Person, including but not limited to print, broadcast media, and the Internet.

Entries submitted to On Screen/In Person through Wthoutabox will be used for the sole express purpose of review for potential participation in the program. MAAF will not use submitted DVDs for other purposes. If a work is selected, MAAF will contract directly with the filmmaker for the tour. Filmmakers will be notified of the status of their applications by email in summer 2014. We prefer that the director of the film travel to each host site, but in certain cases a producer is also acceptable. Please identify an alternate party if the director will not be available for touring. MAAF will arrange a travel schedule directly with the approved representative of the selected film. On Screen/In Person reserves the right to alter the timetable described in this profile, should conditions dictate. Filmmakers are responsible for notifying MAAF of any change to their contact information after the submission of their respective films.

On Screen/In Person reserves the right to alter the timetable described in this profile, should conditions dictate.