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27-Mar-2015 9:00pm PDT  


Idaho Horror Film Festival

2 Annual October 22, 2015 to October 24, 2015

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2260 Parkside Dr
Boise ID 83712
Phone: 208-283-7065
Fax: 208-433-1753

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Feature length
We ONLY accept films from a horror, suspense, thriller, slasher, schlock or science fiction genre.
Short Films
We ONLY accept films from a horror, suspense, thriller, schlock or science fiction genre.
Must be horror oriented. IHFF will accept both feature length and shorts.
We ONLY accept films from a horror, suspense, thriller, schlock, slasher or science fiction genre.
Spud and Guts
We ONLY accept films from a horror, suspense, thriller, slasher, schlock or science fiction genre. Only films made in Idaho or was crewed by someone from Idaho are accepted in this category.

The mission of the non-profit, Idaho Horror Film Festival is to shine a spotlight on Idaho’s burgeoning film making community while showcasing the very latest in horror films from around the globe.

The Idaho Horror Film Festival is premier genre film event in the State. After wrapping our first Festival we have jumped right in to planning for year two! As organizers, we couldn't have been more impressed with the submissions we received. The Idaho Horror Film Festival garnered excellent press and community support for this new event was fabulous. Boise offers a unique experience for attending filmmakers. It is a walkable, welcoming city that excited to play host to festival. IHFF screens at the 750 person, historic Egyptian Theater in the heart of downtown Boise. From private parties to big public bashes IHFF treats filmmakers and festival goers to the film/ filmmaker connection that is so important.

Jim Beam sponsored the Bar and Restaurant walk, where fourteen of Boise's best establishments crafted original horror themed cocktails and bites to celebrate the opening night of the Idaho Horror Film Festival. Highlights of the night included horror classics with live improvised scores on the fly, a poetry slam featuring two horror films done in prose and a late night screening of films from Boise Film Underground on the patio.

Don Shanks who played Michael Myers in Halloween V hosted a 25th Anniversary showing of the film followed by a lively question and answer session and autograph signing.

2015 will be even bigger! We look forward to producing the best Festival in Idaho. Coming this year will be the addition of more question and answer sessions, panels and a filmmakers only mixer.

IHFF will be accepting submissions in five categories; feature length, shorts, animated, foreign and "Spud and Guts", a category for locals only.

Awards will be given for
Best of the Fest
Audience Choice
1st place awards in the following categories:
Best Feature Length Film
Best Short Film
Best Animated Film
Best Foreign Film
Best Spud and Guts Film

We anxiously await your film!

Dylan Abramovich (Festival Registrar) ; Molly Deckart (Festival Director) ; Molly Deckart (Festival Director)

• All submissions to the Idaho Horror Film Festival (the "Festival") must include,
in one delivery: (a) a completed and signed copy of the Festival Submission Form located at (b) the applicable entry fee; and (c) the submission. Multiple entries require multiple submission packages. All submissions are subject to these guidelines and rules (the "Festival Rules").
Submission deadlines for this festival are posted at and on the IHFF web site.
• Film submissions must be provided on DVD NTSC, Blu-ray, or on a digital file (please test before sending) and be available for screening on Blu-Ray,
• Digital HD, or .mov file
• Submissions must be English language or English subtitled.
• Include title and name of contact on all media, materials and containers.
• Do not use fiber-padded envelopes to send videotapes - the residue ruins tapes and equipment.
• Do not send originals. The Festival is not responsible for materials lost or damaged in transit.
• Submissions must be available for screening during the Idaho Horror Film Festival, October 22-24, 2015.
• Idaho Horror Film Festival reserves the right to change submission categories.
Eligibility and category determinations, along with prize awards, are the sole discretion of the Festival.
• Submissions may be screened more than once during the Festival.
• We ONLY accept films from a horror, suspense, thriller, schlock or science fiction genre. Films will be accepted in the following categories: feature length, shorts, animated foreign or the “locals only” category of Spud and Guts.


The Idaho Horror Film Festival accepts original film submissions from a horror, thriller, suspense, schlock or science-fiction genre. Documentaries, animation and music videos related to the horror genre are acceptable. IHFF’s platform is based on five categories: Feature length- 50 minutes or more Shorts- 49 minutes or less Foreign- shorts, animation and feature length films Animated Spud and Guts, a stand-alone category for Idaho filmmakers This category is designed to spotlight the work of Idaho’s filmmakers. There is no submission fee for entries made in this category, provided you are from Idaho, an Idaho resident, or crewed your film with someone from Idaho. This festival was created for Idaho! We will consider documentaries, shorts, feature length, animated, and music videos for acceptance into the festival This is an adult only event, but we do encourage high-school students ages 17 and above to submit their work.