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25-May-2015 8:32am PDT  


Bermuda International Film Festival

18 Annual March 20, 2015 to March 26, 2015

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P.O. Box HM 2963
Hamilton HM MX
Phone: 441-293-3456
Fax: 441-293-7769

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON • Information may be outdated. Add this event to your Watch List and set a Remind-Me if you want to be notified when the next Call For Entries is posted.

Narrative Live Action Short Films
The Bermuda International Film Festival is committed to showcasing the best in independent and international cinema from around the world. Our Bermuda Shorts category, is the festival's sole competition section, this section honors emerging filmmakers work in narrative short films. Please note these films must be under 41 minutes.

The Bermuda International Film Festival is proud to announce that The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® has named the Bermuda International Film Festival a qualifying festival in the category of Live Action Short Film. Winners of the BIFF Best Live Action Short Film award may qualify to enter the Short Films category of the Academy Awards® for the concurrent season, provided the films otherwise comply with the Academy rules.

To advance the love of independent film from around the world in Bermuda and to encourage and inspire young Bermudians to capture their very special narrative through the power of film.

BIFF launched in 1997 to advance the love of independent film from around the world in Bermuda and to encourage and inspire young Bermudians to capture their very special narrative through a camera lens. It has welcomed numerous celebrities and stars of the film world over the years, including Michael Douglas, Earl Cameron, Willem Defoe and Richard Dreyfuss. While there are more than 1,000 film festivals worldwide, only 62 are Academy Award qualifying festivals and BIFF is one for the Short Film (Live Action) Oscar. Since becoming a qualifying festival in 2004, two of our Shorts Award winners have gone on to win: Wasp (2005) and Toyland (2009). n addition a number of shorts that screened in competition over the years went on to receive Oscar nominations including; Miracle Fish (2010), Death of a Shadow (2013), Asad (2013), and Henry (2013).

BIFF is, however, much more than an annual event, the organisation operates all year round to achieve its goals, hosting various BIFF Film Academy events. School screenings, filmmaking and screenwriting workshops, along with summer camps expose local people to the creative and dynamic world of independent cinema and nurture emerging homegrown talent. BIFF also hosts a monthly film series, BIFFlix, to bring the very latest movie movers and shakers to the big screen in Bermuda.

Andrew Stoneham (Festival Director) ; David O'Berine (Director of Programming)

Please see below and check our Submission FAQ on our website at for further detailed instructions on how to submit your film to BIFF.

-Productions made after January 1, 2014 may be submitted, with the exception of those works previously submitted to the BIFF. No works previously submitted to the festival will be considered.

-Entries previously screened in Bermuda or aired on television in or are available on the web (ie Youtube, Vimeo) prior to the Festival will not be considered.

-Do not submit works in progress. Do not submit industrial or instructional works.

-All films under 41 minutes are considered short subject films.

-All short films submitted must be available for exhibition as a Pro-Res digital file which must be sent to BIFF on a hard drive/thumb drive. Short films will be transferred temporarily onto BIFF’s secure and private hard drive system for presentation. BLU-RAY AND DVD WILL NOT BE SCREENED FOR EXHIBITION!

-All films must be submitted on via online secure screener. BIFF will accept third party links such as private Vimeo or Youtube links. When submitting video files with your entry please send them via email to WE DO NOT ACCEPT DVD SUBMISSIONS!

-After submitting, please check your Withoutabox account to make sure that your submission meets our requirements and has been accepted for consideration. It is your responsibility to make sure all requirements are met and necessary information is given.

-Films selected for the 18th BIFF will be announced no later than Friday, February 20, 2015.

-Filmmakers are responsible for the shipment of the exhibition copy to the BIFF. The BIFF will cover outbound shipping only.

-The BIFF reserves the right to use images from films selected in Festival marketing purposes (web, print media, and television).


By agreeing to these terms, you warrant that you have read, understood, and agreed to the regulations of the Bermuda International Film Festival and that, to the best of your knowledge, the information that you have supplied is correct.