14th Annual

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

February 18, 2016 to February 28, 2016

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13 Lower Ormond Quay
Dublin 1
Dublin 1
Phone: +353 1 662 4260

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Feature Films

Deadline: November 30th 2014
Short Films
Deadline: November 29th 2014.

Deadline for documentaries: 30th November 2014



The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is a cultural organisation committed to providing Dublin with an annual showcase of International Cinema. We are firmly focused on developing our audiences both nationally and internationally, and are committed to producing a world class festival event, as well as developing our international reputation and standing.


The Importance & Value of Film

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is committed to promoting and expanding the idea of cinema as a means of artistic expression and of cultural education.

Film is arguably the most vital art form today, a combination of art, entertainment and commerce. It is both the most complex and the most widely explored art form.

Artistic Excellence

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is committed to excellence in programming, audience development, technical production and professional arts practice. We work with only experienced practitioners. We are aware of current research and developments in our area on an international level and continue to provide and devise international best practice.

Celebration of Film Artists

Already committed to the exhibition and discussion of world cinema, the festival celebrates the contribution of film artists, both in front and behind the camera. The festival celebrates the debutante director and the established ‘household’ name; both filmmakers form a vital connection to contemporary international cinema. Forming the spine of the festival are public interviews and workshops. We also reward exceptional film artists with the Dublin International Film Festival "Volta Awards" for Career Achievement in film. These events are all part of our growing interaction with filmmakers around the word.

Commitment to Audiences

The festival is passionately committed to developing its relationship with its audiences, both Irish and international. The role which film plays in Dublin is essential to the city and its cultural growth. The festival is engaged in an ongoing conversation with the communities of its environment, cultivating their interest and enhancing their experience.

Education of Audiences

The festival seeks to use the unique status of the event, to educate Dublin audiences and enrich their knowledge and understanding of cinema from around the world. The organisation also recognises its role within the formal and informal education sectors, and to develop this relationship in greater detail over the next 3 years.

Developing an International Profile

Through the increased number of guests and premieres each year, the festival is well positioned to develop both its reputation as an international event, as well as enhance the profile of Irish films and filmmakers which are included in its programme. These twin objectives are mutually beneficial; the festival aspires to bring its programme to the widest possible audiences, while assisting the number of Irish titles to greater international exhibition. We can develop our profile through a number of initiatives; such as developing our industry contacts though attending other festivals and conferences, sharing programmes / endorsing Irish titles with other film festivals; strategic development of our online marketing and website resources, promoting DIFF outside of the festival through initiatives such as the screenwriting competition and score commission. Our Volta Award recipients are also powerful advocates for our festival, and alongside our international partnerships, the festival will be brokering as many opportunities as possible to enhance our international standing between festivals.

Commitment to Diversity

Despite the increased number of screens in Dublin and its environs, we feel that there is an opportunity for greater inclusion of cultural cinema in the city. It is the festival's policy to programme up to at total of 70% of niche and foreign language film in order to bring increased awareness and understanding of the culturally rich film, to our audiences.

Artistic Plans

JDIFF are committed to improving the national and international reputation and standing of the Festival and are dedicated in becoming one of the best mid-sized festivals and gain a reputation for quality and exposure in Europe. Alongside the unique Dublin audience experience which are guests experience we are looking for further develop the standing of our JDIFF Audience Award. JDIFF is also committed to building our partnerships with other World Cinema Festivals.


The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is Ireland's largest feature film festival which takes place in Dublin city centre. JDIFF proudly held its tenth anniversary in February 2012, to an audience of over 41,000. Over the course of the eleven day festival the event presents over 140 feature films, public interviews, industry workshops and master classes with international guests.The festival celebrates film and presents the very best of international and Irishfilm to an audience who each year vote for the best feature film.

In addition, the festival bestows its annual Volta Awards for Career Achievement to key international figures in the film industry and in 2014, recipients included Terry Gilliam, Richard Dreyfuss, Stanley Tucci & Peter Morgan.


Ciara O'Hara (Festival Accountant); Grainne Humphreys (Festival Director); Jackie Ryan (General Manager); Liam Ryan (Production Manager)



* All films considered must be Irish premieres.

Accepted Formats:
35MM / Digital

Submitting your film:
For viewing purposes entries should be submitted on DVD at the submission stage. Please label submission clearly with film title, contact name, duration and email address. Please include WAB Tracking Number

Submission envelopes must not exceed 25cm Width or 6 cm Height
All packages/envelopes should be marked NO COMMERCIAL VALUE - FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY

Successful applicants will be notified by email by 31st December 2014. Successful applicants will be required to supply a film print or video master for screening at JDIFF 2015. You should pay particular attention to the shipping and customs information, which will be sent to you at that time.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email by 1st December 2014.

Please note that JDIFF cannot acknowledge receipt of entries.
Preview copies will only be returned with the inclusion of a pre-paid mailer after the 2015 Festival.

If you wish to receive confirmation of the receipt of your film, log on and check your film's status as we will change it to 'in consideration' once it has been received and we can see that payment has been received also.

Submissions with unpaid fees will not be considered for selection.




The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF) welcomes unsolicited submissions made in accordance to the regulations below:

* JDIFF only accepts feature films or documentaries of 60 minutes or more.

* Submissions will only be accepted through Withoutabox.

* JDIFF does not pay screening fees.

* Films must be presented in their original format and have English language subtitles or commentary where necessary.

* All films considered must be Irish premieres.

* When submitting your film please include details of any public screenings and festivals that your film is being exhibited at before JDIFF 2015.

* The selection and scheduling of films screened at the Festival is entirely at the discretion of the Festival Director.

* Please ensure that you include a synopsis of no more than 200 words as you would like it to appear in the programme. (NB: Please note that the Festival reserves the right to amend the copy submitted).

* With the exception of the Audience Award JDIFF is a non-competitive event.

* No cuts or changes in any film will made by JDIFF for any reason.

* Due to the large amount of submissions received JDIFF cannot enter into any discussion regarding films that are not selected for the Festival.

* The cost of shipping prints must be met by the sender. The Festival will pay for one-way return shipping of prints only (prints can be forwarded to another festival after their screening at JDIFF by prior arrangement with the Print Transport Manager only).

* The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival does not accept any responsibility for damage to prints.

* Television and Internet broadcasting: Taking part in JDIFF implies allowing broadcasting on Irish and foreign televisions and on the Internet (extracts limited to and not exceding 3 mins.) for the purpose of promoting the Festival.