14th Annual

Film Festival The Goddess on the Throne

September 01, 2016 to September 05, 2016

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Rr.Agim Ramadani pn
Prishtine Kosovo 10000
Phone: 377 45 243 690

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International Competition Feature Films
All feature films in 60 or more minutes in length
International Competition Short Films
All short films in running time length of up to 40 minutes.
International Children's Short,Medium,Feature and Documentary Films
All Children's Films of short ,medium,feature length including documentaries
National Competition Short Films
All Albanian Films up to 40 min in duration


The Film Festival The Goddess on the Throne is an International annual Film Festival founded in 2002 as the first film festival in Kosovo by Besim Ajeti and being held in Fushe Kosova Railway Station in Kosovo.
The Festival aims to represent and promote Kosovo's cinematography worldwide by creating and maintaining contacts with the filmmakers from around the globe through organizing film screenings and workshops in the most original ways,thus bringing together directors,filmmakers and artists to share values and to encourage and support their further work.
This year the 8th Edition of the festival will be accepting children's film submissions
Competition sections:
International Competition feature films 60 min. and up
international Competition short films up to 40 min.
International Children's short films up to 40 min.
National Competition Future of the Cinema short national films up to 40 min


1st Edition, September 3-10, 2002 was held in Gjilan. There were 23 movies from which 7 movies have been selected. In the first edition were screened 7 featured films, some of them were awarded for the various film components.

2nd Edition, October 11-17, 2004 was held in Peja. It featured films made in Kosovo, some of which were awarded by the professional jury of the festival with the price ‘’The Goddess on the Throne”, given for essential film components.

3rd edition, November 20-25, 2010 was held in Gjilan. It featured five films in the competition and other two out of the competition representing Kosovo and other countries like Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Sweden and New Zealand. Part of the Festival was a special program featuring short films made by the Kosovan students from the Fine Arts Faculty in Prishtina University, compiled into a single title “The Cinema of the Future”. The films in the competition were: “Gomaret e Kufirit” (“Border Donkeys”) [Kosovo], ”Ne dhe Lenini”(“Lenin and us”) [Albania], ”Dead bird in the closet” [Sweden], ”Libertas” [Croatia] and “Circus Columbia” [Bosnia and Herzegovina]. Meanwhile, out of the competition were featured movies “Departure from Paskvelija” [Macedonia] and “The Age of Stupid” [New Zealand]. The best movie award went to “Circus Columbia” [Bosnia and Herzegovina] directed by Danis Tanovic, whereas the Special Prize award went to “Border Donkeys” [Kosovo]. The Best Director Award went to Veljko Bulajic with his movie “Libertas”, and Ivica Djikic and Danis Tanovic with “Cirkus Columbia” for the Best Screenplay Award, the Best Actor Award went to Enver Petrovci, for his role in “Border Donkeys”, Best Actress Award was given to Mira Furlan for her role in “Cirkus Columbia”, Best Supporting Actor Award went to Robert Ndrenika (“Lenin and Us”), and the Best Supporting Actress award went to Arta Mucaj (“Border Donkeys”). The award “Cinema of the Future” was given to Faton Bajraktari’s short film “Three windows”.

4th Edition, November 17-21, 2011 was held in Ferizaj. Fifteen feature and short films were screened by their film productions for the Festival awards. Eight of them were feature films, and the other seven were short ones. In the competition were countries like Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Macedonia and France. In the competition were five feature films and all of the short films which were made by the young Kosovan filmmakers and were presented in the program “Cinema of the Future”. The other three feature films were screened out of the competition. Best Movie Award went to “On the Path”, directed by Jasmila Zbanic. The professional jury consisted of : Enver Petrovci – actor, Zethana Bahtiri – actress, Imer Mushkolaj – actor/journalist, Naser Gjinovci – singer and Ekrem Sopi – film director. The Best Director Award went to Michele Leclerc “Le Nom de Gens”(“The names of Love”) [France]. In addition, this film also won the award for the Best Actress in a supporting role by Michele Moretti. The Best Actor Award went to Jordan Simonov for his performance in “Punk is not Dead” [Macedonia], whereas the Best Supporting Actor Award went to Bruno Shllaku for his performance in “Gjalle” (“Alive”) [Albania]. In the short films category — “Intervista” (“The Interview”), a movie directed by Burim Haliti won the “Cinema of the Future” award. Meanwhile, the jury awarded the former French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin with a special prize for his appearance in the movie “Le Nom de Gens”(“The names of love”).

5th Edition, December 27-29, 2012 was held in Ferizaj, with screening of feature & short films. During the three days of the festival eight feature films were screened. In the competition there were feature films from the region and international ones, and short films made by Kosovan filmmakers screened in the “Cinema of the Future” program. The main award went to “Soul Kitchen” (Germany), directed by Fatih Akin. Best Director Award went to Goran Paskalijevic for his movie “Honeymoons”[Serbia, Albania]. The Best Actor Award went to Senko Velinov for his performance in the movie “This is Not an American Movie” [Macedonia], Best Actress award went to Yllka Mujo for her part in “Honeymoons”[Serbia,Albania]. Petar Bozovic was awarded a special prize for his role in the same movie. “Cinema of the Future” award went to Ilirijan Himaj for his film “Mulliri.”

6th Edition, September 1-5 ,2013 was held in Prishtina.

The festival ended this year’s edition with a grand closing ceremony.

Best Screenplay Award: Kim Mordaunt for the great plot on the personal family drama in the folk festival in the movie “The Rocket”, brimming with accidents and emotions.

Best Cinematography Award: Andrew Commis for the great capturing of exotic views of the Laosian landscapes in the movie “The Rocket” with a kaleidoscope of colors.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role Award: the Film Fest Jury decided to award two young soldiers Asim Ugljen and Almir Mehie in “Generation 71” for their great convincing roles and support of the main actor in the movie.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Svetlana Bojkovic for her moving and unforgettable performance of the woman under pressure in the movie “The Little Love God”

Best Actress Award: Asli Bayram for the warmness and the beauty she brought to the character she played so sharply and heartfelt in the movie “Shangai Gypsy”

Best Actor Award: Visar Vishka for the charisma and the maturity to carry out his role in ”Shanghai Gypsy.”

7th Edition will take place from 17 November to 21 November, 2014 at the premises of Railway Station in Fushe Kosova.
This year's edition marked the beginning of the new form of the festival which included train trips and lots of fun.
The short films were shown on the moving train trips from Fushe Kosova to Peja and on the way back there was live music and workshops. At the same time on the premises of the Railway Station feature films,documentary films were shown and discussions were held with the filmmakers.
On the final evening prizes were awarded for the following films:
Best Film : Zdenek Jirasky "In Silence"
Best Director : Zdenek Jirasky "In Silence"
Best Screenplay: Zdenek Jirasky "In Silence'
Best Actor:Simon Berger "Call Girl"
Best Actress : Njomeza Fetiu "Babai Im"
Best Short film: "The Chicken" Una Gunjak
Best National Future of the Cinema award: "Pandora"Arlinda Morina
Special Award "Vrasesit" Ergys Meta

8th Edition of the Film Festival was held June 1-5th 2015 at the premises of the Railway Station in Fushe Kosova .
The final evening was held at an ancient castle with an incredible view in the open air were the following awards were rewarded:
Best Film :" Shadow Gene" by Mark Norfolk
Best Director : Mark Norfolk "Shadow Gene"
Best Screenplay : Sohan Roy "Dam999"
Best Actress " Elisabeth Dahl "Shadow Gene"
Best Actor : Deyan Dankov "The Sinking of Sozopol"
Best Short International Film : 'Love at first Sight "Mark Playne
Best Short National Film : "Sonata" Durim Kryeziu
Special Award : Sohan Roy "Dam999"

The 9th Edition of the Film Fest Kosova will be held September 1-5th 2016 in Fushë Kosova Railway Station.


Besim Ajeti (Festival Founder and Director ); Makfire Miftari


Accepting applications for International Feature Films,International Short Films,International Children's Short,Medium,Feature,Documentary and Animation Films and National Short Films.
The deadline for the film submission is May 1st for Children's Films section and July 15th,2016 for other categories .


Accepting applications for International Feature Films,International Short Films,International Children's Short and Animation Films and National Short Films.
The deadline for the film submission is May 1 ,2016 for Children's Films and July 15th 2016 for other categories.