3rd Annual

Frack Fest - OKC's Underground Multimedia Festival

October 12, 2017 to October 15, 2017

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12101 N MacArthur Blvd
Oklahoma City OK 73162
Phone: 4058236460

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Narrative Feature
Feature length fiction motion pictures from 60 to 180 minutes with a narrative story. All genres and styles will be considered.
Narrative Short
Short length fiction motion pictures under 60 minutes with any kind of narrative story. All genres and styles of motion pictures will be considered.
Documentary Feature
Non-Fiction motion pictures of 60 to 180 minutes. All genres and styles will be considered.
Documentary Short
Non-Fiction motion pictures of 1 to 60 minutes. All genres and styles will be considered.
Music Video
Music Videos for any genre of music may be submitted by filmmakers, bands, or labels.
Expermental Feature
Non-Narrative, experimental and avant-garde motion pictures of 60 to 180 minutes in length. All styles will be considered.
Expermental Short
Non-Narrative, experimental and avant-garde short motion pictures of 1 to 60 minutes in length. All styles will be considered.
Animation Feature
Animated motion pictures of 60 to 180 minutes of any genre or style will be considered.
Animation Short
Animated short motion pictures of 1 to 60 minutes of any genre or style will be considered.


FRACK FEST, has a limited amount of WAIVERS. Send your request to FrackFest@yahoo.com. This is Oklahoma City’s Underground Multimedia Festival where gaming, graphic novels and motion pictures are mixed and celebrated together. Our mission is to discover new and emerging independent artists and to promote the art and craft of games, graphic novels, and motion pictures by inspiring and bringing works together that culminate in form, technique, or content where similar language is used to tell a story. FRACK FEST recognizes the creative process and endeavors to drill down and unearth outstanding rising talent; nurture and release their gifts through panels, mixers, exhibition, appearance, and display. To present audacious works that inject challenges and transcend expectations allowing new thoughts and ideas to flow... if you suspect your game, graphic novel or motion picture is "underground," it probably is. We are here to cultivate and develop your vision.


The festival offers a unique mix of games, graphic novels and cinema of all lengths and genres, by both sexes, focusing on the diverse “underground” programming. In addition, FRACK FEST will honor the history of independent/underground outlook by presenting tributes and retrospectives of various artists. In previous years, we gave a "Lifetime Achievement Award" to filmmaker Bob Chinn and "Frack Fest's Female Filmmaker Award" to Catya Plate. This year's tributes will be announced shortly.


George Adams (Filmmaker); Layla Payne (Producer)



Please read and follow these general rules when submitting to FRACK FEST.

A completed entry form and an entry fee must accompany each motion picture submitted. Submissions only allowed through Withoutabox.

Entrants must submit one DVD (NTSC) or Blu-Ray Disc viewing copy or Secure Online Screener for consideration. If submitting a .MOV file, save the file to a Flash Drive and mail (along with a WAB Tracking ID number) to Frack Fest, 12101 N. MacArthur Blvd, A401, Oklahoma City, OK 73162 ... OR you create a DropBox folder and "share" the link with FrackFest@yahoo.com.

All entries must be in English or have English subtitles.

Mark all entries with WAB Tracking ID number, Title, Director, Running Time, and email contact info.

Do not send any presentation materials, press kits, bios, brochures, postcards, etc. with your entry. If your motion picture is selected, we will contact you for the additional materials. Be prepared to submit electronic images (stills, behind the scenes, headshots, etc.) in either JPEG (300dpi) or PDF format.

Entry Fees must be in U.S. funds only through Withoutabox.

Exceptions to these rules must be authorized by the festival’s Artistic Director or Festival Programmers.

No premiere requirement.

Shipping costs are the entrant’s responsibility. Collect or C.O.D. shipments will not be accepted. International shipments must be marked “No Commercial Value”. Any brokerage fees will be charged back to the shipper/entrant. Be sure to include all proper customs documentation. Please use only plastic or bubble pack envelopes when shipping entries. PLEASE DO NOT USE FIBER ENVELOPES.

FRACK FEST is not responsible for lost or damaged entries during shipment.

The festival selection committee’s programming decisions are final. If accepted, we will notify filmmakers by email and/or by phone. Films not selected will receive notification by email. If accepted, the screening copy of your motion picture will be needed prior to the opening of the festival. Be sure to indicate aspect ratio of your motion picture as well as any other special screening/presentation information we might need to know. FRACK FEST prefers high quality digital files, Blu-Ray, or DVD for exhibition.

Please select only ONE category for your entry when completing your entry form. For our purposes ‘feature’ refers to films 60 minutes and over. ‘Experimental’ refers exclusively for non-narrative, non-documentary works. We reserve the right to re-categorize submissions as we deem appropriate.

FRACK FEST does hand out awards. Each category will have a BEST FRACKIN' award. The festival jury will present several other awards including: BEST FRACKIN' STORY, BEST FRACKIN' SCENE, BEST FRACKIN' MOMENT, BEST FRACKIN' CHARACTER. Additionally a FRACKIN' AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD will also be presented for the "Best of the Fest."

Due to the large number of entries received submission materials and videos will not be returned.


The entrants agrees they have read and accepted all rules and regulations of FRACK FEST. The filmmaker, entrant and submitter concede they are authorized to use all images, likenesses, music and sounds in their entry, and that the exhibition will not violate or infringe any copyright, privacy right, publicity right, patent, trademark, service mark or any other property or personal right, and does not constitute a defamation of any person or entity nor is the film/motion picture/video subject to or threatened by litigation. The filmmaker, entrant and/or submitter grants permission to the festival to screen the entry at the festival and agrees to hold harmless FRACK FEST, its sponsors, entities, officers, committee members, attorneys, and advisers from any and all claims, losses, liabilities or attorneys' fees that may be held against any of the foregoing in connection with the motion picture entry or the Festival's use thereof. Permission to use stills and excerpts from the submitted motion picture for promotional purposes (in print, theatrically, broadcast, internet or all other means as well as released to the news media) is considered granted upon submission as well as copying and archiving the entries to Blu-ray, DVD, Hard Disk, Tape or other means for projection for the festival, and for the purpose of previewing and judging.