4th Annual

Paris Art and Movie Awards

June 25, 2018 to June 25, 2018

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Chez Mr Nelli
100 rue de Charonne
Paris 75011
Phone: +33629533510

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International Short
Any country, any genre, under 25 minutes, best if under 15 minutes, french subs mandatory for screening, completion 2010 or after.
Student short
If you are a student when submitting, or you where a student when you completed your film, you have to apply in this category. We have special stuff and awards for students.
Any country, any genre, under 10 minutes, french subs required, completion 2010 or after.
Music Video
Any country, music genre, under 7 minutes, best if the usual 3-4 minutes, no subs required, completion 2014 or later... Let's rock !
Any country, any topic, any genre, under 15 minutes for short docs, under 85 minutes for feature documentaires, french subs required, completion 2010 or later... Students documentaries must apply here.
Experimental and visual arts in motion
Any country, no subs needed if no dialogues, under 5 minutes.
We have a special partnership with charity group LA VOIX DE L'ENFANT, which helps endangered and in need children to fit in the everyday world.
Our animation category is open for free to group of very young kids, as long as teenagers.
Directors of animated movies may meet with kids.
Under 10 minutes
Short Script
10 pages maximum. English, french, spanish langages accepted.
Feature Script
Our selection and jury members work in the business industry of movies and TV.
Your scrip has to be well written, well presented, and work with a strong narrative structure.
Under 120 pages.
Feature/Long métrage
Under 105 minutes, best if 80-90 minutes. Any genre, all langages accepted, french subtitles mandatory.
French Short
Short films produced or directed by french people.
Dance Film
Any genre, any style, but has to use dance as its primary form of narration.
Web Series / New Media / Shot with phone
The New Media category includes : Web Series / New Medias / Phone Made / 360° / Extreme GoPro Made / Virtuality / Other special production linked to new media, new technology.
Still Photographer (art)
Send us one still but your best ! Winners will exhibit in Paris during the Festival.
Score (Composer)
Any music without lyrics composed for an original film.
Submit your MUSIC ONLY. No length limit.
Soundtrack song
Any pre-existing song used in new original film.
Submit your MUSIC ONLY. No length limit.
Best Director
Best director
Best Actress
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Actor
Best DOP
Best Director of Photography / Cinematographer
Best Editor
Best Editor
Best Production
Best Production


The 4th call for entries, for the 2018 edition, will start on December 18th, 2018. On that day in 1963 was released the movie CHARADE, starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

President of the 2017 Jury was French actress MELANIE DOUTEY.
2017 selection and winners is online on our website : http://parisartandmovieawards.com/2017-official-competition/

The Paris Art and Movie Awards is the leading independent film festival in Paris.

Our partners and sponsors include : Final Draft, BNP Paribas, Etoile Casting, le Blog du Cinéma, Cine Séries Mag, Atlantys, Book.fr, We Film Good, Garel, UGC, Radio Campus, and the charity La Voix de l'Enfant.

The « PAMA » has been ranked, as soon as its second year, the second festival not to miss in Paris, by The Culture Trip Magazine.

We accept short films and feature, in a wide range of categories. We close each year festival by an award ceremony, giving away trophies and certificates and gifts to films, and to filmmakers, cast and crew.

Our goal is to help independent filmmakers screening their films, awarding them, show their films to high level industry talents and public figures.

We keep supporting and promoting winners and nominees long after their nomination or their win : we follow you on Facebook and Instagram, we share your work… We also have a policy of inviting former winners to become Judges, and former nominees to walk on stage to give away awards to their fellow filmmakers.

We are a human scale festival, often compared to the hottest New-York underground and dynamic events. We have partnerships with medias, established companies, and the screening always take place in grand historic venues in Paris.

We are proud to work, since first year, with the French national charity CHILDREN’S VOICE. We offer free screening to very young kids, who often never went to a movie theatre before, and to young adults, some with difficult family backgrounds.


2017 :
- Festival took place on July 25th, in the Movie Theatre Le Balzac, Champs Elysées, Paris.
- JURY MEMBERS WERE : Mélanie Doutey, Florent Lamy, Nicky Naudé, Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux and many others...
All Judges are on our website :
- Festival took place on July 25th, in leading UCG movie theatre venue.
- JURY MEMBERS WERE : Mark Dacascos, Melissa Mars, Alain Doutey, Joseph Pearlman, Quentin Lecocq, Charles Tentindo, Graldine Beigbeder, Marc Morineau.
- The PARIS ART AND MOVIE AWARDS has been ranked 2nd of the 7 festivals not to miss in Paris by Culture Trip : http://urlz.fr/3jRy
- New 2016 Partner : FINAL DRAFT !
- News : Imdb pro eligible ! >> http://www.imdb.com/event/ev0003587/
The PAMA is an international festival that screens independent films in their original langage. Our festival celebrates those who are passionate about their creations. We are a festival focused on the humans making the movies : each director/attendee gets to talk about his movie.
We warmly welcome filmmakers and artists from all over the world to gather in Paris to meet new audience, screen and show their latest work, connect with fellow professionals, share their passion.
Our 2015 JUDGES were :
* Maxime Alexandre (DOP "The Hills Have Eyes", "Mirrors", "Voices", "Earth to Echo")
* David Salles (Malavita-The Family, Babysitting, Bref, Maison Close...)
* Gérard Chaillou (Caméra Café, Adèle Blanc Sec, Nicolas Le Floch...)
* Marc Morineau (Canal +)
* Géraldine Beigbeder (artist and screenwriter)
* Joseph Pearlman (Coach and founder of Pearlman Acting Academy, Los Angeles)
* Céline Monsarrat (Julia Robert's french voice)
Pictures and profiles on our website : http://parisartandmovieawards.com/jury/


Matt Beurois (Festival Registrar); Matt Beurois (Festival Registrar)



We accept all genres and nationalities and langage for all international categories.
You are allowed to have multiple entries and submit to multiple categories, with the same or different films. Each category requires its own fee.
Entries are non refundable.
Please check the recommended lengths.

A poster and a trailer (or excerpt) are mandatory to enter official selection. If you do not provide, it is up to the festival's management to keep, or disqualify your film.
Your trailer must be on You Tube OR any other platform so we can embed it to our website and to our press releases.

We strongly recommend you have a facebook and/or twitter and/or instagram page for your project or film so we can fully promote you.
French subtitles are mandatory for ANY screening film not french speaking that has dialogs by May 30. We may contact you in advance of that date if the selection committee of the festival feels you may provide the subtitles sooner. If you do not provide, your film may be selected, but will not screen, nor win.

If your film rises some concerns about illegal copy or plagiarism, the case will be discussed. You may face public announcement. If the management team feels so, the submission platform will be alerted.
It is your responsibility to provide with the proper screening file, whether this demands a DCP or a special format. If you do not provide, you will be disqualified, regardless you have been nominated or not.
If you are selected or win, you are expected to attend the festival and the Award Ceremony. If you cannot attend the ceremony, you must find someone in Paris to represent you and claim your award, on stage. We may send trophies at your expenses with an payment in advance by Paypal.
Works in progress are accepted if you submit the final work by May 30.

We only accept online digital submissions.
After too many cases of fraud, we do not offer special fee for students films anymore. You may submit to the Student category. Each student film submitted has to provide proof of studies. If you do not provide, your entry will not make it to selection.

Documentaries films and animated films must to submit to animated or documentary category, even is made as a student.

Each entry and submission category must have its on submission fee.
If you submitted to the wrong category, the festival may ask you to pay the fee difference if there is one, using Paypal.
Films, videos and scripts can be from any year 
starting 2010 included.
If selected, you grant the PAMA the right to utilize any image, excerpt, titles, words you submitted to us, for promotion purposes.
The festival organizers may refuse any illegal, non-artistic, fake, false, incomplete entries.

The festival does NOT take care of travel nor accommodation expenses. We can give you good adresses of hotels in a walking distance to the festival.

Our official notification date is the day after the final day of entries, BUT : we may announce the first nominees starting in April, depending on the selection committee, the films received.
When you receive the first platform update, that means you are selected, and you get an Official Nomination in Competition Laurel. The selection does not grant a screening.
We cannot give each submitter a personal answer regarding their selection.
The selected talents receive an e-mail with a link to the laurel center and all informations about the festival.
Accepted scripts are un-produced and produced, if your film is of 2017 or 2016. If your film is produced, you have to send us the script. We may request a movie screener.
The New Media category includes : Web Series / New Medias / Phone Made / 360° / Extreme GoPro Made / Virtuality / Other special production linked to new media, new technology.
Soundtrack means pre-existing music used in a new film. You must have the rights.
Soundtrack song is a song, with lyrics, composed especially for a film. You may submit the film that includes the song, or the music track itself.
Score is original music composed for a film.

- shorts > under 25 minutes
- features > under 105 minutes
- music videos > under 5 minutes
- documentaries > under 15 minutes
- experimental and visual arts in motion > under 5 minutes
- animation > under 10 minutes
- scripts : feature > under 120 pages ; shorts > under 10 pages
- score and soundtrack > submit your film, OR music only. In case of music, no length limit.
- new medias > under 5 minutes

We accept short movies, feature, short script/screenplay, feature script/screenplay, drama, horror, fantasy, comedy, we series, documentary, animation, student, music video, experimental...

=> Your presence at the Award Ceremony is the core of the festival and the essence of your submission.

+++ See the Award in pics : http://parisartandmovieawards.com/#awards
+++ Also check our Facebook Gallery : https://www.facebook.com/thepama/photos_stream?ref=page_internal

1) you submit
2) you get nominated (with laurel. You get featured on our website, and listed in the program and all the press documents.
3) our Judges watch all the nominated films. Their vote is final.
4) you screen in Paris
5) you walk on stage to claim your award. You make a speech.
6) you become a PAMA Alumni.


We only accept online screeners.
Submissions are non refundable.
80% of our fees have been voted LOWER than the year before by our board. We do not do waivers, except if our board decides a special call for it.

Check our website for all pics, vids, awards... :

We strongly advice to submit by the early and regular deadline. We announce some of the nominated movies and people WAY LONG BEFORE the festival and the official notification date.
This way, if you are nominated you may plan your travel and accomodation.

-You may have multiple entries with multiple films, ONE entry = ONE film = ONE fee. But you can submit several.

-Works in progress are not accepted, you may wait to the next session
-We do not confirm reception nor submission, use tracking via festival platforms
-Entry fees are non-refundable.
-Submission constitutes acceptance of these Rules & Regulations
-If selected, you grant the PAMA the right to use any image, excerpt,titles, words you give us, for promotion and event purposes
-The PAMA reserves itself the right to refuse entries. The submitters shall indemnify and hold harmless Paris Art and Movie Awards from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of ordamage to the screening videos entered. Entries will not be returned.
-A movie already submitted may not submit again.
-A director or team is allowed to submit again with a different movie.

We provide a special laurel for each nomination.

Main venue will be held at :
Centre Culturel St-Germain-des-Près
12 rue de l'Abbaye
75006 PARIS

Contact: pamaparisawards@gmail.com

See you soon, à très bientôt.